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Birthday gifts for kids


Birthday gifts for kids can be a difficult task to make your mind up about. We are here to help with our unique printed chocolate gifts. Kids love chocolate and they are bound to like our printed chocolates even more. Customize the box to have his favorite cartoon character imprinted on it along with a birthday wish on a piece of butter paper inside the box. Now isn’t that exciting?


Birthday Gifts for Kids

Customized Birthday Gifts for Kids

Ask any mom in the world which her favourite date on the calendar is. Chances are, invariably, it'll always be her child’s birthday. And with good reasons too. It is after all the commemoration of the day her child came into this world and every birthday ever since, is just a pleasant reminder of that. A birthday isn’t just the kid turning a year older, it is also the parents turning a year older with the biggest joy in their life. The day comes once in a year and that makes it all the more special. And so it is only natural that the parents would want to celebrate their kid’s birthday by giving gifts. Birthday gifts for kids are also a way of telling the child how much he is loved and adored by his parents, that he means the world to them. We have all grown up through the same situations and if you can’t remember, let us jog your memory. For a kid, it is exhilarating just to think about your birthday coming up. The fact that you are about to turn a year older holds no meaning at all. All you want to know is what gifts you’ll be getting from your parents.It’s supposed to be your This with kids, there's no age limit, everyone loves gifts. Be it birthday gifts for a small child or for a teen boy, you need to make sure that you as a parent, you gift him something that he will cherish and enjoy. Sure, you can tell him how happy you are to have him in your life, but really it is best said with gifts and surprises. Scratching your head over what to give your child as birthday gifts? Rummaging through the net searching for best birthday gift ideas online? Well, you have come to the right place then. Have a look at what we have in store for you.

Birthday Gifts for Kids from ChocoCraft

Gift Category Gift Types Why Us
Birthday Present For Kids 6 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Birthday Gifts Online For Kids 9 Chocolate Box Beautiful Designs
Birthday Ideas For Kids 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Best Gift For Kids 18 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Special Gifts For Kids Gift with Photo Unique Gifts

Buy Best Birthday Gift for Kids

“Don't think that chocolate is a substitute for love! Love is a substitute for chocolate.”-Miranda Ingram

This beautifully captures the essence of chocolates. After all,not for nothing do we think that chocolates is the way to go when it’s about giving the best birthday gifts for your kid. Kids love chocolate and that is a fact that needs no restating. Scientifically speaking,Chocolate triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, which make us feel good. And while no empirical proof exists that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it does contain the chemical phenylethylamine, a mild mood elevator that our brain produces when we feel happy or in love.Chocolate contains stimulants as well, including small amounts of caffeine and theobromine, that make us feel alert and contented. So it is natural that chocolates should be quintessential birthday gift for kids,who inherently have a distinct liking for sweets. We,at Chococraft,however have something else in store for you. Sure,a regular slice of chocolate will cheer him up. But how about we spice this up a bit? What if you could gift your kid chocolates with his favourite Ben 10 alien imprinted on them? We don’t need to tell you that your kid would be jumping up and down on his bed on his bed when he wakes up and finds chocolate gifts from his parents with prints from his favourite theme or colourful designs printed on chocolates.

Yes, you know it now. We make customizable gifts as per your liking. Our well thought out,expertly curated catalog boasts of products ranging from pocket friendly, affordable to premium, top of the line. We understand what your kids want and we want nothing more than to help you out in choosing and designing the best possible gift for him. gifts. The main aim is to bring that exquisite chocolate to your liking in beautiful packages that will make it a very special birthday gift.

We are trying here to make sure that your kid gets the most unique birthday gift that he deserves. If you want to print a family photo of your child just upload it and leave the rest to us. What’s more, you can even customize the box to your liking. And all these to be done, conveniently in the quiet comfort of you home-online, while you enjoy a movie with your kid after a long day.

And don’t worry about the delivery-we offer free deliveries across India.We have you covered on all fronts. Be it Hyderabad or Chennai or Bangalore, we make sure that your gifts, exclusively designed by you, reach you in express time so that you have ample time to take care of the rest. Let us take care of the gift and you sit back and watch him prancing around the house in joy after he gets a Doraemon themed chocolate cake. The best birthday gift for your kid? Any second thoughts now?

Birthday Gifts for Kids Ideas

All that said and done, there remains one cache. Every kid is unique in his or her own way. As such their tastes might be also different in some cases. So, while chocolates are liked by a majority of kids, maybe you want to gift your kid something different, something he will enjoy more.

After all, it's all for him. So, let us help you through that as well. The first on the list would be toys. You can’t possibly go wrong with this. A race track for him and a beautiful Barbie set for her. That should earn you the tag of best parents most definitely.

After chocolates, this is the best birthday gift idea for your kid. The next on the list would be, um, a box set of his favourite Harry Potter movies maybe? That should keep him on his toes for the year. And if your kid loves reading books, why not gift him one by his favourite author? Next up would be video games.Who doesn’t love video games?I

f we could, we also would have ended up playing for hours!And finally to cap it all off, take him for a nice little family trip. With regular school and hectic schedule, it would be a welcome change and one that would strengthen your bond further. Whichever you choose, we are sure your kid would love it.However, we would still recommend our range of chocolate gifts as the best birthday gift idea for kids. This year, let's make your kid’s birthday special with Chococraft!

Birthday Gift for Kids in India

For kids, the best part of their birthdays is that they receive gifts from friends, parents and other family members. However, shopping for gifts to give to kids is not as easy as you might think. Their likes and dislikes change every day. You might notice that something that your kid is suddenly oblivious to something that he or she desperately wanted a few days ago.

Therefore, picking a gift for a child can be risky as what they want keeps on changing. However, one thing that never changes is that kids love chocolates! This is why this is one of the best birthday gifts for kids! Here are some things that will help you when ordering the best personalized chocolates.

Chocolates might be a favorite with the kids but you can make this gift even more special by getting a little creative with the personalization. The designs that will be put on the chocolates can be funny and interesting instead of just a happy birthday message. You can also pick a design or text of your choice to be put on the chocolate box or the wrapper. Any kid will love candy specially made for them.

To make this birthday present the best one that the child gets on his or her birthday, find out what they like. There might be certain literary or cartoon characters or a sport that the child is particularly fond of. If the personalized chocolates have a reference to something that they like, your birthday gift will surely be their favorite this year.

Sophisticated boxes of gourmet chocolates are for adults whereas children are always looking for something fun an interesting. When personalizing designs that will appear on the chocolates or the box, make sure that they are fun and interesting. You can choose something colorful and vibrant. When in doubt, comical images of animals are always great for kid’s birthday gifts.

Personalize the Box

Another thing about kids is that they forget easily. With the hoard of presents that they are likely to receive on their birthdays, they might forget who gifted what. Especially with chocolates, these are likely to be forgotten as soon as they are consumed. In order to make your best chocolate gift more memorable, you can have them delivered in a customized box.

Surprise Them

If you are already buying a gift for the kid, you can surprise him or her with a special chocolate box which bears a special message for them. This is a great idea to go with any birthday present. The little additional gift will be inexpensive and give them a nice surprise.

There are many reasons why personalized chocolates are the best presents for kids. Nowadays, online birthday gifts for kids are available and can be ordered from anywhere. You can get them delivered to any doorstep. If you want to send a birthday gift to a friend’s child or a nephew or niece who stays far away, this is a great idea.