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Romantic Gifts for Men

Create your own personalised chocolate gift!

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Romantic Gifts for Men

“Something tells me I am going to love him a lot.
Something tells me I am going to need a lot of chocolates.”

Unique Gifts for Men by ChocoCraft

It’s a myth that men do not wait for surprises. The best part about bringing presents for boyfriends - they just turn into little boys again. On the inside, there’s always a little boy waiting for a good big box of candies, and it’s more rewarding for the gift-giver. In any relationship, a romantic gift makes the recipient feel special, and you can also take this opportunity to express what you feel for your man. Men are as appreciative of unique gift ideas as women, and a thoughtful gift is sure to delight your boyfriend.

ChocoCraft presents a unique concept for turning the simple old box of candy into a much cherished personalized gift for men. We provide fully personalised gift boxes with customised chocolates. Our speciality lies in the vibrant edible ink palette we use to print your personal images, texts, designs and logos on the chocolate items. You can print his name, the date of your anniversary, love quotes and photographs of you both on the chocolates, gift box and the personalised message note to go with the box. When he receives such a gift, he’s sure to appreciate the effort you’ve put in to elevate an ordinary retailed chocolate box, to now a memorable token of love and appreciation.

Our delicious candies are made from the choicest of ingredients, all freshly prepared as and when you place an order for them. More so, all our craftsmanship is executed completely on your commands provided by you to us online. All you have to do is browse through our website, select what you want, and consequently we prepare for you the best gift for your boyfriend. And since we wish for nothing less than the best for you both, you can order from and deliver your order to all major cities in India absolutely free of cost.

Romantic Gifts for Men from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Personalized Gifts for Men 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Customized Gifts for Men 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Valentines Gift for Men 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Romantic Gifts for Men 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Gifts for Men Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs

Personalized Gifts

Now you must be wondering, “Why turn to ChocoCraft for romantic gifts for men?” Well, we offer the perfect amalgam of craft, taste, quality and service. The best part? All services are provided by us but at the same time you have the option of customizing the gift entirely.

Starting from the chocolates you want to gift him, choose the size and flavour of the chocolates and customise them with romantic images or text to be printed on them. Print his photo or a picture of you both on the gift box. It can be unique way to celebrate a moment. Choose the chocolate box size to fit your gift, available in 6, 9, and 12-size options. Choose the configuration of the chocolates to be placed inside the box. You can order all printed chocolates, all non-printed chocolates, alternate printed and non-print, and all non-printed with one middle printed bar. We have a wide selection of designs for your gift boxes, on which you can add your favourite lovers’ messages and logos and decorated just as you may. Inside the gift box is a message card which you can personalise in your own words. We have a wide selection of templates, designs and samples for you to choose from. Such personalized gifts are popular as thank you gifts for men, among others.

Unique Romantic Gifts for Different Occasions

The beauty of ChocoCraft’s gift ideas for him is its appropriateness. Chocolates are the safest gifts of them all. Men surely do a good job hiding it, but most secretly wish to be spoilt with a nice heavy box of candies, which they can sneak into and enjoy at nights.

Our offerings are subtle, romantic and sophisticated at the same time, making them ideal for almost any occasion. Say, you don’t know where to look for cute gifts for your boyfriend, something which is different and unique, and something that he will enjoy and relish with a hundred percent guarantee. Here chocolates, proving to be the best gifts for guys in such times, come to the rescue, even as a complimentary gift in addition to other such items, like on his birthday, or as Christmas gifts for men.

Of course during the valentines’ week of love, we have a special chocolate day. But chocolates can be complimented on any day of the valentine’s week. Since its simplicity, innocence and sweetness fills the hearts of the receiver, be as anniversary gifts for men, homecoming, or as house-warming gifts, chocolates does justice to the simpler and comforting item you are looking for, which never ceases to steal a smile; even of the ones who don’t like to indulge into a delicious treat often.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And on this route dropping a little trail of chocolate will always make it easier for you!”

Gift Ideas for Men

Unlike women, who favour the emotional aspect of a gift, men tend to weigh the utility, efficiency and cost effectiveness of it more. For example, looking for birthday gifts for men, say your husband, boyfriend or brother, they would rather be happier with gift card or discount coupon, than a crafty showpiece. Hence it always is a bit difficult to shop for them, but this also gives us a guideline- “Men love things which are usable, consumable, and interactive.” So here are a few things which you can take into account while buying unique gifts for him.

  • Best gifts for men are the ones which provide them with a good experience. You can gift him a voucher to a men’s salon, or spa therapy-treatments, surprise hair make-over, and all such things. Pretty big boys also need a big grooming.
  • If you’re looking for gifts ideas for ‘gentlemen’, tie-tie pin-cufflinks-pocket square set is a perfect choice. Rightly said, “They are the jewelry gentlemen fashion.”
  • If your guy is a geek-freak, sneak up into his wish list and search for his most prized action figures and comic series. You can look online for mint conditions of his favourite figurines, or try to get hands on his favourite sports memorabilia autographed.
  • Men do tend to carry forward their hobbies and side projects, more passionately as they grow older, so presents for guys ideally could be something related to their passion. Whenever he spends his own lone time, something would be still reminding him of you.
  • An assorted selection of after lotions or essential perfumes can be a beautiful and elegant valentine’s gift for him. ‘Ittar’, which usually comes in well handcrafted wooden boxes, is as fancy a men’s valentine’s gift as one could ask for.
  • If your boyfriend is one adventure junky, a spontaneous one-day road trip plan is almost the perfect birthday gift for him. Celebrate his birthday wherever you may reach.

Chocolate gifts by ChocoCraft are a unique way to express your love. It’s even better that they can be ordered online and delivered directly to your doorstep! So what are you waiting for? Check on our take on gift ideas for men now!