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Western Theme Wedding Invitation

The theme of your wedding should be incorporated into the invitation so that people would know what to expect. With Chococraft you can customize the invitation card any way you want to incorporate the theme. Customize the chocolates and chocolate box top to have a more prominent effect.

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Western themed wedding invitations in India

Indian weddings are evolving and embracing a lot of changes these days. Traditionally consisting of elaborate rituals, religious rites and heavily bejewelled brides, the big fat Indian wedding has undergone a lot of changes.

Today, inspired from the west, Indians are opting to have theme based weddings. Butterfly, vintage, Gatsby …. The list of themes is endless! Out of these the most exciting theme is probably the western theme.

The basic idea of the western theme is that it tells us the story set primarily in the latter half of the nineteenth century in the American Old West. More often than not, it is centred on the life of a nomadic cowboy or gunfighter armed with a revolver and a rifle who rides a horse.

Cowboys and gunslingers typically wear Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, cowboy boots and buckskins. These are the kind of outfits worn at a western themed wedding.

Other characters include Native Americans, bandits, lawmen, bounty hunters, outlaws, soldiers (especially mounted cavalry), settlers, both farmers and ranchers, and townsfolk.

These days, innovative and creative designs for indian marriage invitations are gaining more and more popularity. When you have a western themed wedding, you should have an invitation card featuring this theme too!

You can make unique indian wedding invitations inspired from this theme. Your cards can have pictures of cowboys or such typical western elements. You can also have a photo on wedding invitations with the bride and groom in a wanted poster! Your card could also be shaped like a cowboy’s gun.

Choose some modern indian wedding invitation wording which goes well with the theme; for example, you can begin your invitation with the greeting Howdy?!, which is a typical cowboy’s greeting.

Do you want to make personalized wedding invitations inspired from the west? Looking for creative indian wedding cards design? Chocolate is the way to go!

Western Theme Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

Gift Categories Gifting Ideas Our Speciality
Creative designs for indian marriage invitations Personalized Photo Gifts Beautiful western theme formats
Unique indian wedding invitations Invite with Names Doorstep delivery across India
Modern indian wedding invitation wording Unique Ideas with a personalised message

Design / Make your own Butterfly wedding Invites / favors

Customized wedding invitations Surprise gifts Products in a wide price range
Photo on wedding invitations Unique Chocolate Box Buy gifts online

Unique Marriage invitations By ChocoCraft

ChocoCraft brings to you the best indian wedding cards made using chocolate! We create special chocolate boxes can be sent out as invitations.

Our specialty is making customized wedding invitations in the form of printed chocolates. Our special wedding chocolates can be customized with a photo and message printed on them.

Our chocolate boxes are beautifully packed. The packaging can reflect your western theme.

You can choose from a wide variety of designs for the box. You can also have a photograph of the bride and groom in western outfits printed on the cover. Furthermore, the design of the chocolates can also be chosen by you; have the names of the bride and groom printed in an appropriate font!

Inside the box, you can get your modern indian wedding invitations wordings printed on a card or butter paper. The design of the card will also be chosen suit your theme. We have a wide range of card designs and styles to choose from.

Normally, designing theme based invitations is a big task, which involves lot of hassle and time spent. The best part about gift boxes is that the entire process involves virtually no effort on your part. No need to spend hours finalising the design and other details for the perfect look.

When it comes to food, one always has to think about vegetarians separately. But with us, you need not even make special arrangements for vegetarians. We make all of our products without eggs or any other non-vegetarian ingredients.

We care for you, and quality is our highest priority. Our kitchens are extremely clean and germ-free.

In addition, these custom made boxes are easy on the pocket. How can anyone put a price tag on the love that you share, and the life you’re about to begin?

Trust us; these customized gift boxes make excellent invitations. What better way to announce your theme than with these theme based chocolates?

You get your decadent, chocolatey creative wedding cards online. Just select the designs and your message, and upload the photos if required, and you’re all set! We deliver to all major cities in India.

Whether you are looking for creative wedding cards Bangalore based, Chennai based, or Delhi based, ChocoCraft is the way to go! We are here for you when you need unique weddinginvitations in Mumbai.

Ordering wedding invitations Online

These days it has become possible to order almost anything over the internet. You can also buy your indian wedding cards online. Doing so has several advantages as compared to the traditional way.

First, it saves you a lot of time and effort. Without the internet, you would have to go to a professional designer, and explain him the theme. Then select the colour, background, the paper….. so much trouble!

When you buy online, it can be done really fast and well in time. This is important if you are in a hurry to send out invites, which is recommended to be done well in advance if you have a destination wedding or a long one.

Secondly, buying online offers you a lot of variety. You can mix and match several colours and styles, and actually see what your invitation will look like instead of just visualising it. At ChocoCraft, you can choose the design for the boxes, printed chocolates, as well as invitation cards. We have several designs for each theme; be it vintage, traditional, western or butterfly.

Another advantage is that you can do it from the comfort of your homes. Everything can be done with just a few clicks. You do not need to even travel anywhere. Your products are delivered at your doorstep!

Buying invitation cards online also saves you money. You can eliminate the costs of all the traders, dealers and middlemen. When you buy online, you buy directly from the source itself. An assurance of quality as well as the best price.

You can also compare the prices of various designs and patterns. Many websites offer this option. You can then choose the one which best suits your needs and budget!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy your modern indian wedding invitations online today!