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Reception Ceremonies

Invitations for Reception Ceremonies

When it comes to wedding celebrations, Indians are probably the best. We really know how to celebrate the beginning of a married life, the union of two souls. Weddings in India have a charm of their own. The big fat Indian wedding is a grand affair consisting of several ceremonies such as the engagement, mehandi, sangeet, vidai, reception, etc. Indian marriages are said to involve maximum rituals, traditions and vibrancy; otherwise absent in any other part of the globe. Apart from the actual wedding, there are several rituals before and after it as well. One of the most important post-wedding rituals is the reception ceremony. Traditionally, the entire wedding ceremony is primarily organized by the bride's family. However, the reception is an exception. The reception is usually organized by the family of the groom. Nowadays, of course, the families split the cost of the entire wedding.

The reception is an informal celebration in the form of a party, and involves no rituals. There is music, entertainment, and good food! It is a chance for the couple to enjoy themselves and relax after the wedding stress! Reception ceremony is celebrated just after the main wedding day. It is the first public appearance of the newlywed couple after their marriage. This is a celebration time for both the families as they rejoice over their new accord. The reception ceremony also serves as an opportunity for the bride to know the acquaintances and associates of the groom's family. This is the time when the bride finally represents herself as an important member of her new family.

Indian weddings are growing bigger and fatter each day. We are crossing cultural norms and restrictions, and wedding celebrations heavily borrow elements from various cultures. Although primarily a western concept, the reception ceremony is growing in popularity and almost each wedding invitation includes an invitation for after wedding reception parties these days. It becomes difficult to accommodate everyone in the bride and groom’s life for the entire wedding. The reception party serves as a celebration for such guests. It is thus a very good idea to invite only close friends for the actual wedding, and send out invitation for wedding reception only to casual acquaintances. Want to be different and invite your guests in style? Looking for invitation ideas for wedding reception? Wish to invite your guests in an amazing, unique way? Chocolate is the solution to all of your questions!

Wedding Reception invitation by Chococraft

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Elegant Wedding Reception Invitations by ChocoCraft

ChocoCraft brings to you a novel way of creating invitation cards for indian wedding reception. We make invitations for wedding reception using chocolate! Our specialty is crafting exquisite chocolates with a photo along with a message printed on them. We create special gift boxes that can be sent out as an invitation for post wedding reception. All of our boxes are specially packed and can be customized. You can even have a photo of the bride and the groom on the box, and your invitation for wedding message printed in butter paper on the chocolate inside. The best part is that you can create your invitation online, from the comfort of your home. It’s really very simple: select the design for the gift box and upload a beautiful picture of the couple. Then, select the design for the chocolate. And your invitation is ready! The box designs can also be customized according to the theme of the wedding, if any. You can also design your invitation for wedding reception indian style; choose a swastika or an Om to grace your invitation! Trust us; this is an amazing way to announce your married life. Your friends and family will remember you forever, as the couple with the delicious wedding invitations!

Important things to remember while creating your Reception Ceremony invitations

An important aspect to be considered in the invitation card design for wedding reception is the message you include in it. It should be clear, concise and compact. Your guests should be able to find out all the information with just a glance. Make sure to include the names of the bride and the groom, the venue of the function along with the date and time. Do not forget to mention that it is an invitation for a wedding reception party, and not the actual wedding, else you will have guests dressed in traditional attire! It’s a great idea to keep the tone informal or semi-formal; after all, it’s a party, isn’t it? Just remember that you should come across as a pleasant and welcoming host. Your guests should want to grace the ceremony with their presence and blessings. That is all that really matters! Be sure to include the details for RSVP, including the name and contact number. Choose your invitation wordings such that it provides all the details. No guest should call you for clarification!

Creative ideas for reception ceremony invitations

Nowadays, everyone wants to be different. Couples are thinking out of the box and opting for innovative invitation ideas, rather than the traditional invitation cards. The added twist makes both the couple as well as the function quite memorable for everyone. An eco-friendly idea would be to send out only digital copies of your invitations. You can make them as beautiful and colourful as you want, as well as add animation and special effects. If you include a link for RSVP, it will greatly simplify your guest list management! You can also go ahead and create an event on Facebook; it makes a lot of things easy. Another great idea for invitation is to include a gift hamper for each guest. For the added touch, fill your hampers with customized chocolate from ChocoCraft! If you are getting engaged in December or January, you can also have a calendar made with a photo of the happy couple for each month. These days it is possible to customize almost anything, right from key chains to mobile phone covers. Your invitation can even be in the form of such a customized item! If you customize a photo frame, or a pen drive, it will stay forever.