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Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Return Gifts

Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Return Gifts 

Alice And Her Wondrous Chocolates

Birthday return gift ideas are decreasing and the pressure to give a return gift at your kid’s birthday party is increasing.

The difficulty level of choosing the gifts to be given as return gifts in India is going high day by day, due to all the kids being into either video games or something digital these days.

So you know what? It’s time to turn the clock back and remind these little minions of what is the greatest gift of all time; Chocolate!

When chocolate is one of the options, we doubt you or your child will choose anything else. So throw that birthday party with a fairytale theme because we have got you covered for that too!

One of the most versatile, outlandish yet amazing stories is Alice in The Wonderland, the kind that will keep your children’s heads churning for a while.

Make your birthday celebrations cute and your return gifts even cuter by displaying the theme on the return gifts in a way that they seem like a souvenir from the event.

Even if these return gifts are for a 1st birthday, you get the opportunity to let kids know about such a fairytale! In this day and age, where imagination seems like a utopian word to them, it’s almost a necessary move to widen the valleys of their brain and give them a little push by telling them a story of a girl who dreamt of so many things when she was bored, instead of whining about her loneliness.

Now this story would get through their heads because it will be on a chocolate since you are able to print things on the chocolate!

So go haywire! Print Alice’s picture and your child’s name on the chocolate box, insert a message of gratitude on a card inside, print the rabbit with glasses that was in a coat and had a watch in his hand on the chocolate cubes and basically take advantage of the fact that you can customise your child’s birthday return gifts.

Utilise the existence of chocolates and the kids’ love towards them as reinforcement, a reward to help them learn about new things, open up new horizons in their head and make them more imaginative and elaborative.

A bad memory can be forgotten but a good memory is always remembered and cherished. We believe that everything that happens which includes chocolate in the scenario, always makes up for a good memory.

Birthday party return gifts will no longer be a puzzle to think and worry over when you have our options on the list. So why consider anything else when you can give children back the same joy that they give us in the form of sweet little blocks of delight!

After all, these classics need to be remembered too; be it the chocolates or the fairytales, nothing will be remotely as satisfactory as reading or listening about wondrous things and tasting the wondrous flavour of chocolates. Share chocolates, share joy!