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Unicorn Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Unicorn/Magical Return Gifts

Birthday parties for kids are 50% about cake and 50% about gifts and such parties are not difficult to organise but what is difficult to decide is what the return gifts are going to be!

Buying return gifts for kids can be a tricky task especially in today’s era where most of the kids are into technological devices. But you know, even the most impossible question has an answer. So guess what the perfect birthday return gift is? Chocolate!

Kids are the last ones on the list of people that will ever say no to chocolates. Everyone knows they go from sad to happy or hyper to super hyper upon the mention of chocolates so believe us, this idea of chocolates being a birthday return gift, is absolutely foolproof.

Variety, being the flavour of life, is brought to you by us in the form of Unicorn themed chocolates! Unicorns are mythical creatures that are known to be somewhat of a horse with a horn in the middle of their forehead, which is the colour of a rainbow.

Some also suggest that a unicorn sneezes sprinkles but one will never know because they are imaginary! Hence, throwing a theme party for your kid comprising of unicorns is a peculiar way to widen their imagination.

Not just this, you get to put a customised message inside the return gift along with customising the box! You are also welcome to go all out, if it’s your kid’s first birthday party and want the return gifts to be more special, by printing unicorns or your child’s photo or anything else on the chocolates.

After all, return gifts are something that are either useful or worth receiving and chocolates are the key to any child’s heart so you don’t even need to fuss about it because chocolate goes through the stomach and directly touches the soul. It’s a condiment that makes you feel happy inside out and it’s the happiness that unquestionably needs to be shared. And unicorns just add into the successful show; they are creatures that possess the powers of healing poison and turning dirty water clean. Who doesn’t need such positivity in their life?

This cocktail of joy should not be kept away from your kids’ birthday party if you wish to make their time the most memorable. Unicorn themed birthday return gifts are ideal because they are apt for all birthdays, even as a first birthday return gift!

Although it’s a challenge these days due to the rapidly changing interests to give return gifts to kids in India, sticking to a classic option that has very rare drawbacks is always the best option.

Also in today’s day and age where the scope of imagination keeps narrowing day by day due to heavy media influence, incorporating something mythical is a good trigger inside children’s heads.

Not only will it help the kids wonder more about them, but will also make it worth remembering, all because they saw it first on a block of chocolate.