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Balloon Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Balloon Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Light as a feather, storage of infectious energy and zeal and a spirit of happiness kept in an “inflated form”, Balloons represents the contentment which can be experienced when a thin thread connecting the same gets released from the hold of our hands.

From filling the air of euphoria inside and the ability of moulding itself in any shape and size, Balloons holds a vivacious appeal which gives the joy of purity but indirectly leaves a firm mantra of “life projection too. These “colourful props” give the message of hope, triumph and “live the moment” metaphor.

A celebration of special days always calls for heartfelt gatherings and get-togethers. Be it a birthday of your children or send off party for a colleague, the venue or a cubicle is incomplete without a noted presence of “balloon decor”. A balloon bunting with various patterns is truly an ornament delight.

Considered as the most cherished “birthday prop”, “colourful balloons” as a theme inspiration for a birthday party is truly a “decoration well signified.” Be it candy filled large balloon popped up after a cake cutting ceremony or tiny balloon whistles stored in birthday return gifts goodie bags, Balloons and Birthdays are an inseparable combo.

Birthdays are synonymous with chocolates. A sweet celebration gets a picture perfect frame when everybody gets their fair share of “sugared cocoa”. Chococraft brings the humble joy to your celebration table by inspiring you to present handcrafted chocolates as return gifts for a birthday party. A fair piece of chocolate cake and a boxful of bespoke chocolates as birthday return gifts; it’s a “double delight”.

Blowing the Happiness with Chococraft

Balloony Chocolates

A crafty image or name initials printed on mouth-watering chocolates, it’s time chocolates get their arty makeover. Chococraft brings you the delightful experience having the “cocoa delicacy” in style and presented as birthday return gifts. Colourful prints denoting the very celebration, graphical image of your little baby and even your own artistic imagination of balloons, Chococraft gives a perfect shaping to your return gifts ideas for 1st birthdays and more with bespoke chocolates.

Balloon Chocolate Box

When chocolates find themselves in a themed avatar, the box holding the same too needs a crafty appearance. An image of your little cub happily holding pretty balloons or a print of kids favourite superheroes paired with balloons, customized chocolate box given as return gifts for kids is sure to win over the “little friends”.

A Note of Joy

A heartfelt message conceptualized in a tiny note with “balloonified chocolates” gives a “wordy turn” to your return gifts ideas for birthdays. Be it a “cherished balloon drawing” made by your little champ or a print of tiny balloon with alphabets, Chococraft makes the customized note as sweet as the delectable chocolates.

Spread a message of “limitless joy” with balloon themed chocolates as kid’s birthday return gifts and let the string of happiness holding the “air of bliss” find their way into the “vast horizon” called life.