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Photo Wedding Invitation

Chococraft lets you create perfect photo wedding invitation. You can have a picture of the couple not only on the invitation card but also on the chocolates! You can customize the chocolates and also the chocolate box. Have pictures all over the chocolate box to create perfect photo wedding invitation.

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Photo Wedding Invitations in India

That is what Photography in its essence actually is, isn't it? Years down the line, when we look peep back into the memory lane, there will still be the images hanging on the front door of the little shops by the lane.Talking in hyperbolas, are we? Then let’s get to the point.

Weddings have been always a matter of extreme personal value.The vow to walk the remainder of your life with your partner by your side in sickness and in health isn’t just mere words.It’s a commitment of lifetime and one that we’d do well to honour.Traditionally, classical Indian weddings have been big, fat,grand-really anything but creative, not much of it anyway.

Well, the only constant thing in this world is that things change with time.Modern weddings have been veering away from the classical mould and nudging into the foray of aesthetically pleasing platform to showcase art.Needless to say, wedding invitations are also undergoing rapid changes to keep pace with the rest of the proceedings.And at the forefront is this new idea of photo wedding invitations.

The concept is new but one that the upcoming generation seems to favour.Traditional weddings are gone and the modern ones are here to stay.So what is new here? Well, much.The pre-wedding photoshoots have never been more cared for than they are now.The images are all utilized in the wedding cards to the guest and invitations.It adds a personal touch of uniqueness and lends a bit of intimacy to the otherwise lifeless wedding invitations.

A marriage invitation with the photo of the couple will surely make for a wedding to remember for your guests.It is unique, chic and urban.No wonder, it is one of the unique marriage invitations in India at the moment.Thinking about joining the bandwagon? Well, without further ado, let's jump right in then.

Photo Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Marriage Invitations with Photos by Chococraft

We, at Chococraft, have always believed in adapting to change and be a pioneer in the field of gifting solutions in India.So, this time, we have tried to incorporate the elements of your photo wedding theme into our range of products.Sounds good? It’s better than that, trust us.Right then, we have come up with the idea of personalized invitations and also customizable wedding chocolates gifts.

We figured if the whole wedding preparations would be according to the wedding photo theme, why should the marriage cards and chocolates be left behind? An invitation or a marriage card with the photo of the couple promotes camaraderie and creates an atmosphere where new bonds would be forged and old ones looked upon with heartfelt admiration.

Not only the wedding cards, the wedding chocolates and the boxes can also be customized to have photos of the couple imprinted on them.Also, you could have wordings from the bride’s favourite poem printed on the wedding chocolates.The boxes can also be personalized accordingly.

Wedding invitations with photos of the bride and groom are unique and you’re wedding will surely end up being the talk of the town amidst your colleagues and friends.And nothing beats the comfort of looking through the wedding invitation templates at the quiet comfort of your couch without breaking a sweat.

The idea here is simple.Go online, visit our website.Choose the wedding invitation cards from our large range of unique Indian wedding invitation templates.Then select the chocolate to give as gifts.Customise the box to your liking.Choose the photo of the happy couple to be printed on the wedding invitation cards and chocolates.And you’re done.Leave the rest to us.With our free delivery across all major cities all over India like Delhi,Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc and fabulous pricing options, you won’t find a better option really.

The process is fairly straightforward.However, should you face any difficulties, you'll have our online assistant by your side throughout the whole process.If you can’t choose on your own, feel free to look through the recommendations.

We offer you total control over your orders and as such every minute bit of it can be customized to match that exclusive content that you had in mind.And don’t worry if it’s a destination wedding.The photo themed wedding invitations would go perfectly with the romantic setting and will surely make for a night to remember.

Creative design for Indian wedding invitations will always appeal to your partner as well as your families and friends. And when it comes to the best photo wedding invitations online, nobody does it quite like the way we do.We don’t just make unique wedding invitations with the photos of the couple on cards and wedding chocolates, we put our hearts into it to make sure that you, as a customer have only the best and nothing else.

Things to keep in mind while creating your photo wedding invitations

Now before you rush off to order your personalized wedding invitations, there are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind.When it comes to unique and creative wedding invitations themes, there are options galore.In fact, there may be too many to make up your mind on just one.And you may be tempted to experiment.To which, we would like to reply with a resounding, No.Please don’t fall for that.Choose something is in sync with the theme for the wedding, something that will accentuate it further, not ruin it.This would help your wedding cards and chocolates with photos of the couple shine through amidst everything else.Isn’t that we set out to achieve in the first place?

Next thing, that you’d better keep in mind is that the photo wedding theme may not be everyone’s cup of team.So do please run the idea by your partner and discuss it before settling upon it finally.

Please take note that the theme can be extended as well to save the date cards and wedding shower invites, should you choose to do so.Then, of course, there's the option to select the time of dispatch for the wedding invites.

And oh, one more thing.When you are uploading the picture of the lovely couple, kindly make sure that the image is of suitably high resolution and not just a usual selfie from a shoddy front cam.This would ensure that the end product would be much more vivid with eye-popping colours otherwise the render would just be a pixelated image, that would be no good.

Next up, about the wordings to be printed on the chocolates, please keep the word limit to a reasonable range otherwise it becomes difficult to print entire stanzas of lyrics on the chocolates.Just a friendly reminder to keep it within a line or two!

Everything said and done, it's your wedding.It’s your choice.Do what your heart says and there won’t be room for regrets.We’ll do our best to ensure that you get your order within express time so that you may have time to go through other stuff without worrying about the cards and wedding invitations.Thank you for shopping with us!