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Wedding Invitations - 2 Chocolate Box

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Wedding Invitations - 2 Chocolate Box by Chococraft

Small and elegant wedding invite for friends

2 chocolate box

The wedding is the time when your heart swells up with happiness. Everyone gets excited for the wedding ceremony to take place. Finally, the couple is bound together, and it is witnessed by family and friends. The marriage is incomplete without the blessings and best wishes of your loved ones.

To get their love make sure to send the wedding invitations on time. Wedding invitation cards reflect how your wedding is going to be. It tells everything the invitee needs to know about the wedding, including venue, time, and the theme of the wedding. Marriage invitation cards are sets the standard for your wedding so there should be no stone unturned.

Your marriage invitation should also state the style of your wedding. You can have a causal, relaxes, elegant, or modern wedding. Your invitation should be able to tell the style of your wedding clearly; it could be through wordings, or through the material of the card. Shop for a card whose texture defines your style perfectly.

Select the size of your wedding card. Decide whether you want rectangular or square invitation card. You can challenge the traditional styles of the wedding card to add personal touches. By this, you can create your own one of the kind wedding invitations.

If you are looking for small invitations, then don’t fill your invitation card with unnecessary details as the card is already small, and the designs will just eat up more space. Don’t forget, the real motive of the card is to provide information, and the details and the designs would take the space of the real information.

Add graceful and sophisticated marriage invitation designs to your cards to make your wedding card look more elegant and beautiful. A certain amount of formality is essential in a wedding card so that people would take it seriously and would be prepared for the wedding day.

Wedding Invitations - 2 Chocolate Box by Chococraft

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Creative wedding invitation online by chococraft

Make your wedding invitation cards creative by adding creative designs and patterns in the card. You can have a picture of the couple on the card which would make the marriage invitation unique. You can even order Indian wedding invitations online.

Add cozy colors to your wedding invitation card. As your card is already small, adding too extravagant colors will make your card look smaller. Go for cozy colors which would make your card look cute. With Chococraft you can get wedding invitations without any hassle.

If you want to send small wedding invitation, then Chococraft 2 chocolate box is the perfect place for you. Chococraft gives you wedding invitation with a chocolate box! You can select whatever you want on the wedding invitation, and you can even customize the chocolates.

2 chocolate marriage invitation boxes come with two chocolates and an invitation card. You can customize these 2 chocolates, and you can have whichever pattern you want on them. Add designs to accentuate your wedding style. It doesn’t end here! You can even customize the chocolate box. You can add whichever design and details you want on the box top.

And the best part is that you can order the marriage invitation card online! Just go on to Chococraft website and select the product you like, fill up the necessary details, and you will receive your chocolates and invitation within 1-2 days. Check Chococraft website to get marriage invitation ideas, and you can order these marriage invitations online.

Wedding chocolates

It is considered auspicious to send your wedding invitations with sweets as Indian’s tend to send sweets in every merry condition. Too much consumption of these sweets could lead to perilous results and that is why people tend to ignore sweets. But health benefits of chocolates are known to everyone, and it has started replacing sweets.

Chocolate has heart health-boosting properties, and it helps in dieting. And of course, we all know it improves your mood! A sweet tooth is something we all want sometimes, and chocolate has the perfect amount of that. Dark chocolate even helps in fighting diabetes.

Indian wedding invitation cards usually come along with chocolate boxes. Make sure to send chocolates that represent your wedding appropriately. Your chocolate should carry the motif or designs which would suit your wedding theme and your religious beliefs.

For that, you would have to customize your chocolates, and it could lie heavily on your wallet. Luckily, Chococraft sends wedding chocolates with wedding invitations, and both of them would be completely customized. With Chococraft you can even have the picture of the couple on the chocolates.

Chocolates should be able to reflect the theme of your wedding completely, so decide to add designs that would add the theme on the chocolates. If you have any religious beliefs, then make sure to extend those beliefs on the chocolates through designs.

Not only this, but you can customize the chocolate box. Chococraft lets you personalize the box top of the chocolate box. If you have a theme, then make sure to extend the theme on the chocolate box. You can even have pictures on the box.

The box top should be on sync with the invitation card. Both should exhibit the same information. You can add personalized quotes or even poems given by the relatives. Some people like to display their religious beliefs by adding particular symbols and words.  

Chococraft gives you the chocolate you want. Chococraft's chocolate is made from the finest raw materials, and you can select which filling you want. Not only this, you can personalize the chocolates anyway you want. The ink used on the chocolates is USFDA approved and is 100% edible and safe to eat.

Chococraft is the perfect wedding invitation idea. Check Chococraft website for wedding invitation and wedding chocolates ideas. You can buy Indian wedding invitations online with Chococraft.

Chococraft partners with the Blue Dart to deliver chocolates, and they deliver to most locations in India. Delivery is reached within 1-2 days in metro cities, but it usually takes longer during festive seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Diwali, or wedding seasons.

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