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Return Gifts For 70 Year Old

70th Birthday Return Gifts

Returning Gifts, Returning Happiness

Birthday parties are partly meant for gifts and this reception of gifts comes with the giving of return gifts. This leads to a lot of thinking when it comes to deciding what return gift is apt for the occasion. Tell you what? Chocolates, a classic, are never a bad idea! And when you can customise them as per your preference, we doubt you’ll consider anything otherwise. It has become a kind of tradition in itself, the give and take of gifts along with good wishes. It establishes the fact that the birthday person is grateful to have their guests join them on such a precious day.

70th birthday is a hallmark on people’s lives, of having seen generations, feeling thankful for everyone that has been with them through this era of life and looking forward to newer memories. Chocolate is the one thing that prevails through all generations.

Our elders are often heard saying, ‘gift someone something that is useful’ or ‘something that will remind them of you.’ So what better way to express your gratitude through little blocks of joy that taste sweet, crumble in your mouth before melting away, making you feel content as ever? Our assurance, they will be reminded of you each time they take a bite. A gift is a hundred times better when it has a personal touch to it or when it comes with an element of nostalgia. Some people even like to keep certain aspects, like the box or the wrapper that the gift came in, with them as a souvenir from a good day; which makes customised chocolates the perfect return gift!

Have your name written on the box; get vintage logos, vinyl discs, your birth date or even your face printed on it! With this type of a return gift, and that too on a 70th birthday, your guests are going to return home with sweetness in their mouth and joy in their hearts.

Chocolates represent life. They’re bitter, sweet, rough, smooth, dark, light, big and small. They represent emotions. A chocolate will always get a yes nod, irrespective of you being happy or sad.

Besides, birthdays have always had significance to them because of chocolates. Why do people distribute chocolates on their birthdays? Because they express our happiness better than anything else!

So according to this formula, if chocolates represent happiness, it’s the best return gift to give to anyone. And reflecting back on what people say about happiness being doubled upon sharing, we definitely think you should share this chocolaty happiness with your own people.

Age is just a number when there is a doubt over chocolate. Be it the 1st birthday or the 70th birthday, everyone will be more than glad to return from the birthday party and open the wrapper only to find out that they got a big box of little blobs of delight.

Share your bliss on your special day because everything is good if it is made out of chocolate!