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Wedding Return Gifts, Chocolate Wedding favours

Unique return gifts for wedding ceremonies are rapidly becoming very popular in India. In India it has been a very old custom to give out gifts to guests who come all the way to attend a wedding. However, Indian wedding return gifts for guests used to be traditional gifts like sweets or clothes. These days there is a great demand for innovative wedding return gift ideas for Indian weddings. At ChocoCraft we create exclusive wedding return gifts - printed chocolates in customized gift boxes!

Printed chocolates are among the most interesting return gift ideas for weddings. You can print beautiful designs or even a picture of the bride and groom in colorful detail on the chocolates in edible ink. These chocolates can be unique marriage gifts for the guests who attend the wedding!

Our gift boxes are sturdy, elegant and make excellent return gift ideas at Indian weddings. The boxes can also feature a photo of the bride and groom and their names to make them unique wedding gifts for your guests. Our return gift boxes can be a unique gift for marriage ceremonies and will surely delight your guests!

Return gifts for marriage are a wonderful way to thank your guests for making your wedding day special. Wedding return gifts for guests are simply not complete without a heartfelt thank you message. All our marriage return gifts have a thank you note for the guests!

Marriage Return Gift Ideas - Box Sizes Available

The 2 chocolate box is a compact box that has a great impact. It can have two chocolates or a chocolate bar. You can choose to print what you like on the chocolates. If you are looking for innovative return gift items for marriage this beautiful chocolate box can be a wonderful option!

iWeddings are incomplete without return gifts! This 4 chocolate box can be an elegant option for a gift for your wedding guests. The box top and chocolates can be completely customized as per your wishes. We have a range of designs available for Indian wedding return gifts.

Wedding return gifts are a symbol of our love and appreciation for all the frinds and family members who made the effort to make it to the wedding. Naturally you only want to choose the best return gifts for your wedding. This beautiful 6 chocolate box can be a great idea!

If you are looking for return gift ideas for a wedding reception may we suggest this gorgeus 9 chocolate box? The box and chocolates can have beautiful designs on them and what is even better you can buy all these return gifts online! Yes you can explore all the designs we offer for wedding return gifts online, then simply place an order and they will be delivered to you.

There are many return gift ideas for wedding that you must be considering while you are planning your wedding. Chocolates are something that everybody enjoys and this is what makes this elegant 12 chocolate box a wonderful gift for all the guests at the marriage ceremony!

Chocolates are now gradually becoming more popular that traditional Indian return gifts like sweets. There are so many creative ways in which chocolates can be packaged and this 18 chocolate box is just one of them! Since the boxes bear the names of the bride and groom and the date they can also become a keepsake for the guests who receive them as return gifts for a wedding reception.

Return Gift for Wedding in India

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Popular Indian Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

Indian weddings have always had the tradition of giving a gift to all the guests who attend the wedding. Friends, family members and relatives all take with them beautiful memories of the marriage and a gift as keepsake or memento of the occasion. If you are wondering what are the popularIndian wedding return gift ideas keep reading!

  1. Silver return gifts : Silver gifts or return gifts have always been very popular in India. The basic reason behind this is that silver metal is considered sacred and holy. Objects of silver thus become ideal gifts at any occasion whether it is a return gifts for housewarming (gruhapravesam) or you are looking for good Indian baby shower return gifts. And they obviously make a great return gifts for marriage ceremonies!
  2. Items of clothing : In weddings in the northern part of the country family members usually receive an article of clothing on attending a wedding. Return gifts for ladies ususally consist of sarees or dress material while men may receive suit pieces
  3. Sweets : Any Indian celebration would be incomplete without something to sweeten the taste buds! Whatever else you may receive, boxes of sweets were always given as return gifts for indian weddings, These days dry fruits packages and chocolate gift boxes are also becoming very popular

Wedding Return Gifts in India

A wedding is the pious union of two souls. It is the day when the souls can finally claim each other. A wedding is, also, the day when we appreciate our family and friends for being with us throughout our lives, and we want to share our happiness with them. To share our love we present wedding return gifts and show how much we appreciate and adore their company.

India is a country of diversity, and it is obvious that Indian wedding gift ideas for guests would be different. For example, favorable wedding return gifts in Chennai are generally silver items such as sculptures of gods in silver. Whereas, wedding return gifts in Bangalore and Hyderabad can be anything from mugs to goodies in elegant bags. Ideal marriage return gifts in India are different depending on the state.

But there is one thing which is becoming common, that is, everyone is inclining towards modern and creative wedding return gifts. Traditional Indian wedding gifts used to be elegant bangle box, jewelry box, or sculptures of gods and goddess. People also give Diyas, plates or crockery or decorative artifact.

People are inclining towards customized wedding gifts in India as they are more flexible than normal gifts. Nowadays, people tend to make slight changes in the traditional gifts to make them more elegant and creative. For example, in place of Diyas people give peacock designed candles which are becoming more and more popular in the market. Ganesh shadow Diyas is also becoming quite famous in the market. Other than this, people are also becoming a big fan of giving sweets as wedding return gifts.

Chocolates, especially, are becoming favorable as the perfect wedding return gift. It is not only because of the sweet taste of chocolate but also due to health benefits it has. Chococraft is the one place where you can get your perfect wedding return gift.

Chococraft has chocolates for any type of weddings, and you can even customize chocolates anyway you like to. Yes, with Chococraft you can design your own chocolates! You can have quotes and even picture on the chocolates and it is completely edible and 100% safe.

Not only this, you can also select the shape and fillings in the chocolates. So you can make the return gift according to the taste of your guests. As you can customize them, you can make the perfect return gift for any type of wedding.

Customized Return Gifts for Indian Weddings

Indian weddings may be diverse, but one thing is always common that is love and the happiness. In weddings, you not only see the love between the couple but also for the guests. Indian wedding may be celebrated in different ways, but all respect their guests. Which way is better than presenting best return gifts for wedding guests? Indian wedding return gifts for guests should be special and personal which will show guests how much you appreciate their presence and want to share the happiness with them.

Return gifts are a way of thanking guests, so you want to make it good. Try to find wedding return gifts which they will never forget. For example, the best wedding return gift for friends would be something which reminds them of your friendship, and the time you have spent together.

You should also make sure that the return gift reflects the theme of the wedding, and remind the receiver of the wedding. It is always better to send a thank you message along with the return gift. If you can have thank you written on the gift along with the name of the receiver, then the gift becomes even better!

That is why customized gifts are becoming a perfect Indian wedding return gift idea. With customized gifts, you can make your gift any way you like. And Chococraft is the best-customized wedding return gift.

With Chococraft you can send chocolates as a return gift, but these chocolates would be like no other. These chocolates can be customized any way you like. Yes, you can customize them completely to make them suitable for any type of wedding. So you can have best return gift for a Christian wedding, a Hindu wedding, or for any other type of wedding.

You can select the shape and, even, the fillings you want on the chocolates. Not only this, you can have whatever you want to be written on the chocolates and you can even have any picture printed on the chocolates! Picture of the happy couple along with a thank you message on delicious chocolate makes the perfect wedding return gift idea.

Colors used on the chocolates are USFDA approved, and they are edible and safe to consume. Chococraft makes chocolates fresh against a order, and you can consume them within 3 months. Chococraft uses the finest of raw material for the chocolate, and they produce only the perfect finished product, so you can be assured to receive the best chocolates.

This doesn’t end here. Chococraft even lets you customize the wooden chocolate box. You can have the picture of the couple on the box along with the date of the wedding and, even, have quotes written on it. If you have a wedding theme, then make sure to incorporate it into the chocolate box.

The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere to get this return gift. Yes! You can order chocolates from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go through any hassle you can order marriage return gifts online with Chococraft.

Personalized Wedding Favors for Guests

Personalized gifts in India are getting popular because they can be easily altered, and as they are more flexible than normal gifts. Most gifts restrict your creativity, and they seem drab while customized gifts can be molded into anything we want. We can print anything we like on gifts, and just like that, it becomes creative, as well as, personal. These little touches in the gifts make them memorable, and they end up becoming one of the most loved gifts.

Personalized mugs and pillows have gained popularity on the market just because they remind people of any particular moment. Similarly, Chococraft’s chocolates are cherished not only because of their taste but also because of the moment they remind of.

You may eat the chocolate, but you can save the chocolate box!

Being able to customize both chocolates and the chocolate box makes Chococraft’s chocolates the best-customized gift in India. Include the picture of the bride and the groom on the chocolate box, so that, people will always remember your wedding. You can also include quotes such as “Thank you” or “Thanks for blessings” on the chocolate box.

These little details and pictures will make your return gift best return gifts for marriage.
Chococraft lets you create your own return gifts for marriage. So let your creative juices flow and create something your guests will never forget, and something they will always cherish. If you are not feeling creative, even then it is okay. You can check templates on Chococraft website, and pick any template you like.
The best thing about Chococraft is that you can order chocolates online! It means no hassle of jumping from shop to shop.

Chococraft partners with the Blue Dart and they deliver to most locations in India. They deliver to major cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc.) within 1-2 days, but it may take longer during festive seasons i.e. valentine’s week.

What’s more? You can even track the shipment. After receiving your order, Blue Dart will send you bill number through which you can track your shipment on Blue Dart’s website.

Your package will be properly insulated, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the chocolates. During summers, they add cooling gel packs in the box to refrain the chocolates from melting.    

Return Gift for Theme Weddings

  • Peacock Theme
  • Butterfly Theme
  • Heart Theme
  • Beach Theme
  • Floral Theme
  • Traditional Theme
  • Elephant Theme
  • Tree Theme
  • Vintage Theme
  • Leaves Theme
  • Garden Theme
  • Modern Theme
  • Western Theme

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