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Diwali Gifts for Employees - 12 Chocolate Box

Specifications for 12 chocolate box

  • Total 12 Chocolates - Middle 2 Chocolate printed & 10 assorted Chocolates (fillings of Butter Scotch / Fruit & nuts / Roasted Almonds)
  • Box colors available - Light brown (wooden finish) & Black
  • Box type: Wooden
  • Screen printing is done on the box. Therefore maximum colors that can be printed is 3. The logo is required in Corel Draw / EPS format.
  • Message is printed on butter paper in black & white.

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Diwali Gifts for Employees

“The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Importance of Diwali Gifts for Employees

The festival of lights, that is Diwali, is celebrated with great pomp and show across the country, irrespective of region or religion. It furthermore unites the working class and holds great importance to companies, since this celebration is observed to have significant value to seekers of good luck, wealth and prosperity. For companies, it is also time to give thanks and show their appreciation towards their employees.

Awarding ‘Diwali Bonuses’, chocolate Diwali gifts, and family tour packages are some of the many corporate Diwali gifts for employees.

Throughout history, gifts have been used to improve relations, bridge gaps, induce a sense of trust, and loosen the rigid modes of functioning. Furthermore, company gifts for employees not only help to boost motivation and morale of the employees of the firm, but they foster a sense of belonging among them.

When a company chooses to present a thoughtful Diwali gift to its employees, no doubt it lends a personal touch. Receiving such a gift, the employee feels that his work is appreciated, he is a quality asset of this esteemed organization, and most importantly- he is cared for.

This induces a feeling of belongingness in him towards his company. He treats his work more than ‘just another task’ and hence increases his efficiency. Rightly put into words by Booker T. Washington – "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

Therefore choosing a warm and meaningful gift for employees on Diwali is essential to ensure a healthy environment in your workspace.

How to choose the best corporate gifts for employees

The best gifts for employees would be something that shall appeal to everybody - men and women - of every age and designation. Furthermore, Deepavali gifts are meant to be shared with family and friends, and hence your employee-gift ideas must also take into account the usability and requirements of their spouse, children, etc.
Chocolates are the single most preferred gifting items, best gift for employees, and appropriate for almost every occasion.

They have a universal appeal for sure and are sensible sweets when compared to traditional Diwali sweets, gradually becoming even more popular when compared. They tend to have a longer shelf life, are easier to transport across destinations, give the employees a break from the same-old Diwali sweet and juice packets, and can never end up in access!

Now, it is also important to find out what corporate Diwali gifts have been given out previously - what was the feedback. Chocolate gift boxes are common among the corporate gifting options, and therefore to make a stronger appeal, one has to carefully understand the response of its recipients.

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." – Charles Darwin

Customized corporate Diwali gifts make more of an impact on the receiver. On receiving one such gift, the recipient feels that the gift-giver took into account the individuality of the intended receiver, and put extra effort into elevating the grandeur of the given gift. Be it personalized thank-you cards, gift packets, or stationery, custom-made articles never cease to charm.

Gift Ideas by ChocoCraft

Chocolates and personalized gift items are a sure recipe for best corporate gifts for employees, but where to look? Well, thankfully you have found ChocoCraft. We prepare for you the perfect combination of quality and craft, and unique Diwali gift ideas, offering personalized chocolate gift boxes. Starting from the shape, flavor, and filling of the chocolates, to the beautiful box they come cased in, all can be customized. Our specialty- printed chocolates- are sure to make your Diwali gifts make a statement among other corporate this season.

To prepare your very own customized gift items for employees, visit our website and browse through our selections. Firstly, select the ideal size for your chocolate boxes, available in sizes of 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18 size boxes. Gift box chosen can be provided with wooden or eco-leatherette quality.

Customize the box with your company logo, motto or any such design available. Inside the box, customize the flavor of the chocolates. You can personalize the chocolates with Diwali messages, name and designation of the intended receiver, and company name printed on them.

Our chocolates with printed images and text make an ideal canvas for your company logos, offering just the subtle advertisement for your firm when your employees share this warm gift with their family and friends.

You can even choose the configuration of them printed and non-printed chocolates to be placed inside the box. You may choose all printed, all non-printed, alternately printed, or all non-printed assorted candies with one printed middle bar. Also, include Diwali greetings message printed on butter paper inside the box. A number of wording samples can be browsed through. Personalize it with your own words and well wishes.

All of this must sound appealing, but where to avail such corporate gift ideas for employees in India? Well, all our services can be ordered from and delivered to all major cities India. Be it Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune or Bangalore, we will ensure nothing less than the best Diwali gift is made available to you, and your employees- a service ChocoCraft takes most pride it.

All our offerings are made of the choicest of ingredients, as and when we receive an order from you. The ink used on the chocolates is edible, so don’t let the vibrant colors fool you! Our color palette is absolutely safe and meets all international standards.  

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

In the end, here are a few gift ideas for employees that are currently popular apart from chocolates.

  1. Engraved rustic tea-pots. Most owners would admit to having fine tea-connoisseurs working for them. A beautiful desk earthen-teapot for workstation would make an interesting Deepavali gift idea.
  2. Game/Concert tickets. Make sure about their preferences. Some might prefer theater or poetry reading over Test Cricket. More than a Diwali gift for employees, you can offer this to your employees anytime of the year too; even you feel the month isn’t going smoothly on your employees.
  3. Fancy pen. Something likes a Cross or Fisher Space pen would attract any employee. No matter if it is a desk job or field, data entry or documentation, for every individual who works, deserves a polished writing instrument for aesthetic purposes, to say the least.
  4. Gift Cards. Ditching the food packets this festive season, it is rather sensible to handover grocery gift cards, or say a discounted gym membership. Vouchers, Sodexo, Gift certificates, annual transit pass- these are some of the most common corporate gift ideas for employees and are usually included as perks in salary too.

Search for creative ideas for Diwali gifts hopefully ends here, with ChocoCraft’s fresh concepts and ideas. So wait no more. Order the best Diwali gift for employees online, now!

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