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Christmas Gifts Online

Time to get into the Christmas spirit with Chococraft’s gifts with beautiful Christmas themes. Our specialty? Printed chocolates in customizable boxes. Festive themes, lip-smacking fillings all packed into one box of delicacies. Prices vary from Rs 595 to Rs 995 depending upon the size. All this with the added convenience of online shopping and free delivery. 

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts by Chococraft

Christmas is the only solace in the cold winters. It is the one time when the family gets together, and we get to thank god for the life we have. It is the time when we reminiscent the suffering Jesus Christ undertook for the sake of mankind.

This is also the time when we let the sweets flow and celebrate life with our loved ones. Children let their imagination run wild, and they wish for the goods they would get from the Santa if they have been the good child throughout the year.

Christmas is also the time when you exchange a lot of presents and sweets. Make your Christmas extra special with Chococraft! Send Chococraft chocolates to your beloveds to let them know how much they mean to you.

Chococraft’s chocolates are like no other. They are a customized gift which you can give your loved ones. Yes, you can personalize these chocolates, and give personalized gifts to your friends and family. These Christmas presents would make everyone extremely happy.

You can design these chocolates any way you want. Not only this, you can also customize the chocolate box! Chococraft partners with the Blue Dart and they deliver to almost all locations in India. They deliver within 1-2 days in major cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore), though it might take longer in other locations.

Christmas Gifts from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Unique Christmas Gifts 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Christmas Gift Ideas 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Customized Christmas Gift 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Personalized Christmas Presents 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Gifts for Christmas Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs

Why is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas is the time when the whole family can come together and spend fun time together. Christmas idea is different for different people. Some people celebrate it to have some quality time with family other celebrate it for their religious beliefs.

Christmas is celebrated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God by the Christian community. It is believed that God sent Jesus Christ on earth for the salvation of mankind.

Jesus Christ was born in the family of Mary and Joseph. When Mary and Joseph were at a census, the streets were bristling with the crowd and all the rooms were full. Mary finally found a place in an inn’s barn where she gave birth to Jesus Christ.

It is not written in bible exactly when Jesus was born, but it is mentioned that Mary conceived Jesus on March 25 and December is exactly 9 months after that. As time passed people added more variations to the way it is celebrated, and today we celebrate Christmas not only as the birth of Jesus but also as the day of happiness and hope.

Christmas Gifts Online

Just before Christmas, we get introduced to a lot of deals and sales. You can find popular Christmas gifts and good Christmas presents in sales. But these sales can also lead to a lot of arguments and fights. If you can fight head on through thick crowds, and still manage to bargain and get away with a great deal, then these sales are for you.

But if you can’t, then no need to worry because you can still get Xmas presents online! Online sales are getting a lot more popular these days, and it has made access to quality products easier. Through these online sales, you can get unique and good Christmas gifts.

Not only Xmas gifts but other gifts such as corporate gifts or any other festive gifts or other day to day things can also be ordered online. And in online stores, you can find a versatile category of stuff. You can find funny Christmas gifts, cool Christmas gifts, unusual Christmas gift and even the best Christmas gift for you!

Go online to get the most of technology and to save yourself from the hassle of going from store to store.

Customized Gifts for Christmas

Perfect Xmas idea is to give a present with a personal touch. Give your loved ones a gift they deserve. Make something creative and one of kind for them. You can take any normal gift and customize it according to make the best Christmas gift.

It is not the present, but the thought you have behind the present which matters. With a customized gift, you can express your thoughts better than with any simple gift. And it can get better if you send a message along with the customized gift.

Customizing a gift is the perfect Xmas present idea. Your loved ones would love to know about your efforts on their presents. Customized gifts are also best for promoting your company. So through any exchange of presents, you can also promote your company. What is the best way to advertise if not Christmas presents?

Personalizing a gift can make a perfect gift for him. Select Christmas gift you have for him, and all you have to do is to print his name on it with a message written by you. This is the easiest way to gift a Christmas present for him.

Best Ideas for Christmas

Christmas means coming together of the family and to spend some cozy time together. Christmas is the time when you start to appreciate your family and especially your mom. Be sure to give her the gift she deserves.

Christmas gift for mom should be something she will appreciate, and it also should be fitting for Christmas. Scented candles or decorative candles are always loved by mothers as they make their home more beautiful. Christmas tree decorations and cutlery set are also loved by every mother.

A nice bottle of wine is also appreciated. Wine makes the meal more enjoyable, and if you have any wine enthusiast in the family, then they would definitely love it. Jewelry is an excellent Xmas gift for her, and jewelry which shows your love is liked even more.

Notice your loved ones and gift them accordingly. Your family and friends would definitely love the attention you have bestowed upon them. If anyone in the family likes to paint, then get them new paints or the brush set which they always wanted to get. Notice these little things to make a memorable and wonderful Christmas.

Personalized Chocolates

If there is one thing Christmas is incomplete without, it is gifts. In fact, Christmas is often described as a festival where gifts are exchanged among family and friends. Christmas & New Year gifts are something that everyone is excited about in the holiday season!

If you are not as good as picking out the right gift for everything, you have come to the right place. The markets have been flooded so many gift ideas that it has become practically impossible to pick out the perfect gift for everyone. If every festive season you are tired of endless trips to the mall trying to choose an ideal gift for your loved ones and colleagues, personalized chocolates are just the thing for you! Here’s why they make the best gifts for Christmas:

You can order personalized chocolates with a special Christmas greeting and get to a number of different addresses. When placing your order through an online portal make sure that all the details are properly entered and the order is placed well in advance.

The thing about Christmas cards and gifts is that you have to take the time to address and send them. However, with personalized chocolates ordered online, you don’t have to mail it yourself. The online retailer will send the chocolates wherever you want. This saves time and effort, not to mention money on your part. These services also use trusted logistics companies and you can rest assured that the Christmas gift will reach your friends and family in time.

Best Gifts for Christmas

The best gifts are those that have a personal aspect. For example, although any box of chocolates can be sent as Christmas gift ideas, a customized box with personalized chocolates is the best choice. These can be printed with anything you want, be it names, motifs, phrases, greetings, logo etc. The size of the box and the decoration of the pack can be chosen as you want.

In order to make your box of chocolates stand out, you can have the outer box personalized as you want it. The surface can have Christmas motifs and designs as well as a greeting or relevant quote. While chocolates are a common Christmas gift, personalized chocolates are just the perfect way to give it a unique aspect. The best thing about them is that everyone likes chocolates and they are ideal for everyone from your next door neighbor to your best friend! Personalized chocolates are for everyone.