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Vintage Theme Birthday Return Gifts

Vintage Themed Birthday Return Gift

The happiness on the face of a child knows no bounds when it comes to their birthday. For them, it is one of the most awaited days of the year. They get to blow candles, cut a cake and receive gifts as well! While they get to enjoy the benefits of celebrating birthdays, the real burden is born by the parents.

Planning a birthday party can become tiresome. From deciding on a theme to looking through return gift ideas for birthday, the excitement of it tends to fade away. While there are many options available for other elements of a birthday party, deciding on return gifts for birthday party can become a hassle.

The best way to make a birthday party memorable is to make it unique. There is no other better way to make a party memorable than to make the birthday return gifts themed as well as beautiful. Vintage theme fits perfectly for kid’s birthday return gifts.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word Vintage is of old. However, that’s not the case when it comes to design elements and theme. A Vintage theme entails simplistic yet elegant designs that enhances the look as well as the feel. And it goes without saying that beauty lies in simplicity.

As far as the return gifts for kids are concerned, there can be nothing better than giving them a box of chocolates. It is one of the best birthday return gift ideas as chocolates are loved by kids as well as adults.

You can experiment with a box of chocolate as well. You can customize the box having the Vintage theme so that the wrapping as well as the chocolates go in sync. You can personalize the message inside to give the birthday party return gifts an emotional touch as well. The kids will love to have a personal box which has chocolates, rather than having individual pieces of chocolates being handed out to them.

Not only that, you can customize the chocolates too! You can print the chocolates with Vintage design elements. You can also have names or quotes written on top of the chocolates, hence making it unique. Such chocolate boxes will fit even if they are being given as return gifts for 1st birthday.

If you are looking for return gift ideas for 1st birthday, the Vintage themed chocolate box will definitely make it memorable. Kids love munching on chocolates. Giving out personalized return gifts for kids having colorful designs or words written on it will surely grab their attention. Even though they might not understand much, they still will enjoy having it more than they will enjoy having any other ordinary chocolate.

According to your guest list, you can decide if you want to give the return gift boxes individually or one box to an entire family. It will also greatly depend on your budget too. Vintage themed chocolate box will fit right in and you can personalize it according to your needs. It will surely make your child’s birthday memorable.