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Return Gifts For 60 Year Old

60th Birthday Return Gifts 

“Kya aapne kabhi kisi ko gift diya? 

 “Kya aapne gift dete waqt return gift ke baarei mai socha?” 

Well, we all feel that “dard” when our best friends, relatives, cousin invite us and leave us empty-handed. The concept of birthday return gifts in India seems unknown or ignored. The latter being more common.

Meet the Arora family – a very typical Punjabi family with an idea of birthday party return gifts for their guests at Sr. Arora’s 60th Birthday Celebration.

Sr. Arora is celebrating his 60th Birthday in a few days, and no halwai is ready to take their orders on such short notice. They say they need to be informed at least 1 month in advance, be paid an advance amount. But, Mrs Arora is modern.

She never relied on the halwai, instead, she devised alternate return gift ideas for the birthday.

Indian culture calls for celebrating any event with something sweet. Well, hold on. Not just sweet, Sweet and Special.

Gone are the days when you used to book a halwai and wait for the orders only to realise the laddoos are not enough.

Then someone complains of the quality of Desi-ghee in the besan ka ladoo or finds the mathri too oily.

So, here comes ChocoCraft. Not only do we prepare your orders on short notice, but also ask for the payment only when you are satisfied with your cart contents.

We ensure to make your guests feel special by customising each of the chocolate boxes to your guests' names, with a special note from you.

You can choose from our gifting options of 4, 9 and 18-pieces of chocolates. Make your guests talk about your party each time they gorge on the beautiful chocolates chosen especially for them by you.

And who says, chocolates are only meant for kids? Sweet-16 or Sweet-60, the occasion is sweet enough to be celebrated with chocolates. Don’t differentiate between your guests with chocolates.

So, there we are. Solved Sr. Arora’s problem, came up with the innovative birthday return gift, made the family talk of the town for giving return gifts in the first place instead of leaving the guests empty-handed. Saved them from the routine of going to-and-fro to the local sweet shop. Made the gifts customised.

Did we tell you, we made Mr Arora’s party success as their guests kept talking about the party for days and months, still are relinquishing on the chocolates and are all praises for the smart and friendly Arora’s.

ChocoCraft saved yet another day!

Oh, also, Mr Mehta has been very curious about the success of Mr Arora’s party. Well, now you know the secret.