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Over The Rainbow Theme Birthday Return Gifts

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Over The Rainbow Theme Return Gifts

An arch of seven colours painting the pristine blue sky created with the dispersion of light and misty rain; “Rainbows” are the beautiful portrayal of “nature” being its creative best. Shading the blue canvas with different tints of organic colours, Rainbows are the true “mystic” marvel whose appearance gives us a pleasant surprise whenever it graces the vault of blue heaven.

A happy occasion shares a parallel resemblance with the beautiful rainbow. As different tints of rainbow give the azure sky a “glorious shading”, similarly joyous events brings the inborn glow to dear ones when you celebrate their day with heartfelt happiness.

Birthdays mean sheer contentment. A celebration of your loved one marching towards progression in life calls for a toasted celebration. Thinking beyond the usual cone hats and pom-poms, theme birthdays top the list when planning your kids or sibling’s birthday.

Happy colours for happy faces, Rainbow theme birthday rightfully matches the glorious occasion celebrating your kid’s special day. A rainbow unicorn outfit for your little one or rainbow colour pencils as kids return gift, you can never run out of ideas with this “colour palette”.

Chococraft takes a humble pride in making your joyous celebration extra special with tasty chocolates. Our ever growing happy clientele believes in our crafty ideology of giving bespoke chocolates as birthday return gifts. Presenting delectable chocolates as return gifts for a birthday party truly gives an occasion a “sweet appeal”.

A Seven Colour Wonder Craft

Be it an amateur poet scribbling some words denoting its appearance or kids reciting a nursery rhyme with an adorable rhythm, Rainbows are a “one of a kind” wonder. A precious appearance of rainbow signifies promise of a new life and happiness. Spreading this “colourful message” with customized “over the rainbow” theme chocolates as return gifts for a birthday party of your kid will the occasion a “thoughtful curve”.

Bringing Radiant Colours With Chococraft

Rainbowlicious Chocolates

Chocolates and birthdays are a supreme combo. Chococraft breathes the notion of making your celebration special with handcrafted chocolates. From writing your little one’s name on the bespoke chocolates to making the chocolates look like “vivacious rainbow”, Chococraft is the “delectable solution” to your return gift ideas for 1st birthday checklist.

Colour Me Happy Chocolate Box

A wonderful array of colours always grabs everyone’s attention. An artistically arched rainbow print chocolate box given as return gifts for a birthday is sure to impress your little guests and even your peers too. Craft the Chocolate box in rainbow stripes or tiny prints of rainbows all over, Chococraft makes it “rainbows ready” for you.

A Cheery Note

Rainbow coloured bespoke chocolates presented with a personalized message makes a thoughtful return gift idea for birthdays. Artful lines crafted in rainbow colours or “thank you” message scripted on a rainbow theme paper, be the Picasso for the occasion.

We say, over the rainbow theme chocolates as a birthday return gifts for kids surely paint the “birthday canvas” with colours of “happiness”.

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