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Sleep over / Slumber Party Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Slumber Party Themed Birthday Return Gifts


Slumber party or commonly known as a pyjama party or sleepover is a fun get-together, especially for teenage girls, who decide to stay up all night and fun together. Sleepovers or slumber parties have been gaining a lot of importance lately as a theme for birthday parties.

Pyjama parties as a birthday party theme can be super thrilling because not only it makes a birthday impeccable but, it is a social tool for the children’s personal expansion as well. Sleepovers inculcates a sense of independence in the champs as they don’t have their parents to rely on. They will have to pack and unpack their own clothes, make themselves ready for bed and mentor all the activities themselves.

Not only this, such a theme for birthday parties help children acknowledge changes and varied cultures because every family is different in their own ways and tend to have their own rules and regulations. They learn to live and get to know about the real world as they step out of their comfort zones and operate in a completely different environment.

Slumber party is much more than stepping out from your house and stepping in someone else’s home. Throughout the night, girls get to pour their heart out, talk about a lot of stuff and share their emotions and feelings with their friends thereby, making their bond even stronger and tougher. It brings happiness and delight which is beyond control and they learn how to carry themselves as an individual.

Sleepovers play a pivotal role in the life of the children. If you are deciding what should be the theme for your kid’s upcoming birthday party then a slumber party should be on the top of your list. It’s true that such sleepovers are heaven for children and hell for parents because with organising such a party comes the responsibility of planning for birthday return gifts.

Since it is a birthday party, then return gift for kids is a must and, what is better than having chocolate centred return gifts for your friends because chocolate is everyone’s favourite!

At, Choco Craft, you will find a range of modified chocolate based return gifts ideas for birthday parties and other occasions as well. The chocolate return gifts will not only add a striking look to the entire birthday party but the special ingredients which constitute the eatable, will leave the guests awestruck. To show your appreciation towards your family, you can give them a customised return gift for birthday party with a message printed on the chocolates or even a picture of your choice.

You can choose anything which you wish to be printed on your birthday party return gift, order them online and get them delivered to your doorsteps. The exclusive prints and designs supplemented with appetizing chocolates will surely make your birthday party worth-remembering! Choco Craft is the ultimate destination for you if you are looking for birthday return gift ideas and want to make your birthday party extraordinary.