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Sikh Wedding Invitation

Chococraft Sikh wedding templates are perfect for Sikh weddings. They are royal, elegant and all those which are necessary to be in a Sikh wedding invitation. If you are not satisfied with it, then you can customize a wedding invitation with Chococraft. You can even send personalized chocolates along with it.

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Sikh Wedding Invitation in India

Weddings are a special affair in anyone’s life. It is the day when you decide to make another person yours. Weddings deeply resonate with the religion that you come from, and also your beliefs. By looking at Sikh invitations, you could clearly tell their beliefs.

Sikhs are passionate people. They deeply care for their elders, and they have a firm faith in God. It all could be seen in Sikh invitation cards.

Another thing you could easily notice in Sikh marriage invitations is that Sikhs include their sense of style and charismatic nature everywhere. Their invitations are exceptionally beautiful, and they invest a lot of money and effort to make them look good.

Sikhs are sentimental people, and Punjabi wedding invitations are preserved forever. They consider wedding eternal union, and the invitations are kept safe. That is why Punjabi wedding cards matter and they are so expensive. Sometimes, they also embed gems on the cards.

Sikh Wedding invitations by Chococraft

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Unique Invitations for Sikh marriage by Chococraft

Making wedding invitations for a Sikh wedding asks for special care and responsibility. The slight flaw could lead to a lifetime of embarrassment, and it could affect the wedding. It is important to draw wedding cards from someone who is responsible, who understands customer’s needs, and who have been doing this for ages.

Chococraft is the one place where you can put your faith. Chococraft knows the special attention that needs to be put on each and every card of the invitation. They have been creating unique Indian wedding invitations for ages, and they even give you option of customized wedding cards.

It is custom of Sikh wedding to send the invitation with sweets, and Chococraft makes it even better by sending the wedding invite with chocolates. And these chocolates would be like no other chocolates, you can print anything you want in these chocolates, be it a picture of the happy couple or Sikh symbols. Ink in these chocolates is totally safe to eat and have been USFD approved.

The chocolates provided are made with the finest raw materials and are made fresh against the order. These chocolates are also filled with the delicious fillings. You can choose from a range of fillings including - Roasted almond, butterscotch, fruit & nuts, Rum raisins, plain dark, hazelnut cream, peanut butter, orange, mint, and caramel. Chococraft can provide more fillings on request of sufficient quantity.

It doesn’t end here. You can also have a customized chocolate box that would carry wedding chocolates and the invitations. Most Sikhs request to have the same design on the chocolate box as on the invitation card. Chococraft can easily provide that and can customize it as per customer’s demands.
You can get printed pictures of the couple on the invitation and even on the chocolate box if you want. Chococraft gives the modern Sikh wedding cards, and they even customize the cards as per customer’s request. You can order Sikh wedding cards online on Chococraft website without any hassle.

Special features of Sikh marriage Invitations

Sikh weddings show royalty and piousness. These same things are reflected on the wedding card for a Sikh wedding. Sikh wedding is held in the Gurudwara, and the Gurbani is recited to the couple. Bride and groom vow in front of holy Granth Sabh to take of each other and to remain loyal.

The invitation is made of the expensive material that shows the royalty aspect of Sikh weddings. The cards sometimes have stonework in them to give it an elegant look. The invitations also have Sikh symbols on it such as Khanda and Ek Onkar.

Sikhs are incredibly pious, and it all shows in their wedding invitations. Sikh wedding quotes the presence of gods and Gurbani quotes for wedding cards could be found. Sikh wedding cards quotes are extremely important, and they have given utmost care.

Sikh shloks are, very often, printed on the front page of the wedding invitation; it shows their love and belief in god. They also use wedding quotes in Punjabi or Punjabi language on the wedding invitation.

Sikh wedding card wording in completely Gurumukhi, sometimes, could also be seen. The wordings on the invitation give details of the number of events to be taken place. Apart from this, they sometimes also include poems or quotes from the elders giving their blessings.

The font style used on the card speaks of elegance and most of the time it is of calligraphy style. And the designs on the cards are mostly creative flowers, leaves, or designs that describe Sikh culture. These designs are also sometimes studded with gemstones.
Sikh invitation cards spread the warm that Punjabi’s have and so Punjabi wedding cards quote personalized messages or blessing. The language and the designs used on these cards are not at all flashy. They believe in simplicity and use it on their wedding invites.

They don’t really a color preference but yellow color is considered auspicious for any ceremony and is sometimes used. Black and white colors are used on mourning and funerals and are avoided. They especially don’t wear these colors on weddings.

Sometimes, wedding invitations also have Akhand Path invitation text on them. Akhand Path is the continuous recital of Guru Granth Sahib, and it is generally held on Friday or Saturday before the wedding.


Sikh wedding invitations require special care and time. Drawing the wedding invitations is a complicated process, and it also creates the unnecessary hassle. Chococraft gives you the perfect wedding invitation you can ask for.
Everything you wish could be in the invitation and that too without any unnecessary waste of time. Chococraft can customize the whole wedding invitation ask per customer’s request. You can also get the wedding card in the Punjabi language.
Chococraft uses creative Indian wedding card designs, and you can even choose from a number of options if you want to. You can get the same design on the chocolate box. What else? You get a whole personalized chocolate box. You can even print pictures on the chocolate box or even on the chocolates.