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Mehndi Invitation

Mehndi ceremony is just the beginning of the long-awaited marriage. With Chococraft you can customize the invitation card, and make it the way you have always dreamed. You can also customize the chocolates and the chocolate box top. Use intricate Mehndi patterns on the chocolates to make it more effective.

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Invitations for Mehndi Ceremonies

One of the most awaited occasions for a bride is her mehndi ceremony. A traditional Indian custom by origin consists of putting mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride to adorn the bride. Mehndi is mainly a heena paste and heena is considered to be a mark of good omen. The ceremony in general takes place one or two days prior to the wedding. Early mehndi designs were simple consisting of circles on the palm and feet of the bride. However, lately they have taken a very intricate form and are generally drawn by professionals.

It is also believed that the denseness of the colour of the bride's mehndi indicates how much her to be husband loves her. A private affair at the bride's place by origin, the 'mehndi ki raat' has now become a grand celebrated affair with the increasing grandeur of weddings. Hence, the invitation for the mehndi ceremony also has become an integral part of the entire marriage ceremony.

The rituals for the mehndi ceremony vary in the different regions. Typically a ritual in Asia, mehndi ceremony has been gaining popularity in the west too. The mehndi ceremony is a symbol of female bonding which consists of performances by the bride and her friends. It is considered as an opportunity for the bride to let loose as the wedding is a very formal affair packed with customs.

An important pre-wedding rituals, the invitations for the mehndi party are sent out in style. The mehndi ceremony accompanied by the sangeet largely varies upon the scale with which it is celebrated. Hence, separate invitations for the henna party differ from word of mouth invitations to close by people to grand separate invitations sent out by cards and posts. Another practical reason for sending separate invitations for mehandi ki raat is that it isn't possible to invite everyone at the actual wedding.

Mehndi function invitations are sent include sending customised cards which can consist of combined along with wedding invite or a separate invitation , a box of flowers or chocolates to go along or even hand-picked hampers. The invitation wording for the mehndi party are very specific in nature and include details of the function which include its rough time-line, the venue and the dress code to be followed if any. In the states of Rajasthan, Gujrat the invitation matter for the mehndi ceremony consists of bangles ( ‘chuda’), a henna cone, Kumkum packed in a basket which are the basic essentials to adorn a woman.

Mehandi Ceremony Invitations by ChocoCraft

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Beautiful Mehandi Ceremony Invitations by ChocoCraft

We at ChocoCraft provide you with hand crafted and customised gift boxes that can be sent out as invitations for your mehndi ceremony. While ready designs are available, boxes can be designed as per your choice.

They can have a picture or a collage of pictures of the bride and the groom chosen from the pre-wedding photoshoot. The interior and the contents of the box can be designed as per the theme of the function.

We also have a wide range of designs for the box, flavours and types of chocolates depending upon the wedding theme. We at ChocoCraft provide you with a wide range of delicious chocolates to choose from. You can send invitations with your favourite chocolates with personalised messages on them.

The invitation wording for the mehndi party can even be included in this chocolate box printed on a butter paper. The best part is, you can sit and home, customise your order and order online. We deliver it to all the major cities in the country within 2 to 3 days of placing the order.

Important things to remember while creating your mehndi ceremony invitations

While creating your mehndi invitations, you should keep a certain things in your mind. Make sure you include content which is relevant and apt for every invitee that it is being sent to. You neither need to hurt nor overwhelm anyone with this invitation.

The content in invitation should be concise to ensure everyone reads it properly and completely. No need to mention names of all your family members. A general message also works as long as you are inviting people from your heart and not just for the sake of it. While designing you need to ensure the design isn’t bright and bold. A simple logical design is best suited for the same.

Your invitee list should be ready and the invitations need to be relevant to all the people it is being sent to. When you send these invitations is also important. They shouldn’t be too soon or too late, ideally should be sent ten days to two weeks prior to the function.

Outstation invitations should be sent well within time considering the delays taken in delivering them.

Creative ideas for mehandi ceremony invitations

Here are a few ideas for the invitation other than the conventional ones. You can write a short poem for the invitation with the bride and the groom as the characters conveying their love story in short and concluding with the wedding.

Doodles can be used for depicting pictures and a simple message with an RSVP can be sent. Another way could be going the funky way by sending humorous invitations depicting peculiar qualities of the bride and the groom. You can go for designs that eliminate the need of wordings by illustrating the function or the ritual through the design itself.

For those geeks getting married, you can send out invitations in the form of mathematical equations which when solved can give the actual invitation.

Caricatures can be created and the invitations can be sent with these caricatures depicting the ceremony. For the artistic couple, go for intricate designs and unconventional themes which depicts their style of thinking. Candles and scents can be used as goodies to along with the theme. Scented henna candles can be used for mehndi invitations.

These will be symbolic to the function and can convey the message easily. For the ones to love to read you could use pages of old books and simply write the invitation message. Just remember that you should come across as a caring and welcoming host, and you will have the perfect invitation!

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