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Butterfly Theme Wedding Invitation

Butterfly signifies hope and good times in Hinduism, and this theme needs to be embedded in your wedding invitation. Chococraft lets you create a wonderful arrangement of a butterfly on your wedding invitation. You can also customize the chocolates and the chocolate box to make them more accentuating to the wedding theme.

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Elegant Butterfly themed wedding invitations

Indians are already famous for the big fat Indian wedding. Today, Indian weddings are growing more and more elaborate. Along with fancy stuff such as wedding chocolates and destination weddings, it has now become a fashion to have a wedding which revolves around a particular theme. Vintage, retro, Gatsby, western ….. The themes are endless. Out of these themes, the most popular is probably the butterfly theme.

The butterfly is a truly magical creature; its transition from a caterpillar to a wonderful, colourful creature is simply astounding. The butterfly is considered to be a symbol of change, joy and colour. And isn’t that what weddings are really all about?

In the ancient times, the exquisite butterfly was considered a miracle of transformation and resurrection in life. The butterfly stands as the epitome of belief and change, making this theme one of the most magical and romantic wedding themes ever. Brides are also opting to have butterfly themed wedding showers.

Not only do butterflies add a nice touch to a wedding reception, but they also have a deep meaning in most cultures. Knowing this can add depth to your wedding theme.

It represents the Greek god Psyche who forever shares a deep love with the god Eros. Now isn’t this perfect for a wedding? In addition, this wonderful creature also signifies time, grace, growth and elegance. Inspired by this, some are also going for a butterfly and flowers wedding theme.

Today, creating customized wedding invitations has become quite easy. Thus, butterfly inspired wedding invitations are growing increasingly popular. After all, if your wedding features a butterfly theme, shouldn’t you have butterfly themed wedding invitations as well?

Couples opting for this theme are increasingly sending out butterfly wedding invitation cards. There is a wide variety of butterfly wedding invitation designs available as well.

Want to send out marriage invitations with butterfly theme? Looking for some great butterfly wedding invitations ideas? Chocolate is the answer!

Butterfly Theme Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Butterfly themed wedding shower Personalized Photo Gifts Beautiful Butterfly wedding invitations formats
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Customized wedding invitations Unique Ideas with a personalised message

Design / Make your own Butterfly wedding Invites / favors

Butterfly wedding invitation designs Surprise gifts Products in a wide price range
Butterfly wedding invitations ideas Unique Chocolate Box Buy gifts online

Butterfly theme Marriage invitations By ChocoCraft

ChocoCraft brings to you one of the best butterfly themed wedding invitation ideas. We create personalized wedding invitations by combining exquisite chocolates with beautiful photographs. What better way to announce your wedding than with chocolate, the classic dessert?

We at ChocoCraft incorporate your theme perfectly by allowing you to customize your box of chocolates. Our special boxes contain decadent chocolates along with the butterfly wedding invitation wording of your choice printed on a card or butter paper inside. The chocolates themselves are printed, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs for them.

All of our boxes are beautifully packed and suit the butterfly theme well. The design on the box as well as the card inside can be customized by you. You can even choose to have a photo of the couple printed on the box! You can also choose the number of chocolates in a box to suit your budget.

It’s really very simple; first, select the design for the box. Then, choose the design for the printed chocolates. And finally, the design for the card inside. And you’re set. The best part is that, you can do all of this online, from the comfort of your homes.

We deliver to all major cities in India. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad, our gift boxes will reach you within a week. Finding it hard to get customized wedding invites for the butterfly theme in Bangalore? No problem. Just head over to ChocoCraft and order away.

As all of our products are pure vegetarian, you need not even think twice before ordering from us. And, of course, they taste heavenly. Our gift boxes can be sent out as invitations and look really beautiful.

By printing your photo on wedding invitations, you can create a memorable invite. Your guests will definitely remember this one! Invitation cards fade away from memory, but this one’s there to stay.

Who can forget such a tasty invitation? These are probably the best butterfly theme wedding invitations India can offer.

Things to keep in mind while creating your butterfly wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation card should clearly reflect the theme of your wedding. Don’t forget to have beautiful butterfly themed wedding invitation wording inside.

As the butterfly theme may not be known to all, it would be a good idea to include a short description. This can be in terms of the symbolisms signified by the butterfly, or some verses or quotes about the butterfly theme. You can easily find such quotes online. What is important is that your guests should understand the concept of this theme and its importance!

Your theme should be reflected not only in the content of the invite, but also the design. Choose your wedding stationery butterfly theme style. The card should feature butterflies and nature on the background. You could even depict the lifecycle of a butterfly to further explain the deeper meaning of your theme.

You can also use the butterfly theme for save the date cards, or invites for receptions or wedding showers. Of course, as with any invite, your invitation should include the exact date and time of the ceremony. Mention the venue with a map if possible.

Do not forget to add a contact for the guests to RSVP; this provides them with a point of contact for the entire function, as well as gives you an estimate of the count of guests. Be sure not to leave out any details; your guests should ideally be able to find out all the information they need with simply a glance.

Typically, wedding invites should be sent out well in advance. That is, at least three to four months prior to the wedding day. This will give your guests enough time to plan accordingly and make the necessary arrangements. This is really important, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.

Finally, at the end, what matters is the thought you put into the invitation. If you invite someone wholeheartedly, it is an excellent invite, no matter the form!