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Cat/Kitten Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Cat/Kitten Themed Birthday Return Gifts

“Are you excited to celebrate a purr-fect birthday this year?”

Animal themed birthday parties are very popular among kids, animal lovers, and pet owners alike. Cat Themed Birthday parties have been one of the most favoured this season. Especially young kids who are fond of kittens, cat anime and cartoon characters, hosting one such Cat Themed Birthday celebration would be a memory they cherish forever. Cat lovers and those who celebrate their pet cats’ birthdays also promptly opt for this theme for their parties. You may decorate the premises with kitten shaped balloons, paw printed stickers, and Cat Themed Birthday cake. For a children’s birthday party, all invitees can be given cat-eared headbands to be worn as well, or you may also hold a face painting activity where the kids draw whiskers upon one another.

While organising a birthday party, you surely cannot miss out Birthday Return Gifts. If it is a kids’ birthday party, they are more necessary than being obvious, but also since you are holding a themed celebration, the extravaganza of the event shall be compromised without having suitable party favours.

In a Themed Birthday party the chosen Birthday Return Gifts must be in accordance with the chosen theme, since that being the whole purpose of choosing a theme- to coordinate every element of the party to it. Selecting Cat Themed Birthday Return Gifts ideas might be tricky, unless it is a gathering of cat owners and you hand out cat treats are return gifts. But since this is a birthday party, chocolates for example have been widely popular choices for party favours. They are handy, universally loved and consumed, appropriate to all occasions- formal and informal, and most importantly they are symbols of love and appreciation.

On this thought ChocoCraft brings to you exclusively designed Cat Themed Birthday Return Gift ideas. We prepared customised chocolate gift boxes for all occasions. We have an impressive collection of designs for Cat Themed Birthday Return Gift boxes. Each box holds a set of delicious and scrumptious chocolates which are prepared of your choice of flavours and fillings. Each designed box can be customised with your own text and images you may add onto the layout. Inside the box, the chocolate can be personalised too with pictures, motifs and messages printed upon them. Using safe and edible high quality ink, you can have cat emojis, paw clip arts, “thank you for coming” messages and other things like the date of birth of the celebrant and the name of each recipient to be printed upon the chocolates.

The size of the chocolate box may hold 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, or 18 chocolates. You may even specify the layout of the printed chocolates to be placed inside the box- with all printed, all non-printed, alternately printed, and all non-printed with one middle printed-chocolate bar. Preparation of your Cat Themed Birthday Return Gift is commenced as and when we receive your order, hence you can be sure of the customisations to be carried entirely upon your specifications given to us online.