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Islamic Wedding Invitation

You can select from a range of invitations, or you can create one yourself with Chococraft! It is considered auspicious to send invitations with sweets. With Chococraft you can send chocolates along with the invitations, and you can even customize the chocolates and the chocolate box!

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Islamic Wedding Invitations in India

Never has the meaning of love been as deftly captivated as has been done in the realms of sufi.It is no wonder that sufi has often been described as the language of the hearts for those from the Islam world and beyond.And nothing enshrines the bonds of love as wedding does.

Islamic weddings have always been a visual treat and rigid in their execution.Traditional Islamic weddings in India have always been done following the tenets of the Sharia laws,itselft derived from the holy Quran and the Hadith.There have always been variations here and there in the nuptial festivities depending on the sects,country of origin and other things.The main ideas,however,have remained the same.

Now getting into the technicalities,there’s the Khitbah.It is just a promise on part of both the bride(including the bride’s wali or legal guardian) and the groom to agree on the marriage to ensue.It is followed by the Nikkah or the engagement phase.This is the main attraction.The wali has to be present and it can be the father,brother or any eleder of the bride.There also has to be at least two witnesses for the occasion.The groom the traditionally has to gift the bride with the Mahr,which can be cash or other non-monetary gift as a token of acknowledgement as his wife and the Mahr is supposed to be the bride’s own to utilize as she pleases.This accompanied with blessings or Barakah from those present.

This is followed by the signing of the marriage contract which is the most important bit. mahr. The marriage contract is not valid without the consent of the bride. As a part of the nikkah process, the Wali should make a verbal proposal to the groom (Ijaab). Upon hearing the proposal, the groom is required to voice his acceptance verbally (Qabool).A declaration or ilan follows which publicly shares the news of the marriage.And upon the finishing of everything,there’s the grand feast or Walima.

Another attraction for any Islamic wedding,is the wedding invitations,be it the nikkah invitation or the walima invitation card.Usually they are extremely beautiful and add that bit of aesthetics to the grandeur of the festivities.The wedding invitations hold special value for the bride and groom and as such they should be selected with care

Islamic Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Unique Invitations for Muslim Marriages by Chococraft

And if you are looking for that perfect Islamic wedding card,you’ve stumbled onto the right place.It is with great pleasure that we say that we have some of the finest muslim wedding invitations and gifts ideas.We are the pioneers of gifting solutions when it comes to Arabic wedding cards and invitation ideas.One of our special attractions is the option to get personalized chocolates with muslim wedding invitation cards.

The boxes in which the wedding chocolates come can also be customized as per your liking from the huge collection of ideas that we have in store for you.There’s also the option to print the photo of bride and groom on the wedding invitation cards and wedding chocolates.We have some of the best nikah cards that will surely take your breath away.Our wide range of products,boasts of some of the finest muslim wedding cards.Just take your pick and upload your photo or wordings of choice and leave the rest to us.

Some of the most popular items are the the golden framed Nikah invitation,Blue border Islamic Nikah Invitation,Rustic Golden Invitation for wedding,Taj Islamic Nikah Invitation,Graceful Green Muslim Wedding invitation,etc.You can choose any of this from the huge number of Islamic wedding templates on our website.And with competitive pricing you won’t have to worry a thing.There’s a online customer support on the website to help you through the process.

And the best part?You can do all of it online.Choose the box design,the wedding chocolate design and the wedding invitation.You’ll have your order delivered to you in no time.We deliver across all major cities of the country like Hyderabad,Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,etc.

What makes muslim wedding Invitation Cards Unique?

As the caption suggests,the muslim wedding cards are inherently different than any other wedding cards.For starters they are more aesthetically oriented and adds a whole new dimension to the wedding festivities.You may have seen that certain specific colours,icons,designs and words give these Nikah cards that sense of regalia. In some cases,it’s just down to the Arabic wording on the invitation cards.It is something of a time-honored muslim wedding tradition that has been passed on down ages.

Stars and a crescent moon would probably be the most used designs on Islamic wedding cards.The design is almost an internationally recognized symbol of muslim culture and is said to denote the binding faith in God.The widespread use of the lunar calendar has led many to believe to associate this pagan symbol with muslims.

Next among the most popular imagery on the Nikah or Walimah cards must be that of mosques.A wedding is a holy affair and the mosque is supposed to bring good luck into the lives of the bride and grrom.

Arabic calligraphy has always dominated Islamic iconography and wedding cards are no different.Bismillah is an Arabic phrase meaning “In the name of God” and it is the first word in the holy Quran.Evidently,it signifies the starting of something as beautiful as that of the newlyweds embarking on a journey together.

About the choice for colours,Green has always been favoured.It is mentioned throughout the Quran and supposedly the color of the robes worn by the Prophet himself.Some of the other preferred symbols would be calligraphy of Allah and The Kabah.

Islam has always been deeply adherent to orthodox,traditional ideas and beliefs.Try to stick to the basics and not do anything over the top that might make your guest uncomfortable.In no way should the holy symbols and texts be dishonored in any of your wedding preparations.


Here at Chococraft,we have always believed in providing you,the customer with the best possible product.We vouch to create the Islamic wedding invitation of your dreams exactly like the way you want it to be.Designs and other aspects can be completely personalized.The invitation text can also be anything other than Arabic.We truly want to create that perfect wedding invitation for you.In closing we’d just like to say,Alhamdulillah(Praise be to Allah) and have a happy married life ahead.Thank you for shopping with us.