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Wedding Invitations - 6 Chocolate Box

Chocolates configuration options


All Printed Candies

Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - 6 Chocolates
Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - Ashlesh weds shakshi
Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - Ashlesh weds shakshi - 3 Chocolates

All Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

3 Printed & 3 Assorted Candies

Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - Tara & Anuj 3 Chocolates
Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - Tara & Anuj

Alternate Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box, Message on Butter Paper.

1 Printed & 5 Assorted Candies

Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - 5 chocolates
Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - Nupur Weds Harsh

Single Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box, Message on Butter Paper.

All Assorted Candies

Wedding Invitation 6 Chocolate box - 4 Chocolates

Assorted Candies, Customised Wooden Box, Message on Butter Paper.

Wedding Invitations - 6 Chocolate Box

Customized Invitation for marriage in India

6 Chocolate box

In India, a marriage is a very important ceremony. An Indian marriage is not just coming together of two souls, but a commitment between two families. Indian weddings are a class apart because of the various rites, rituals and ceremonies involved.

Guests are at the heart of the wedding, and hence an important aspect of the wedding is the invitations. Traditionally just printed cards, marriage invitation cards have changed a lot today.

Inspired by the west, many couples are opting to send out save the date cards and wedding shower invitations as well. Custom invitations are growing popular day by day.

Do you want your wedding announcements to stand out from the traditional wedding invitations? ChocoCraft brings to you the perfect personalized invitations: the 6 chocolate box.

We, at ChocoCraft, create exquisite chocolate boxes which can be sent out as wedding invitation cards. Printed chocolates are our specialty. We combine decadent chocolates with beautiful photographs to create the perfect wedding invitations.

The chocolates come packed in beautiful boxes. We offer a wide range of designs for the packaging. If you have a theme wedding, the packaging can be customized to reflect that theme as well. You can also have a photo of the bride and groom printed on the box cover.

The 6 chocolate box is one of our most popular products for wedding invitations. Inside the box, there are six chocolate candies. We offer several options for these: all printed candies, all assorted candies, or a mixture of both. You can choose the number of printed candies according to your liking and budget. In addition, you also get to customize the chocolates and choose what will be printed.

Along with the candies, your wedding invitation message will be printed on a butter paper inside. This serves as an invitation card to go with the chocolates. We offer several colourful invitation templates for the invitation card as well. As with the box cover, this can also be customized to suit your theme.

The 6 chocolate box is rich, elegant and classy. You can get this wonderful and unique invitation box in all major cities in India.  

You can order online from us from the comfort of your home. We deliver to your doorstep within a week. So the next time you are looking for best invitation for marriage in Delhi, you know where to go!

Wedding Invitations - 6 Chocolate Box by Chococraft

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Photo Wedding Invitation

Nowadays, customized wedding invitations are in style. Adding the personal touch shows that you care, and think differently. Think out of the box, and customize to personalize!

Photo wedding invitations are a great way to create personalized invitations. Having a photograph of the bride and the groom on the invitation makes it memorable.

You need not limit yourself to only wedding invitation cards for adding photographs; all invitations are made more beautiful by photos! Add beautiful pictures to save the date cards, engagement invitations, invitation cards for mehendi ceremony, and reception invitation cards as well.

Photo wedding invitations are also a great way to announce your theme, if you’re having a theme based wedding. You can have a photo of the bride and groom dressed as per the theme. For example, if you are having a western themed wedding, your invitation can feature a photo of the groom in a cowboy outfit.

Nowadays, many couples go for pre wedding photo shoots and professional photographers are hired to click pictures of the entire ceremony as well. You can use pictures from pre wedding shoots and engagement photographs as well.

When you have photographs on an invitation, you make it memorable for all your guests. Your special day will always be remembered thanks to your beautiful invitation! Having photographs is a very good way to have colourful wedding invitations.

These photographs can be printed on almost anything; no need to think of boring old cards. Photographs can be imprinted on coasters, mugs, fridge magnets, diaries, and so on.

ChocoCraft prints your photos on chocolate, and is one of the top wedding invitation companies. After all, who can beat invitations (that too, printed) on chocolate?

Whether you need photos on marriage invitations in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, or any other major city in India; don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.            


Box & name on Invitation box & wedding chocolates

As personalised invitations have become the hottest trend in the wedding scenario, these invitations are growing more and more elaborate by the day.

Engagement and wedding invitations are no longer simple cards; they are wedding invitation kits consisting of the card, sweets and some gifts. To add the personal touch, the gifts may be customized with a photo of the couple, or engraved with their names.

These days, wedding chocolates are growing in popularity. Chocolate is the epitome of divine indulgence. Everyone loves chocolate! What better way to announce the union of two souls in love than chocolate? You can have your chocolates custom made.

You can choose the way they look and taste. It’s possible to even customize the packaging and have a personalized box that the chocolates go in. Some couples also opt to create custom chocolates by printing a photo or their names.

The invitation generally consists of a box with all the stuff inside it. The box is generally designed specially for the wedding; it can feature a particular theme, have the names of the bride and groom printed on it, or even a photo of the lovely couple.

Nowadays, getting these wedding invitation kits has become quite simple. Many websites allow you to create indian wedding invitation card online. You can order everything from the comfort of your own home. The best place to do this is ChocoCraft.

ChocoCraft offers you the complete wedding invitation package. We provide the perfect wedding invitations; customized boxes in the design of your choice (as well as a photograph, if you like), printed chocolates inside, along with the actual invitation message on a special butter paper inside. So go ahead and create your own marriage invitations online with us today!

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