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Innovative Wedding Invitations on Chocolates

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful and special occasions in the life of a couple. It signifies a life time of promise, a trust and commitment that sees us through all ups and downs of life. Wedding invites form an integral part of the wedding preparations. A wedding invite needs to be beautiful and elegant as it is your official invitation letting your family and friends know about your wedding date and other details. Every couple that decides to gets married wants their special day to be truly remembered not only by them but by the families and friends who would be attending as well.

A wedding invite is a sneak peek into how your wedding will unfold, where your wedding will be held, the time etc. Whether it’s a destination wedding that you have planned or a theme wedding the wedding invite should be eye catching and elegant at the same time. Having a wedding invitation printed on chocolate is tempting to say the least. Not only will the invite stand out, it will also be remembered as the most adorable and delicious invite. This unique wedding invite concept would not only make the invite special but also leave a personalized charm. Marriages are joyous occasions for the couples and their immediate families and what better way to extend this joy by sending a chocolate gift with the wedding invites which will make the recipients feel they are a part of your special day too.

Sending sweets as invitations are the most preferred way to invite people but sending chocolates as your wedding invitations is the latest and unique way to flaunt your style. People nowadays look for unique ways to stand out of the crowd and in attempt to achieves the uniqueness, they go for what’s in style and latest. Sending chocolates as invitation is quite in these days and at the same time it can bring you the desired applause from your guests.

At ChocoCraft, we ensure that the first step you take towards your magical journey will not only be forever etched in memory, it will be delicious too. Chocolates as your wedding invitations are unparalleled in contrast to any Indian sweets. As a pioneer in custom made printed chocolates that can be personalized as per your requirements. You just have to select the flavor and the design and we will do the rest for you. We package the chocolates in beautiful wooden boxes with detailed information like the venue, time and other rituals printed on butter paper. Chocolates are lovable and would it not be a great feeling to be able to invite people in this unique manner. Imagine the reaction of your guests, when they open the chocolate box to find a chocolate bar that is printed with your wedding details in edible ink. We are masters at creating beautifully designed wedding invites. It’s a unique concept and we assure that all your guests will absolutely love it.

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  • Ashini on

    Love this wedding invitation idea. Although most couples do prefer wedding invitations online in these testing times. – https://www.weddingwishlist.com/wedding-e-invites

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