Partner with Us - Franchise Opportunity with CHOCOCRAFT – CHOCOCRAFT
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Partner with Us - Franchise Opportunity with CHOCOCRAFT

We are looking for like minded people across the country to partner with us.

Why Partner with us:

We have developed a unique concept which is accepted very well in the market. We are getting orders from every segment and across the country. This a modern and innovative concept which appeals to the young and future India. As the gifting industry is moving towards personalised gifting, we offer the best product.


Universally accepted gift

Shows you have put some thought in to what to buy

Goes well with all cultures and religions

Give a memorable gift they will treasure forever

Chocolate is appropriate for all ages

Show your affection

Signifies Luxury and Indulgence

No one else will have given the same gift

It is a gift that is suitable for every occasion

They are suitable for all ages and genders

Perceived as a sophisticated and modern gift

Customization with picture a unique offering

Space Required

    CHOCOCRAFT Gift Store Size: 200 to 300 sq. ft. on ground floor.

    • Preferred frontage: 10 to 15 sq. ft.
    • Preferred Location: High street/Mall/high foot fall/HNI area
    • Property: Can be owned/rented with a minimum lock in period of 1 years

    Investment Required

    The investment required for a new franchise is given below:

    Amount (in INR)

    Franchise Fee (Non Refundable)

    2,50,000/- + GST

    Store Decor - 200 sq ft

    1,00,000/- (approx)

    Office Equipment

    1,50,000/- (approx)

    LED Signage

    25,000/- (approx)


    1,00,000/- (approx)

    TOTAL Investment


    Currently We are offering 40% discount on the Franchise Fee for a limited number of signups.

    The total investment would come down to INR 5,25,000/-

    Profit Margins

    Since we cater to different segments, there are possibilites of generating more business and making huge profits:

    • Profit Margins in Retail product: Upto 100%
    • Profit Margin in Bulk deals: 20 - 40%. No Investment required. The boxes are made and shipped once the order is confirmed.
    • It might take 6 months to break even. You can make INR 50,000/- to INR 2,00,000/- per month depending upon your city and location.

    Advantages of CHOCOCRAFT Franchise

    • Unique & innovative concept globally
    • No competition for this product in the market
    • Growing demand of chocolate gifts since its replacing traditional sweets in India
    • Serve retail / bulk segment
    • Trained technical manpower support
    • Comprehensive Franchisee Training Programme
    • Quality control team for upkeep of store
    • Complete back end support from Head Office
    • The central designing team works like your extended team
    • Demand for customised products is on the rise

    Lets join hands & grow together!

    Please provide us your contact details, we will get in touch with you.