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Save the Date - Marriage Invites in India

Remind your close ones to save the date with a bright design or a vintage design.You have other options like colourful designs,classic design,floral design,traditional design,modern design,photo frame design,customized design,personalized Indian design,happy couple design and a plethora of others.Customise the box,the printed chocolates and the message on butter paper.Order fast for best deals.Free delivery across India.

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What are Save the Dates?

You have that beautiful diamond ring glittering away on your finger, and wedding bells are in the air. A matter of maybe a few months before you are united with your significant other for life. The wedding planning is going on; and it’s time to get your guests in the loop. Here is where the save the date comes into picture. A save the date card or save the date announcement is basically an indication to the guests that they will be invited to your wedding. It generally contains the names of the bride and the groom, and the date of the wedding along with the location if possible. All your guests should receive a save the date meaning that they should remain free on that day. As weddings grow more and more elaborate, some at exotic destinations and some boasting of a five-day schedule, save the date announcements are a must. Want to be different and invite your guests in style? Looking for innovative save the date ideas? Wish to announce your wedding and invite your guests in an amazing, unique way? Chocolate is the solution to all of your questions!

Save the Date for Wedding by Chococraft

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Unique Save the Dates by ChocoCraft

ChocoCraft brings to you innovative save the date design ideas. We craft special save the date cards using chocolate! Our specialty is creating exquisite chocolates with pictures and messages on them. We create special gift boxes which are beautifully packed and can be customized. Select from a wide range of decadent chocolates, and from a variety of shape and sizes. Include your message in butter paper on the chocolate. What better way to announce the beginning of your happy married life than chocolate? You need not even worry about the packing; just select the design and we’ll do the rest. You can even have a photo of the lovely couple on the box. Use your pre wedding photos here! And of course, the chocolates taste heavenly. The best part of it all is that you can do all of this and customize your save the date online, from the comfort of your homes. All of our chocolates are pure vegetarian, so you need not even think twice before ordering from us. An end to your search for save the date ideas for weddings! Trust us; your guests will love the chocolates so much that this invitation will make them save the date! An invite to remember forever.

Why should you send save the Dates?

Are save the dates really necessary, or is it just one more thing to add to your wedding budget? There can be a number of advantages to sending out save the date invitations. Save the dates can be an excellent way of announcing your engagement. If you’re planning on a destination wedding or a log one, your guests need to know about it and plan accordingly in advance. They are notified of the impending ceremony and they can keep themselves free during that period. If you plan on having a themed wedding, this is a great chance to announce it to your guests. The design and content of the save the date can reflect your theme. Another advantage is that you can showcase your beautiful engagement photos to the world! Save the dates are also a good way of communication with the guests; you can inform them of a wedding website or app, a particular hashtag on twitter to post about your wedding, or even requesting them not to bear any gifts. In addition, the responses will give an idea of the number of guests, and thus hosts can make arrangements accordingly. Sending save the date cards will make your wedding seem all the more real — and exciting! It creates that buzz and talk about you which leads to a great wedding!

Save the Date etiquette

An important aspect to consider while you design your save the dates is the content of the message you include. The names of the bride and groom are a given. Be sure to also include the exact date (or dates, if it’s a weekend wedding) of the ceremony. Try to give a tentative idea of the location as well. At least mention the city if not the actual venue. Don’t forget the RSVP details; your guests need to have a way to confirm their presence or absence. You should also mention that this is simply an announcement; a formal invitation will soon follow. Save the dates; when to send? is a question that many face. Typically, you should send your save the dates around six months prior to the big day. Enough time for your guests to manage their work and plan accordingly. Feel free to include pictures from your engagement or pre wedding photo shoots. If you have a website, blog or channel for your wedding, mention it as well. You can find several save the date examples online which provide you with a basic template.

Save the Date Ideas that are trending

Nowadays, everyone wants to be different. Couples are thinking out of the box and opting for innovative invitation ideas, rather than the traditional invitation cards. The added twist makes both the couple as well as the function quite memorable for everyone. Why not make your wedding stand out from all the others? You can send out your save the dates in many forms. Some save the date wedding ideas include save the date magnets, calendars (especially if you are sending the save the dates in December or January), or posters with beautiful save the date designs. An eco-friendly idea is to send out your save the dates online in the form of an image, or a video message. You can also create an event on Facebook. This way, people can reply to you with their confirmations. You can also post pictures and updates as the day draws nearer! These days it is possible to customize a whole lot of things; pen drives, key chains, mobile phone cases, mugs, coasters and even clothes. Always remember; what is important is that you should come across as a welcoming and happy host! Craft your invitations with your heart and they will definitely turn out great.

Unique Save the Date Gifts

Prior to sending the actual wedding invitations, you may want to send out a "save the date" to advise the date and location of the Wedding. This is a great way to kick off your wedding festivities and get everyone involved. Save the dates are especially important if the wedding is to be held in a distant location to allow for travel plans.

We offer a number of designs for save the date gift boxes that you can send out to family and friends to annouce your wedding. You can also choose from the different chocolate designs to create your own unique save the date gift. Scroll down to view the box and chocolate designs.

We can also work with you to create a brand new design! If you are interested in finding out more about the etiquettes of sending out Save the Dates the article explains them at length.