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Modern Theme Wedding Invitation

Modern theme wedding are very popular nowadays. Contemporary and minimal designs with just that dash of flair! At ChocoCraft we can help you craft wedding invitations exactly in tune with your wedding theme.

9 Chocolate Box

Our wedding invitations are unique as they give you the option of including printed chocolates. These delicious chocolates will be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding invites. Choose to print your names or wedding date on chocolates!

12 Chocolate Box

We also offer you a range of box sizes to suit your needs as well as many different designs to choose from. The best part you can even design your own chocolate box. If you have a design in mind our team will work with you to create a beautiful wedding invitation exactly the way you want.

18 Chocolate Box

So have you chosen your wedding theme yet? Whatever you choose we can design a gorgeous wedding invitation to honour your choice. So contact us today to find out how you can have your own unique custom chocolate wedding invitations.

Modern Theme Wedding Invitation

Modern Theme Wedding Invitation

Preparing a beautiful wedding invitation card is the most important preliminary step in building up the grandness of the expected wedding ceremony. It needs to be perfect at ensuring that the warm welcome of inviting party is facilitated towards the intended guests. Since it also gives the receivers a peek of what lies in store for them ahead, and how the wedding is to unfold, preparing a well suited marriage invitation in accordance with the essence of the expected wedding is critical.

The fashion of themed marriages and themed wedding invitations are trending these days. Many such modern themes starting from beach themes, peacock motif themed, the wedding symbol of butterfly themes, lord Krishna or Ganesh themes, as well as color themed weddings are highly desirable. One important step of incorporating the selected theme of the wedding to the different events taking place is not just limited to setting up appropriate décor and themed wedding dresses and outfits. The marriage invitation cards must also reflect the chosen theme, as they offer the first glance of the ceremony to the invitees. But be it a themed or destination wedding, or a simple solemnizing ceremony, a wedding requires a beautifully themed modern wedding invitation card.

And if you are looking for best way of inviting your guests to a grand celebration of culture, love and joy, you may not look any further. ChocoCraft brings to you a selection of exclusively designed modern wedding invitations, with a range of catalogues for you to browse through. Each design and wedding card template can be customized and personalized with images and texts chosen to be printed onto them as well.

The ritual of sending in dry fruits, sweets and spices with wedding invitations can afford to take a modern twist, where chocolates are the most sought after sweets and appreciated more than the traditional ones. Traditional sweets sent with wedding invitation cards often tend to get ruined with excessive transport and also have a shorter shelf life. Chocolates not just spares us from the hassle created by traditional delicate sweets, but are also relished by invitees of all age groups. And we are sure that young recipients would appreciate the chocolates sent more than the spices! Therefore our modern wedding cards are not just made up of beautiful designs, modern layouts, bright colors and motifs. In addition to that our modern marriage invitations come with a beautiful box of personalized chocolate boxes, designed in accordance with the chosen theme and layout.

With ChocoCraft, you can customize more than the selected chocolate boxes and wedding cards with desired images and texts to be printed on them, by also adding prints, messages, and photographs onto the chocolates itself, where all customization shall be carried by 100% safe and edible bright colored ink. You may add “save the date” messages, names of the bride and groom, or motifs of wedding ‘shehanayis’ onto the chocolates to further the wedding theme of the chocolate box.

In addition to ensuring unique marriage invites for the wedding with absolute customizations, we also provide our services by delivering your order to your doorstep.