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Lohri Gifts

Lohri is the festival which celebrates coming together of families and friends. On this day, a bonfire is lit and the food is given around to everyone. It is fitting to exchange gifts on this sweet occasion. With Chococraft, you can give the sweetest gift.

Lohri Gifts

Lohri Gifts by ChocoCraft

Gifts in India are a big part of any celebration. They signify the warmth between two people. They play a very important role when it comes to building or mending one’s relationship with another person. So it is but obvious that your gift to your loved one should have that personalized touch to set it apart from the rest.

At ChocoCraft, we bring the best in quality chocolates with a plethora of customization options at your doorstep. You just have to do the customization part and we handle the rest. Whether you want to send Lohri gifts to Punjab or somewhere else, ChocoCraft will do it. ChocoCraft specializes in beautifully crafted chocolates with special packaging which is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

This Lohri, let ChocoCraft handle all your gift requirements. From different shape chocolates to different messages on the chocolates, ChocoCraft has got everything covered. One can also opt for printing images on the chocolates. All care is taken by ChocoCraft to ensure that the chocolates remain edible and hygienic. The chocolates are 100% vegetarian.

Selection of the number of chocolates one needs in the chocolate box, the wrapping paper design of the box and the chocolates are some other features ChocoCraft provides to hand you a total customization experience. So this Lohri, whether it’s corporate gifts or Lohri gifts, ChocoCraft has got your back!

Lohri Gifts from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Lohri Special Gifts 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Lohri Gifts Online 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Lohri Gift Ideas 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Lohri Gift Ideas for Corporates 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Lohri Chocolates Gifts Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs

What is Lohri Festival & Why is It Celebrated?

Every year, Lohri, one of the Indian festivals is celebrated on the 13th of January. It is a festival celebrated primarily by the Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab region of Indian subcontinent. Lohri marks the end of the cold winters. It is also associated with the harvest of the Rabi crops.

Some believe that Lohri has been derived from the word ‘Loi’, the wife of saint Kabir while others believe its origination to be linked to the word ‘Loh’ which is a device used for making chapattis.

Like other Indian festivals, Lohri is a time when family and friends get together to celebrate and pray. It is the time when people forget their sorrows and disappointments and stride towards a better future. The Punjabi farmers observe the day after the festival of Lohri as a new financial year.

Gajaks used to be one of the primary gifts in Lohri but this tradition has been slowly changing with people opting for chocolates and cakes along with other material gifts.

On the day of Lohri, men and women wear traditional clothes and dance around a bonfire, singing songs and prayers for the God. They indulge in acts of throwing sweets and popcorns into the bonfire as an offering to the God. People of all ages and genders gather together to celebrate Lohri thus making it a community affair.

Lohri Gifts Online

The online market is flooded with Lohri gift ideas. So this Lohri, one thing that you are not short of is gifts for friends and family. Lohri is a festival filled with joy and love and thus gifts make a huge part of it.

In this digital era, it would be sensible enough to sit back and relax at your homes and get everything delivered at your doorstep. From Lohri sweets to personalized gifts, the options are abundant.

One can opt for a nutritional Lohri gift hamper with major contents of the gift being almonds and cashew nuts. These come in various sizes thus helping you select the one that fits your needs and budget.

One can also go for gifting traditional attire to their loved one. With so many festivals in our country, one can always make use of a new pair of traditional dress to wear on these festivals. A great variety of these are available online with attractive offers and discounts.

And finally, the ever so correct for every occasion, chocolates. Chocolates are loved by all, young or old. And those times are far behind us when chocolates used be ‘just chocolates’. With the host of customizations options available to us now, chocolates is one gift for every occasion.

So shop your Lohri gifts online this year!

Custom Gifts for Lohri

Customization brings a special touch to the gift and enhances the gifting experience. So why not go for customization! Whether you are looking for Lohri return gift ideas or Karwa Chauth gift, custom gifts make the receiver feel the warmth of the relationship.

And don’t you worry all the not so creative minds out there, in this digital era inspiration is just a tap away!

A customized basket of savory delights is one of the best custom options. One has the freedom of filling the basket with whatever they feel their loved one would enjoy. From chocolates to Chikkis to dry fruits, this list goes on and on. This basket can be beautifully decorated with Lohri as a theme.

A simple Happy Lohri custom greeting card with a personal message inside is another great option as a Lohri gift. It is easy to implement and light on your pocket. And it is that it’s the thought that counts and not the price of the gift. It is simple yet the most effective way to show your love and care for the person.

Go custom made this year and it is sure to make your loved one’s day!

Best Ideas for Lohri Gifts

Lohri is celebrated with friends and family in different parts of India with great enthusiasm. But with this enthusiasm comes the issue selecting the perfect Lohri gift for your loved one. A gift that will both convey your wishes to the recipient as well as bring a smile on their face.

So here are some of the best gift ideas for Lohri.

  1. Sweets: Sweets are one of the favorite gift items for any Indian festival! With the plethora of options available now days, one can go for a customized box with different kinds of sweets.
  2. Pooja Thali: With so many festivals round the corner, a Pooja Thali is a great gift. A huge range of accessories along with the Thali are available both in the online and offline market.
  3. Jewelry and Jewelry Box: If you are looking for a gift for a woman then jewelry and jewelry boxes are a great option. Jewelry are woman’s priced possession. So there is nothing better than a customized box to store them to make sure they are safe and sound. Also, she wouldn’t say no to a great jewelry item!

Apart from these, paintings and handicrafts are other great gift items to consider this Lohri!

Customized Chocolate Gifts for Lohri

Lohri marks the beginning of the harvest season in Punjab. Lohri is celebrated to offer prayers to God for the crops before harvesting them. The highlight of this festival is the winter crops like sarson (mustard), sesame, whole wheat and spinach. Lohri is celebrated by lighting a bonfire and singing folk songs. Lohri is celebrated as a mark of warmer days ahead after the chilly and gloomy days of winter.

As is the tradition in India, Lohri is accompanied by a lot of exchange of gifts. Gifts are the gesture of happiness, affection and good wishes for one another. Lohri is a time when you wish your friends and family a warm start to the summer. Festivals are an auspicious time and giving sweets during festivals is one of the most ancient traditions in India. Chocolates are the best Lohri gift ideas. Chocolates signify happiness and love. Giving traditional sweets is passé, gifting chocolates on Lohri is the new trend.

One of the main reasons that make chocolates such a popular choice is that it is loved by all. Whether it is kids, older people, teenagers or men and women, it is popular with all genders and all ages.

Printed Chocolates Gifts for Lohri

Our chocolates are made from the finest ingredients and we have the option of printing on the chocolates itself. The printing on chocolates is done in edible ink and we have an exclusive range of designs to be given as Lohri gifts. This Lohri, try something new, something unique with our printed chocolates and wish your friends and family a happy Lohri in style. Printed chocolates go a long way in signifying the effort that you have taken to gift the recipient something that is different and unique.

We have designed a selection of chocolates to be given as Lohri gift. We can even incorporate a design as per your requirements. The special edition Lohri chocolates come in a variety of options. You can select all printed, all assorted or a mix of print and assorted chocolates as well. The chocolates are placed in beautiful wooden boxes which are specially designed for the occasion. Even the boxes carry prints saying Happy Lohri or Best wishes as per your choice.

ChocoCraft has also come up with a unique range of gifts for traditional Indian festivals like gifts for brothers and sisters on Rakshabandhan, GIfts for Durga Puja and chocolate gifts for Eid.

You can now even send Lohri gifts online from overseas to your relatives in India. Select from our range of chocolate designs, select the print or customize your own design and we will do the rest for you. You can even select the message to be printed on the chocolate box. Once you have placed the order, our team will start making delicious and mouth-watering chocolates. We deliver to any address in India. Contact us today to book your chocolates.