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Durga Pooja Gifts

Durga Pooja Gifts

Buy Durga Pooja Gifts Online by Chococraft

The Durga puja festival is a five day festival celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm and show. This is mainly a festival of the Bengal's and is celebrated with a lot of fervor in the states of Bengal and Tripura.

This is also a medium for gathering where pandals are decorated and durga pooja gifts are exchanged. What to gift always remains a big question and we at ChocoCraft solve this one for you. We offer personalized gifts in the form of chocolates which can be customised as per your needs.

We have the perfect gift recipe for your puja gift which consists of a customised box and customised chocolates. Here, you get to customise both, the chocolates as well as the box. There are two types of chocolates available, the printed ones and the assorted ones.

You can go for a combination of these two or opt for standalone single types of chocolates in your selection. The printed ones will have the message you wish to convey. The design of the box is also customization where in you can go with printed messages on the box, photographs of goddess Durga or even a combination of the two.

Durga Pooja Gifts from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Durga Puja Special Gifts 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Durga Puja Gifts Online 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Durga Puja Chocolates 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Corporate Durga Puja Gifts 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Gifts for Durga Puja Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs

What is Durga Pooja and Why is It Celebrated

The Durga pooja festival is a 5 day celebration that takes place in the month of Ashvin (Spetmeber/ October) where goddess Durga id worshiped. The celebration takes different forms in different parts of the country. States like Bengal have holidays for 5 days .

These five days are called as Shoshti, Saptami, Ashtami, Nabami and Dashami which have their own significance and these literally mean the days stating from the 6th and ending with the 10th. During these five days, people gather plan and celebrate the festival by decorating pandals, the idol of Ma Durga and also by exchanging gifts for durga puja along with sweets.

It is believed that the lords in the heaven were tortured by the demon Mahishasuara and this makes them restless and devoid from a peaceful life. It was goddess Durga who defeated this demon and thus this festival marks the celebration of victory.

This comes in the latter half of the navratri festival and both of them culminate with the dusherra. Everywhere in the country dusherra gifts are exchanged. There's enthusiasm and happiness all over and people enjoy this by going for durga puja shopping , sending durga pooja gifts to near and dear ones and most importantly by coming together and celebrating.

Durga Pooja Gifts Online

Durga pooja is an occasion where people come together, worship Ma Durga, decorate their houses and pandals of the pooja and religiously perform pooja of goddess Durga. Exchange of durga puja greetings and durga pooja gifts is also a followed custom.

Indian puja gift items include the pooja thali which is made in using different metals, other pooja items like diyas, goddess durga idols and sweets. Typically, Bengali sweets are exchanged during this period.

Today, you don't need to tire yourself in durga pooja shopping as everything is available online. Right from all the pooja items, sweets to pooja gifts everything is just a click away. Even fresh flowers can be delivered on order.

Online sites in India typically offer various pooja items in sliver and brass, intricate idols of goddess Durga , different forms of the pooja thali etc. Sites like ChocoCraft offer a wide range of personalised gifts made by incorporating unique gift ideas using chocolates.

Gift hampers, dry fruit boxes are also common puja return gifts in India. In some cases, items of home decor and even clothes and ornaments in some cases. Gift hampers consisting of a combination of dry fruits and some other items are popular as both puja gifts and puja return gifts.

Custom Gifts for Durga Pooja

A touch of customization altogether changes the effect of any gift you give. The trend of customization has gained a lot of momentum worldwide. You can customize your durga puja gift items by adding your name or family name upon it.

For example, you can get your family name carved upon the Durga idol that you give away as a gift or as a pooja return gift to friends and family coming to visit you on this occasion.

A lot of gift ideas for puja are available even for customizing your gifts on sites like Pinterest. A lot of companies and artists even do it on order basis designed to completely tailor your needs. Sweets and sweet boxes can take a printed form wherein you can get your name and greetings printed.

Customised gift hampers as per the likings of the concerned person can be made which is a good to go gift. Pooja gifts are also available online and all of these can be customized. Custom made greeting cards can be made or ordered which are comparatively cheap and also solve the purpose of the gift and greetings.

You can customize your sweets and make a hamper of these sweets and the card and this is an appropriate hamper for any person irrespective of the age and status. Personalised gifts can also be made at home by the creative ones where a lot of durga pooja gift ideas are available at their disposal.

Best Ideas for Durga Pooja Gifts

The best ideas for durga puja gifts are those which are unique yet useful and relevant to the receiver. Age, health and likings of the person also have to be considered. For instance, it is not advisable to gift a diabetic person a pack of sweets. Instead, dry fruits or useful items are better pooja gifts for them.

Children are very fond of chocolates and listen to almost anything when bribed with a chocolate. A chocolate hamper is a great durga puja gift for these chocolate lovers. Idols of goddess durga or any other deity are appropriate puja gifts for religious people, especially those who believe in idol worship.

Indian pooja gift items like puja thali, a set of diyas , customized haldi Kumkum holders etc. Custom made rangolis can be given which can be made at home too. Clothes and wall hangings with inscriptions and photos of goddess Durga, Ma Durga poster etc. also are good durga puja gifts for ardent devotees.

Artificial flowers are a good option too since these are not perishable and hence can be used as items of home décor. Gift hampers can also be ordered at run time as they are readily available online and hence can be a very good back up plan in case you don’t find anything appropriate enough.

Send Online Gifts for Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja is one of the biggest festivals in India. Durga Pooja celebrates woman power, the victory of good over evil. Durga Pooja is a 9 day festival which is celebrated for 9 days with much funfare. Chocolates are visually appealing and instantly bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. It is auspicious to give out sweets during the festival. People all over India celebrate Durga Pooja by gifting sweets to their friends and relatives and visiting the huge pandals that are erected to celebrate the festival. It is considered auspicious to give gifts during Durga Pooja as a Shagun. Giving Durga Puja gifts makes the celebration double fold and also brings joy to our loved ones.

At ChocoCraft we create beautiful gifts for every festival, be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Lohri or Eid.

What better way to kick start the Durga Pooja celebrations other than with chocolates? One of the main reasons that make chocolates such a popular choice is that it is loved by all. Whether it is kids, older people, teenagers or men and women, it is popular with all genders and all ages. This makes them a unique Durga puja gift ideas.

Best Durga Puja Gift Ideas

ChocoCraft manufactures chocolates with a healthy and unique twist. Our chocolates are made from the finest ingredients and we have the option of printing on the chocolates itself. The printing on chocolates is done in edible ink and we have an exclusive range of designs to be given as gifts for Durga Puja. This Durga Puja , try something new, something unique with our printed chocolates and wish your friends and family in style. Printed chocolates go a long way in signifying the effort that you have taken to gift the recipient something that is different and unique. Printed chocolates show that you have taken the effort to gift your loved ones, something that will bring a smile on their face.

Giving blessings in the form of sweets is also a good idea. You can keep the chocolates as Puja gift items and give it to all the people who visit your Pandal or home for blessings. We have designed a selection of chocolates to be given as gift for Durga Puja The chocolates are placed in beautiful wooden boxes which are specially designed for the occasion.

Select from our range of chocolate designs, select the print or customize your own design and we will do the rest for you. You can even select the message to be printed on the chocolate box. Once you have placed the order, our team will start making delicious and mouth-watering chocolates. We deliver to any address in India. Contact us today to book your chocolates.