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Wedding Return Gifts - 18 Chocolate Box

Printed chocolate bar as wedding return gift
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Customized chocolate return gifts for marriage
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Wedding Return Gifts India

Indian weddings with their culturally rich customs and traditions have grandeur of their own. Everything about these weddings is classy and elegant and it reaches this level of perfection due to the contribution of each and every individual of the family. Every single person has a part to play in Indian weddings. So it is only thoughtful of us to appreciate their efforts and thank them with some of the best wedding return gifts. Because, these wedding return gifts for your friends and relatives will keep reminding them of these beautiful memories for years to come.

Keeping your best interests at heart, Chococraft brings to you the best return gift ideas for Indian weddings. You have heard us. Wedding return gifts for friends and relatives of all age groups. We not only have the best return gift ideas for Hindu weddings, but also have the right wedding return gift for Christian weddings. And the best way to express your love and gratitude to them is by gifting them 18 Chocolate Box from Chococraft.

Chocolates Configuration Options

All Printed Candies

innovative wedding return gift

All Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

9 Printed & 9 Assorted Candies

Creative return gift for marriage

Alternate Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

Printed Bar & 16 Assorted Candies

Unique return gift for wedding

16 Assorted Candies With Printed Bar, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

4 Printed & 14 Assorted Candies

Middle Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

Assorted Candies

Assorted Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

Wedding Return Gifts – 18 Chocolate Box from Chococraft

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Wonderful Wedding Return Gift Box

Get ready to be overwhelmed with excitement because we offer to you these gorgeous boxes that drip nothing but sheer love. These boxes contain a set of 18 chocolates, which could be either printed or assorted. These chocolates are also available in different shapes and designs such as bars, candies, etc. You can customize the design of the chocolates to suit your requirements. You can even customize the design of the boxes to be either of wooden or metallic with various designs printed on them according to your preference.

These boxes of love will turn out to be the best wedding return gifts for your family and friends. And not only that, you can even add a lovely note, or a beautiful thank you message on butter papers for individual guests. These notes will be inserted inside the box. These personalized thank you notes and messages along with the box of chocolate as a wedding return gift for your guests is going to make them feel special and fill their hearts with joy.

These little boxes of delight are of two types and can be customized according to your requirements.

·   All Printed Candies: This wonderful wedding return gift box comes at an affordable price of INR 13950/- for 10 boxes. Each box contains 18 Printed Candies in beautifully designed wooden boxes with personalized thank you messages written on butter paper. Chocolate designs can be altered according to preference.

·   Assorted Candies: This exotic gift box comes at a reasonable price of INR 8950/- for 10 boxes. Each of these boxes contain 18 assorted candies contained in ornate wooden boxes with customized thank you notes written on a butter paper. You can even customize the chocolate design according to your preference.

Wedding return gift at wedding
Gift box with Vintage design as wedding favour

Designer Wedding Return Gifts

These chocolate boxes are a sweet gesture of love and are simple yet lovely wedding return gifts for every Indian wedding. And these boxes can be designed according to the theme of your wedding. If the wedding theme is that of a fairytale, then the chocolate box as well as the chocolates within customized rightly so. You can even get the name of the bride and the groom written on the box along with a beautiful picture of the couple.

If it is a destination wedding then you can order these wedding return gifts online and get it delivered to anywhere in India. And the designs of the boxes can be customized in order to match the place and the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are planning your wedding at Udaipur then the boxes can be designed by giving them a royal touch in order to match them up to the theme. These little handmade wedding return gifts are not only pocket friendly but also the best way to thank someone to be a part of your big day. These are the best wedding return gift that can be ordered online in India.

Customized Wedding Return Gift

We not only take orders for wedding return gifts in India, but also for other wedding rituals such as Mehendi, Sangeet etc. We also take orders for return gifts for wedding receptions. And the chocolate boxes will be designed in accordance to the occasion. For instance, if you want to place an order for wedding return gifts for your Mehendi, then the boxes can be designed in a way that speaks of your special day. These designer wedding return gifts can be ordered online and delivered to all the major cities in India especially to metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. For more queries you can visit our site and check out these personalized wedding return gifts for yourself.

Are you fussing over short and sweet thank you notes that can go down with the gift boxes?? Rest assured, for we are here to help you with a variety of lovely wedding favor messages to choose from.

·   “Our love is brewing in the cauldron of life. Thank You for adding an essence to it to with all the good vibes”
·   “To our family and friends who have blessed us with positive vibes, thank you for the love and laughter you have contributed to our lives”
·   “Fill your bags with your favourite treats, thank you for blessing our wedding with your presence so sweet.”
·   “Thank You for resonating our day with your love and laughter and blessing all our happily ever-afters.”

traditional Indian wedding designs on chocolate

Lovely Wedding Return Gifts

Apart from our exotic chocolates as a customized wedding return gift for your family and friends, you can also try giving out tiny vials of fragrances with a thank you note tacked on to their necks, or small vials of exotic body oils, or beautiful little scented candles to go with a thank you note. There are many other options when it comes to giving away wedding return gifts to your guests, our delightful chocolate boxes, however, tops the list with the sweetness of the love dripping candies and ornate designs of the wooden box. So allow us to be a part of your big day and add a tad bit of sweetness to your fairytale.

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