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Bunny Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Bunny Themed Birthday Return Gifts


Birthdays... It’s a sweet, annual reminder of your loved one turning a year older. Seeing your little one taking a leap of 365 days, with each moment bearing a flag of growth and happiness, calls for a heartfelt celebration.


Of course, you wish to share this contentment with your near and dear ones. With friends and loving family singing a “cheery Birthday song” as your toddler blowing a “wish candle” is always a moment best captured. So, as a thoughtful host, giving birthday party return gifts to the little lot gracing your kid’s bash is indeed a “sweet gesture.”

A theme Birthday adds ornamental value to the joyous celebration. Dressing your child as a superhero, fairy princess or placing the cutouts of cartoon characters all over the venue, “theme birthday party” is always a winning mantra which can be cherished later with some cheery images and videos.

One of the most celebrated birthday themes is adorable “Bunny Rabbit.” From clothing your kid in a cute Bunny ear onesie to giving bunny goody bags as return gifts for kids, the “furry carrot lover” never fails.

We at Chococraft bring you a “sweet solution” for your birthday return gift ideas dilemma. We believe custom-made chocolates make the best return gift for 1st birthday and many more to follow. Showcase your appreciation to the “little birthday army” by presenting them delectable chocolates as a return gifts for a birthday party.


A Bucktooth Buddy


A soft toy bunny rabbit always has a permanent place in cribs and kids den. This soft buddy is not just about cuteness and cuddliness but spiritually it represents prosperity and longevity. So why not give customized bunny print chocolates as kid’s birthday return gifts which rightfully bear a tag of “thoughtful cuteness.”


Make it Bunnified with Chococraft

Bunny Theme Chocolates

Be it a hopping bunny image or just his long, clever ears, we at Chococraft custom print them on the chocolates to give it a delightful appeal. And, yes, these mouth watering tasty chocolates with edible prints are true “eye feast” making them a perfect return gift ideas for a birthday of your little munchkin.

Crafty Bunny Chocolate Box

Visual appeals matter especially when the little cubs are invited and involved. Chococraft takes pride of making adorable chocolate boxes imprinted with cute bunny prints or even a picture of your little one dressed up as one embossed on a chocolate box making it a perfect little return gift for kids.

A Bunny Note

Say you appreciate, by writing a personalized message or a thank you note to the kids and their parents for gracing the occasion by tucking it inside the chocolate Box as a return gift for the birthday. Be it your kid’s favorite bunny lullaby or sketched rabbit image; give a “picturesque” touch to your wordings.

Go ahead; Give a “Bunny Twist” to your little one’s Bash by giving Chocolates as a birthday return gift and capture some “Chocolate smeared” toothy grins.