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Little Mermaid - Under the sea Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Mermaid Chocolate Return Gifts

Every parent is extremely nervous when they have to decide what to give back to the children that attend their kid’s birthday party as a return gift.

You can’t give something outdated like a pencil box with flimsy stationary inside (even though it’s the most typical return gift to gift in India), neither can you gift something digital or tacky, just because kids these days are into such things. Besides that sort of a return gift may not be as pocket friendly or memorable or satisfactory either.

A gift isn’t a gift if it doesn’t make you feel special. So you might be wondering, what is that one return gift idea that will always make a kid smile and make them feel good upon receiving it? It’s the good ol’ box of chocolates!

Make them feel special by customising your return gifts! What better way to introduce your kids and their friends to the classic story of The Little Mermaid? Tell the tale of the Mermaid Princess Ariel, who lived underwater and waited to become 15 years of age before she could see the world above the majestic ocean and once she saw what was up above, she never wanted to go back home!

Feed their imagination, let their thoughts scram like unstoppable horses, introduce them to the old aspects of your time so that they can build newer aspects for their time.

With this type of a return gift, your children will also tend to learn the qualities of patience, appreciation, gratitude and many such morals.

Everything related to something good is always remembered at least for an eternity; the story of the little mermaid princess will definitely be recognised and registered in their heads all due to the fact that they learnt about it through a return gift from a birthday party.

And let’s be honest, there are only so many birthday party return gifts that tell a tale or help your kid learn something. Chocolates already come with the assurance of acceptance; nobody in their right minds will ever say no to chocolate. Besides when you can use it as a reward, psychologically, your child will know the worth of both, the chocolate and the knowledge that comes with it.

Everything else aside, the only catch is how you can customise your birthday return gifts by splattering your theme of the little mermaid all over the chocolate box.

Print it on the box, on the chocolates and quote some dialogues from the movie into the letter inside, basically just go all out!

Birthdays are occasions that are always a big deal and return gifts are a must in all birthday parties; be it the 1st or the 70th.

Return gifts represent love and gratitude towards the guests who come to be a part of your celebration, so the best way to thank them is through the mascot of joy!