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Corporate Diwali Gifts

Diwali Gifts for Corporates Chocolates for Diwali  Diwali Greeting for Clients

Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas by ChocoCraft

Diwali is an important festive occasionin India and for businesses and companies an occasion to reward and recognize all those who contribute to their success. Companies give out diwali gifts for office staff, their valued clients and other partners and associates. It is important to choose Diwali gifts for corporates that are truly able to convey their regards.

At ChocoCraft, we create a special range of customized corporate Diwali gifts. We make chocolate gift boxes each designed completely as per the client's wishes.If you are looking for unique Diwali gifts this year you have come to the right place.

Explore our collection of corporate gifts for Diwali!

Corporate Diwali Gift for clients Logo Printed Chocolates for Diwali GiftsDiwali Message for Corporate Gift

Customised Diwali Gifts - Chocolate Boxes

We offer a range of beautifully designed gift boxes as Diwali gifts options for corporates. The design of the box top is created completely as per the client's wishes. You can print your logo on the box along with a Diwali design. They make great corporate diwali gifts for clients as well as wonderful diwali gift for employees. Check out the many different box designswe offer!

Customized Corporate Diwali Gift Corporate Diwali gift for Employees Business Gifts

Logo Chocolates - Unique Diwali Gift Idea for Corporates

Our special offering is chocolates with your corporate logo printed on them. The color used for printing on the chocolates is edible and conforms to the best international standards. These chocolates can be delightful Deepawali gifts for your company this year. They work especially well as corporate gifts ideas for clients as these chocolates are a delicious way to highlight your brand!

Customized Diwali Gift Box with Logo

Message to accompany each Diwali Gift

Every Diwali gift box that we create for our clients has a message carrying Diwali greetings and well wishes for the recipient. Corporate gifts for diwali are sent out to express a company's regard and appreciation and a heartfelt message does exactly that. Have a look at some Diwali greetings that we created!

Message for Diwali Gift for corporate clients Gift for Employees on Diwali Diwali Greeting

Diwali Gift Boxes for Corporates - Wooden Boxes

Our elegant wooden boxes make an excellent choice if you are looking for some unique corporate diwali gifts. We offer the gift boxes in 4 size options and you can choose from 2 colour options - and elegant textured black finish and a light oak wood finish.

Corporate Diwali presents

6 Chocolate Box - Diwali Gifts for Office Staff

The 6 chocolate box for Diwali corporate gifts is an excellent choice for Diwali gifts for office staff. It contains 6 delicious chocolates with the option to include printed chocolates with your corporate logo on them. Click on the links below to explore all the design options we offer!

Corporate Gift for Diwali Diwali Business Gifts Chocolate Gifts for Diwali

9 Chocolate Box - Diwali Gifts for Employees

These boxes can be great corporate gifts ideas for employees. You can choose a combination of assorted flavours for the chocolates. When you gift chocolates they become Diwali gifts for the entire family as everyone enjoys chocolates whether they are young or old! You can explore the various design options for these corporate diwali gifts online and place and order. We ship to all major locations in India. You can also order just one sample box customized with your logo and branding!

9 Chocolate Box for Diwali Elegant Gift for Diwali Diwali Greeting

12 Chocolate Box - Diwali Gifts for Clients

If you are looking at corporate gifts ideas for clients, you can consider this elegant 12 chocolate box. The box as well as the chocolates can bear the corporate logo making it a beautiful customized Diwali gift for your corporate clients. It is guaranteed to impress and delight them! Click on the products listed below to explore designs and buy online. You can also order just one sample box customized with your logo and branding!

Corporate Diwali Gift Diwali gift with greeting printed chocolates for diwali


18 Chocolate Box - Premium Corporate Diwali Gifts

The 18 chocolate box is a premium Diwali gift option. It can be given as a Diwali gift for important business clients or as a diwali gift to employees to show them your appreciation. There are various design options you can explore for this box. Click on the links below!  You can also order just one sample box customized with your logo and branding!

Premium Diwali Gifts for Corporates Luxury Diwali Gift Diwali Gift with message for receiver

Premium Diwali Gift Boxes - Eco Leatherette Boxes

If you are looking for something different for corporate diwali gift items this year you can explore our range of these stylish eco-leatherette boxes. They are available in a wide range of colours and 3 different sizes. 

9 Chocolate Box - Corporate Diwali Gifts

These boxes have a very premium look and feel and definitely deserve to be considered among the best corporate diwali gifts available in India. A combination of the good looking box and delicious tasting chocolates makes them wonderful corporate gifts for diwali to clients or employees. They can also be great gift ideas for team members.

Gifts for Diwali chocolates for Diwali Greetings message for Diwali

12 Chocolate Box - Unique Diwali Gift for Employees

The best diwali gifts for corporates are those which convey quality and superior craftsmanship. Something which these beautiful  12 chocolate boxes definitely reflect. Choose from a wide range of colours and order online!

Diwali gifts for corporate clients Customised chocolate Bar for Deepavali Corporate Diwali Gift

18 Chocolate Box - Customized Diwali Gifts for Clients

The 18 chocolate eco-leatherette box makes one of the best diwali gifts for clients. When company are choosing diwali gifts for clients they defintely want to choose something that will be cherished and remembered by the recipient for a long time. This excusive gift box is just such a choice! 

Business Gifts for Deepavali Logo Printed chocolate bar Innovative Diwali Gift Idea



Major Trends in Diwali Corporate Gifting

Gifts for Diwali are not a new concept in India. Most businesses and organisations give out gifts on the festival of Diwali to employees, customers and others. However over the past few years certain trends have emerged:

1. Emergence of corporate gifts online in India - More and more corporate gifts suppliers and wholesalers now have an online presence. This enables them to reach out to corporates based in differet parts of the country. For the corporate clients this option, to view online the various available corporate gift items with price, makes it easier to decide on the best gifts for Diwali that they can give to their employees and clients.

2. Personalized gifts - A lot of companies are now choosing to give personalized Diwali gifts to their clients or others. Personalised gifts instantly have more of an impact and are likely to be remembered by the receiver for a long time..

3. Popularity of Diwali gifting for corporates - Earlier only bigger firms used to have formal Diwali gifts. Now corporate gifts during Diwali are popular everywhere. Not just the biggesr cities like Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai or Bangalore but smaller cities like Pune or Ahmedabad also have a lot of businesses who are on the look out for innovative diwali gifts for their employees!

Why Chocolates make the best Diwali gifts for employees?

Employees are critical to the success of any organisation. Their contribution to the organization's success is invauable and should always be recognized and appreciated. A unique diwali gift for employees can be one such gesture to show some appreciation. After all Diwali is an occasion to celebrate achievements and give thanks! ChocoCraft creates beautiful gifts for employees on Diwali

Chocolates make the best Diwali gift for employees for a number of reasons:

1 Everyone likes chocolate whether they are young or old, men or women, when you opt for chocolates as Diwali gifts for your office staff you are choosing something that appeals for everyone.

2 In India there is always some concern because your employees might come from different parts of the country. Choosing traditional sweets then becomes difficult because you are not sure if they will be appreciated by all employees equally. But the love of chocolate cuts across all these boundaries!

3 In fact today we have companies that have operations in several different countries. Here again a box of chocolates is something that every one will appreciate.

4 Chocolates have a longer shelf life compared to traditional sweets and can be easily shipped to various locations. See how we pack and ship our chocolates.

5 Chocolates can be packaged in a range of beautiful gift boxes and have a very premium look and feel. Explore our packaging options!

Employees form the working structure of a company. They are the ones who dedicate their time and effort, to put their best work forward in the best interest of their respective employers. Their devotion and perseverance is always worth a token of appreciation and when they receive some credit for their contribution, it makes a world of difference to them and their performance.

"Employees want to feel inspired by their leaders.

— Jody Kohner, VP of Employee Marketing & Engagement, Salesforce

Gifting is one way in which a company can forward their best regards to its staff. They help the employees feel a sense of belongingness and trust upon them, also improving their quality of work with higher levels of dedication. Corporate gifting is essential when it comes to one’s employees and staff members, and Diwali is one occasion which can’t see a miss in it.

The festival of Diwali is regarded highly important by members of the working community. Many office premises and sites observe a small staff union celebrating the festival by worshipping the idols of goddess Laxmi and God Ganesh, symbols for wealth and prosperity.

On this occasion, many offices observe special Diwali bonuses given to its employees, in addition to Diwali corporate gifts. Traditional sweet boxes, special cutlery Diwali hampers, Diwali dry fruits gift packs and Diwali diya lamp gift sets are some of the many Diwali items which can be given to employees.

Corporate gifts have a huge market, and consequently a variety of options are available today. Chocolate gift boxes have proven to be very well received by employees, since they are suitable for staff members of all designations, and are comparatively cheaper and cost effective. More so, they are relished and shared by all members of the receiver’s family with same likelihood which furthers the concept of Diwali gifts for office staff.

For these purposes, ChocoCraft brings to you unique Diwali gift ideas, with customised chocolate gift boxes as Diwali gifts for employees in India. Our unique printed chocolates, customised wooden packaging, complete customisation options and doorstep delivery are the attributes which make us and our products stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

We offer gift items for Diwali with prices most cost effective and affordable, keeping your needs and preferences in mind, in addition to the importance of the intended receivers.

We wish the best for you and your employees, therefore the best Diwali gifts for customers can only and will only be provided by us, the ChocoCraft team.

Diwali Gifts for Clients

Diwali gifts for important clients of your company need to be chosen very carefully. You want to gift them something that will convey your regards in the best possible way. The gift item also needs to be something unique that will stand out from the many gifts they will receive on Diwali. Our chocolate gifts can be that something unique that you are looking for!

1 Printed chocolates are something of a novelty and chocolates with your logo printed on them will be something that client is unlikely to forget. They will truly be a very different idea for diwali gifts for clients.

2 Our chocolate gift boxes are also customized with beautiful Diwali designs and your logo and branding. These clearly stand out when you compare them with the other gift boxes which are available off the shelf.

3 If you really want to impress them we can also personalize each gift box for a client. Imagine that every Diwali gift box has the name of the client inscribed on it and also includes a hearfelt message addressed to them personally. These personalized Diwali gifts for corporate clients will by something very special.

4 We offer delicious chocolates in very elegant gift boxes. The entire package has a very premium look and feel.

5 While choosing a Diwali gift for clients we also need to be sensitive to the fact that certain organizations have a very restricted gift policy (for example government organisations) Consumables like chocolates are not likely to offend any sensibilities!

“Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits,” beautifully put into words by Vaughn Aust, EVP of Integrated Solutions, MarketStar.

Client base is the strength of one company. It is them for whom a company works, and nothing satisfies a company more than the satisfaction of its clients.

Gifting is an integral part of the corporate world, since over history gift giving has been considered to bridge formal gaps and establish relationships with more trust integrated into its foundation. Especially when in context to one’s clients and customers, gifting is less of an option and more of a professional obligation.

You need to tend to your customers, not just with your products and services, but with added gifts and tokens of appreciation in kind. The biggest celebration in our country, irrespective of one’s region and religion, is Deepavali. In the working environment, it holds special significance, since this festival has been associated with welcoming of luck and prosperity. For this very reason, Diwali gift hampers for corporate have a huge market in its name.

In this day and age, when the market is competitive and holding onto your customers is just too tricky, companies are going all out with their Diwali gift ideas for clients. Diwali diya gifts, silver coin/plate Diwali gifts, Diwali gift sets of crockery, and personalised Diwali gifts are some of the popular choices, to name a few.

With e-commerce and logistics at its peak right now, it has become very convenient for companies to purchase and deliver corporate Diwali gifts for clients across locations. More so, this has enabled us to buy Diwali gift items online, giving the buyers larger collection of available choices; comparing Diwali gifts for clients with price to suit their budgets.

Customised Corporate Diwali Gifts

The traditional Diwali gifts, which generally contain Diwali sweets gift packs, chips, dry fruits and juice packets, have become passé. They are way too common, especially when they are ought to be distributed every year in a similar manner.

Be it Diwali gifts for relatives or Diwali gift for corporate in India, it is important to make it count. When your intended receiver accepts the Diwali special gift, he/she must find it special indeed.

Personalised corporate gifts make memorable Diwali gift for employees. Not only they send across a positive message, that the employers have put in extra effort to make the same-olds stand out this time, they are ought to impress business associates and stake holders as well, even more if they are customised according to the receiver.

For example, if you are presenting your investor with a unique Diwali gift idea, say that their gift boxes have their names and favourite quotes printed on them; nothing is guaranteed to impress them more.

“Play by the rules, but be ferocious."

— Phil Knight, founder, Nike

This season, shop for exclusive Diwali gifts for family and friends. Also make a statement in the corporate world with the latest Diwali gifting options, which are exclusively brought to you only by ChocoCraft. We specialise in customised printed chocolates, which are bound to be irresistible.

Chocolates provide a beautiful template and bare canvas. Personalisation can very easily be taken to the next level with them. More so, they are ideal gifting options for all. Where personalised diaries and key chains may or may not be well received by some, one can hardly ever go wrong with chocolates.

Diwali Chocolates

Diwali, the festivals of lights, is celebrated in honour of the triumph of good over evil. Many associate it with the welcoming of good fortune and prosperity, because of which this festival holds great importance to the working class. Exchanging Diwali gift baskets is a customary practice, be it between families or friends. Diwali bonuses and Diwali gifts for staff are also observed all over the country.

Talking about such Diwali gift hampers for corporate, their contents are not easy to be transported across cities, to other business associates. For instance, sweets tend to break apart and lose their texture and taste. Also, they are perishable and don’t remain fresh for long.

Diwali chocolates have now started to gain popularity, replacing the traditional staples. Not just among family gatherings, but also as Diwali gift options for employees, customers and clients. They are easier to send across to business clients and staff in far-off cities and don’t lose their freshness. More so, chocolate options are more cost effective than the regular Diwali gift packs which can truly turn out to be very expensive and overly fancy. Therefore chocolates are highly regarded as ideal gifting options, and can even make reasonable corporate gifts within Rs 500.

Chocolates are a tastier option and preferred by most employees, since they can be easily shared by their families, and relished by their kids as well. It would not be surprising if by the end of the festivities, each household is stocked up with dozens of dry fruits boxes and Dalda soaked sweets, which young kids (and elderly as well) would prefer much lesser than a delicious box of chocolates.