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Strawberry Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Strawberry Themed Birthday Return Gifts

A stroll in the market or a day’s visit to the organic farm, neatly stacked fruits always makes us appreciate the sheer appearance and goodness stored inside all of them. And why not, the color, shape and the very aroma of each fruit make us want to admire the almighty’s creative instincts.

Strawberry is one such “seedy marvel” which doesn’t get unnoticed, even when it is juxtaposed beside other peers in a wicker basket. The infectious red appearance of this “conic” fruit sparkled with tiny seeds all over gets rightful completeness with a crown of green on top. Needless to say, Strawberry is not only a tasty fruit but tops in the appearance department too.

As every nature “wonder” is the source of inspiration in a creative or a celebration bracket, Birthday’s too are following the suit by making it joyous with “themes”. The sky is the limit where you can sport a creative hat and think of celebrating someone’s “special day” with a “special theme”.

Birthdays and strawberries, why not? A perfect combination of sweetness with a hint of sour, “Strawberry theme” Birthday makes a sassy solution to celebrate the bash with beauty and style. Be it a three-tier strawberry cake or a handful of “organic strawberries given as a birthday party return gift, this “fruity beauty” always scores the “brownie points.”

A birthday planning checklist is incomplete without a return gift for kids and even for adults. Chococraft understands this “need for the perfection” especially when you wish to make a celebration a complete success. As birthdays are synonymous with Chocolates, We at Chococraft allows you to present the best return gifts for 1st birthday or party gift ideas for turning sixteen with some mouth-watering customized chocolates.

Give a “fruity kick” with Chococraft

Chocolatey Strawberry

“Embellishment” is always pivotal no matter the genre. Chococraft understands the crux of “an added appeal” by making the delectable bespoke chocolates. Your search for the perfect return gifts for birthdays online in India ends with custom printed chocolates made by us with a dash of a strawberry motif which gives a perfect finish to the rich cocoa.

Pretty Strawberry Chocolate Box

Inspired by the rich texture and hue of strawberries, we at Chococraft create one of a kind customized Chocolate Boxes with strawberries as a “muse.” These engraved and bespoke Chocolate boxes are “the best bet” as return gifts for kids and also for adults who adore the “mushy strawberries”.

A Note of Sweetness

A handcrafted note is always a thoughtful appreciation for all those who made your celebration special with their presence. Customized chocolate boxes with a “thank you” note inside for all your dear ones, makes it a perfect return gift for birthdays. A short message as sweet as strawberry or graffiti style strawberry images on a note, give your “wordings” an “ornate curve”.

A hint of “red hue” sparkled over the flavored Chocolates will truly make the birthday return gift a “glory box”.