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Pirates Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Pirates Themed Birthday Return Gifts

These days, birthdays are incomplete without return gifts. Return gifts are a token of love and appreciation for your guests, and are much awaited, especially when it’s a kids birthday party!

Do you want to do something innovative with your return gifts? Looking for that twist to make it different, and set it apart from the rest? We, at ChocoCraft have the perfect cool birthday return gift idea for you. For your kids birthday return gift, try our special pirate theme birthday return gift chocolate box.

Pirates are a child’s fantasy. Pirates of the Carribean is also the favourite movie series of many. Our pirate themed gifts will leave all your little guests bubbling with happiness.

And what better gift for a child than chocolate? All kids love chocolate. Yum!

Imagine the look on a child’s face as he unwraps his present and finds his favourite pirate characters etched on chocolate! Two of his favourite things come together. Ahoy, mate!

At ChocoCraft, we create beautiful and exquisite chocolate boxes by pairing delicious chocolates and lovely messages. Our specialty is printed chocolates. We print both photos as well as messages on chocolate. We print on a layer of white chocolate placed over a dark one using edible ink in beautiful colours; you can relish these treats till the last bite!

We also provide you with the option of printing a message to your guests. This is printed on a special butter paper which is placed on the chocolates. We provide several templates for the same, and you can even design your own.

ChocoCraft specializes in crafting exclusive chocolate boxes. The pirate themed chocolate box is one of our specialties. You can customize your innovative return gift; choose the design on the chocolates, the box as well as the written message.

This is the perfect way to realise a theme. These special return gifts are so different than the others, that all kids will remember you forever! Sweet memories in mind, and sweet taste lingering on the tongue.

We believe that gifts are given from the heart. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of expressing love. Thus, we offer these in various sizes ranging from two chocolate boxes to twelve chocolate ones. You can choose the one which is appropriate for your budget.

The best part is that these creative themed birthday return gifts are available at the click of a button. You can order them from the comfort of your homes, and they will be delivered within a week. We ship to all major cities in India such as Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

All of our products are pure vegetarian and without egg; so you can order them for everyone without hesitating. We use the best quality ingredients in the cleanest of kitchens; your gift box will be delicious, and of top quality as well.

What are you even waiting for? Make your child’s birthday party remember. Look through our designs, choose the ones you like, upload your child’s photo, and you’re good to go!