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Lady Bird Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Ladybird Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Red is a festive color, that makes a big statement. And nothing shouts red and party, especially for a little girl, more than a Ladybird themed party.

Whether you are planning a birthday party or a baby shower, ladybirds make a lovely party theme.

So just when you thought you could pack away your Christmas table cloth or red decor, we say, not so fast!! This little ladybird party is the perfect opportunity to bring out the red and celebrate this sweet little theme.

Ladybird Party Ideas:

Tableware and decorations are a must for your ladybird party, but when you are choosing your party supplies, avoiding an overload of red and white, is important.

Here Are A List Of Decorations For Your Party:

• Ladybird shaped plates
• Ladybird invitation cards
• Ladybird table confetti
• Red and white polka dot buntings
• Red and white polka dot candles
• Ladybird cookies
• Ladybird shaped cake, most important
• Ladybird themed chocolates as return gifts

Red and white is abundant around Christmas time, in the shops, go red with red lanterns, paper daises and paper foldouts.

Fruits are the healthiest snacks to serve at a birthday party, kids love strawberries, watermelon and cherries, which go with the ladybird party theme.

Jelly is also a firm favorite among little guests. Also include fun party games to keep your little guests entertained.

Here Are A List Of Favorite Ladybird Themed Party Games:

• Ladybird Balloon Game:

The aim of the game is to not let the balloons touch the floor. Blow up ten black balloons, and call them ladybird spots, then see how long you can keep them in the air.

• Musical Spots:

Cut ten large circles out of cardboard and put them in a circle on the floor. When the music stops, sit on a spot, and whoever is left standing, is out. Remove a spot each time, until only the winner remains Children are usually enamored by a ladybird themed return gifts, which is a unique gift.

We at Chococraft, have a lot of unique ladybird themed birthday party return gifts in chocolate. We incorporate your theme perfectly, by allowing you to customize your box of chocolates.

Our special boxes contain decadent chocolates, along with the wording of your choice, printed on card or on butter paper inside.

The Chocolates themselves are printed and you can choose from a wide variety of designs for them. All of our boxes are beautifully packed and suit the ladybird theme well.

The design on the box as well as the card inside can be customized by you. You can even choose to have a photo of the child printed on the box. You can also choose the number of chocolates in a box to suit your budget.

It's really very simple, first select design for your box, then choose the design for the printed chocolates, and finally the design for the card itself. All this at the comfort of your home, online.

We deliver to all major cities in India. Be it Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad, our gift boxes will reach you in a week's time.

Finding it hard to get customized return gifts for the ladybird theme birthday party in Bangalore? No problem. Just head over to Chococraft and order away.

All our products are vegan and of course, they taste heavenly. All will remember and appreciate these wonderful return gifts.