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Corporate Diwali Gifts - 6 Chocolate Box

Specifications for 6 chocolate box

  • Total 6 Chocolates - 1 Chocolate printed & 5 assorted Chocolates (fillings of Butter Scotch / Fruit & nuts / Roasted Almonds)
  • Box colors available - Light brown (wooden finish) & Black
  • Box type: Wooden
  • Screen printing is done on the box. Therefore maximum colors that can be printed is 3. The logo is required in Corel Draw / EPS format.
  • Message is printed on butter paper in black & white.

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You’d often hear people describe Diwali as a festival of lights.While that is beyond debate, what isn't, is the fact that Diwali is much more than that- it is an emotion. It is a celebration of the power within you, the light within you that can pierce through any abyssal darkness, the hope that you can emanate in the direst of times and last but not the least the triumph of knowledge over ignorance.

Diwali is officially celebrated in a number of countries other than India, like Fiji, Malaysia, Nepal, etc.But nowhere is it celebrated with as much grandeur and pomp as it is done here. It is one of the most joyous festivals on the calendar. A million lights from diyas(lamps and candles),LED's adorning rooftops and sky lanterns flickering light fireflies under the night sky as the huge expanse of infinity overhead get lighted up by the breathtaking display of fire-crackers. It is truly a sight to behold.

Diwali or Deepavali in conjunction with Dhanteras is an ode to the Hindu Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity.It is the time of the year when people get rid of old and useless stuff and welcome newer and better things in their homes, their lives.

The shopping spree, the Diwali gifts exchanged all add to the excitement.

For business, it is an equally meaningful time as you would want Goddess Laxmi’s blessings for your upcoming ventures. At this time of the year, sales reach all-time highs, the mood is jovial across all parties.It is the perfect time to share Diwali gifts with your employees, clients, stakeholders and just about anyone involved in your business. It strengthens your bonds with your partners. And as for your employees, what better opportunity to show them that they are loved and appreciated for their work.

A special and thoughtful Diwali gift for employees can act as an added incentive for your employers to work harder. Corporate Diwali gifts for customers too can entice them to buy more from your company and it is just a nice way to thank them.

Corporate Diwali gifts are different from the regular Diwali gifts that you’d give to your friends and family in a lot of ways. Firstly,depending on whether you are a small-time firm or a large corporate conglomerate,you’d most probably be ordering in bulk. So over-the-top expensive orders are a big No-No. You’d want your corporate gifts on Diwali to promote your brand name without being in-your-face too much and of course, breaking the bank. So, if you are struggling to come up with that unique corporate Diwali gift in India, you are at the right place.


There are of course tonnes of options available for corporate Diwali gifts ideas online.Suppliers catering to differing needs are also cropping up with their collections of unique Diwali gift ideas. Corporate Diwali gifting websites are also booming in every nook and cranny of the digital space.

Taking advantage of the ever-growing demand for clever corporate Diwali gifts, companies are opening up outlets across all major cities of the nation.And if the foot-fall is any indication, the business of corporate Diwali gifting is booming, to say the least. Gifting has always been a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. The craze for Corporate Diwali gifts would make you feel that we Indians contribute to half of that industry.

Cashing in on the gradual shift in preferences, companies and websites are coming up with personalized corporate gifts for Diwali. Gone are the days of the traditional Diwali gifts like sweets and clothes, people are more inclined towards personalized Diwali gifts nowadays.

The core principle of Diwali constitutes of discarding the old and welcoming the new.And this new trend in corporate Diwali gifting echoes just that.Traditional Diwali gifts for customers are making way for much more innovative ideas.

In this crowd of options, you might get lost searching for the perfect Diwali gift in Hyderabad or say corporate Diwali gifts Bangalore.But worry now, we are here to help.


Chococraft have long been pioneers in the field of gifting solutions and our speciality? Printed chocolates.Choosing the perfect corporate gifts for Diwali for customers can be a headache as there is the concern that everyone may not like your Diwali gift. But who has ever said no to chocolates? Much less to printed chocolates.

Just log on to our website and you'll be greeted with a plethora of Diwali designed chocolate box templates.We have tried to imbibe the spirit of Diwali in our designs. The themes are various but they all have that strong undercurrent of Diwali, lights and happiness. The boxes come in various sizes like 2,4,6,8,12&18 chocolate boxes, depending on the number of chocolates you want in your box.Our recommendation? The 18 chocolate box is perfect as Diwali gifts for clients whereas the 12 chocolate box would be perfect as corporate Diwali gift for employees.

The chocolate boxes are elegant and sturdy, themselves being customizable with the option to add your company’s logo and Diwali wishes for the recipient to be printed on the box. The same applies to the printed chocolates too.You’d need to supply us with the logo in Corel Draw/EPS format.

That would be done with 100% edible ink by a team of experts. The chocolates are 100% vegetarian and hygienically packed with delicious fillings. You can choose to have your Diwali wish written in black and white on a piece of butter paper that would go inside the chocolate box.

Exclusive designs at affordable pricing. We offer free delivery across all the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. All of this with the added convenience of being able to order and pay online.Really the best Diwali gift.


There are of course many other alternatives to chocolates. Some of them are flowers and cakes, gift hampers, personalized coffee mugs, stationeries, customized clocks, etc. You could also opt for a bit pricier items like a bottle of wine or expensive, luxury pens or a brand, new office bag maybe.

Laxmi-Ganesha idols are also very popular.Photo-frames, watches, silver coins are all latest corporate Diwali gift ideas.

However, all being said and done, there's nothing like customized chocolates as Diwali gifts.And no one makes them like we do.Whether you are looking for corporate Diwali gifts in Bangalore or corporate Diwali gifts in Mumbai, we have your back.

Just go on to our website, take your pick and we’ll make sure that your items reach you in express time.Have a happy and prosperous Diwali.

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