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Birthday Invitations - 9 Chocolate Box

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All Printed Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

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5 Printed and 4 Assorted Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

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1 Printed and 8 Assorted Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

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Assorted Candies, Customised Wooden Box , Message on Butter Paper.

Birthday Invitation – 9 Chocolates Box by Chococraft

Personalized Invitation Cards for the Birthday

It’s your little one’s birthday! Finally, your baby is one year old, and you find that all the sleepless nights and tiresome days were worth it. Now that your baby is growing, you want to celebrate this day and what’s better than throwing a birthday party? Send birthday party invite to all the kids you know and be prepared for fun.

Birthday party invitation card represents the party. It reflects how the party is going to be, and you want to make it good. 1st birthday party invitations should be colorful with a lot of creativity and art. Add cute cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Chota Bheem etc, on your 1st birthday invitation card.

You can also have a birthday party theme. First birthday party theme should be something that is fun, abstract, and vivid. Try to have themes that would be child-friendly, something that won’t scary theme away. Princess theme, pirate theme, and jungle theme birthday invitation are quite popular among these parties.

Extend these themes to your birthday invitation cards. Birthday invitation card with themes should do justice to the theme and should be able to exhibit the theme on the invitation through images and wordings.

With Chococraft, you can create your personalized invitation cards for the birthday. Chococraft lets you customize the birthday invitation completely, and you can even add your child’s photo on the invitation card.

Chococraft lets you send these invitations with sweet treats which are loved by everyone, yes, you can send these invitation cards with chocolates. Chococraft’s chocolates are made with the finest raw materials, and they provide only the best-finished pieces to the customers.

Chococraft’s 9 chocolate is the ideal first birthday invitation which would be loved by everyone. Chococraft gives best chocolates with invitation cards, and these are no ordinary chocolates. You can customize even the chocolates; add colorful designs and drawings on the chocolates which would be loved by children. It should be colorful and fun loving with a lot of balloons and cute animals.

The colors used on the chocolates are USFDA approved and 100% safe to eat. It doesn’t end here Chococraft also gives a customized chocolate box! You can add colorful drawings on the chocolate box which would attract children and make them happy.

Chococraft partners with the Blue Dart for shipping chocolates. They can deliver in 1-2 days to major metro cities (i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc). With Chococraft, happiness will reach you in a box.

Birthday Invitations - 9 Chocolate Box by Chococraft

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First Birthday Invite for Baby Girl

All birthdays are important but the first birthday is the one you would always remember. It starts the rows of first which your child would have and with him/her, you would too. You can have a themed birthday party and make this special day more special.

Select themes which children would love, and won’t make it too awkward for adults. For example, you can select princess theme or animal theme. Make the birthday exceptional by adding in cosplay. Adults can dress children as different characters which would incorporate the theme more deeply.

Extend this theme to your birthday invitation so guests would have some idea about what the party is about, and they can dress their children accordingly. For girls, a frozen themed birthday party birthday invitation is quite popular, and is loved by everyone. Invitees get a lot of options to dress, and kids love the movie!
Butterfly themed birthday invitations are famous theme for child’s birthday party too. Add butterfly designs and patterns on the invitation card with a lot of colors that would set the mood for the birthday party. Do mention the cosplay (if you have one) so that parents can dress their children.

Don’t forget to use birthday invitation wordings carefully. The words used should be able to describe the theme of the party as well as different events which are going to be held along with the venue of the party.

Always send invitations with some sweets. It will tell how much that person means to you, and that you want his presence at the birthday party. With Chococraft you can send the invitations with a box of chocolate, and you can even personalize the chocolate. Just inform what personal messages and designs you want on the chocolate, and Chococraft will deliver them to you.

First Birthday Invite for Baby Boy  

Your baby boy is now 1 year old, and it is time for his birthday party! You have made all preparation, but you don’t know what should be on the invitation card. Don’t worry. You just need to address the invitee, venue along with the different events which are going to be held.

Make sure to add your theme to the invitation card as well. For example, if you are having a jungle themed party, then drawings of different animals need to be on the invitation card. You can also make DIY birthday invitations for the birthday party which is not only budget friendly, but would also let your creative side come out.

Choose from all the popular themes for a boy’s birthday party and select the one that would fit perfectly for your little boy’s party. Pirate and firefighters themes are quite popular themes for a boy’s birthday party and are liked by many. You can also have a Disney prince theme party. Who doesn’t like Peter Pan? Choose famous Disney heroes, and you can have a Disney cosplay!  

Looking for first birthday invitation ideas? Chococraft is here to your rescue. Check Chococraft website for 1st birthday template, so you can get an idea of what should be included in the invitation card. Chococraft invitations are the best birthday invitation idea for a birthday party.

Chococraft 9 chocolate box is the perfect way to send an invitation card. You can send chocolates with your invitation card which would be written on a butter paper. You can even customize the chocolate box! You can have a photo of your baby boy on the chocolate box or if you want, even on the invitation card. Make your chocolate box colorful and fun which would exhibit your theme perfectly.    

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