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Bridal Shower Invitation

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Why are Wedding Showers becoming popular in India?

The celebration of a Wedding shower (also known as a Bridal Shower) is a western concept. Folklore has it that a rich merchant’s daughter fell in love with a pauper but her father refused to marry her off with a dowry. To help the lovers unite, the villagers and neighbors brought together household utilities and gifted them to the young dame, which would help the young couple set abode on this journey as a happily wedded couple. In today’s day and age, this notion of gifting and accumulating dowry seems very archaic and brushed. But still, this ritual has set in its roots in the modern times as a celebration of female bonding. A Wedding Shower usually takes a couple of days prior to the wedding where the bride’s girlfriends along with older female relatives celebrate with her one last time as a single young lady before she is wedded off into another family. It is celebrated with fun-filled games, songs and a lot of dancing, which offers the older ladies a chance to let loose, who otherwise would have been bound in rigid customs and festivities of the wedding. Unlike Bachelorette parties which include the last celebration of spinsterhood of the bride-to-be solely by her closest girlfriends, a Bridal shower is a more formal event which engages relatives who accompany the bride-to-be and share with her their experiences of their wedded life. They felicitate her with presents which would help her run her household, unlike Hen parties where gifting might not be included.

Bridal Showers not being a very common custom even until the 19th century in the west, has gained popularity among the Indian audiences today as well. Most importantly it lives up to its purpose very well in our tradition and customs, by letting our ladies find some fun time in between our very hectic and demanding formal rituals. More so, bridal showers have more or less always been a part of our customs for more than 5,000 years, long before it had its roots in the western traditions. Bridal showers may draw an analogy to the Indian Mehndi parties where only the females participate. It’s a ritual where the older ladies, from family and neighborhood, draw henna patterns on the bride-to-be’s hands and feet. The deeper color of the henna on the young lady is said to signify the love her soon-to-be-husband shall shower her with and the ladies rejoice in a fun-filled day with singing and dancing to local folklore. Bridal showers have been said to have taken the modern day interpretation of this event. They can even be seen as a form of celebration of the ritual celebrating female bonding who wish to ditch the Henna part and just enjoy a day with her gorgeous aunts and sisters.

Bridal Wedding Shower Invitations by Chococraft

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Unique Bridal Shower Invitations by ChocoCraft

In the traditional setting, any ritual required the family of the soon-to-be-wedded to formally invite the guests for each event separately. Weddings, in all forms call for going all out and mega with respect to everything associated with it, even when we are to send out invitations for such fun-filled celebrations. Not just fancy wedding invitations, but when talking about Wedding shower invitations, India has definitely seen a rise in them too. And if you are looking to stand out of the crowd with unique Bridal shower invitations, we have got just the thing for you.

We at ChocoCraft bring to you custom Wedding shower invitations. You can design your own Bridal shower invitations from a wide selection of choices we offer. Each invite is made unique with customized chocolates send along with them, all packed in elegant customized boxes as per the occasion. Our special offering is in chocolates with pictures and personal invitation messages printed on them. You can send Wedding shower invitations with a photo printed on the chocolates as well as incorporated into the design of the invitations. If you are from any major city in India, you need not worry since ChocoCraft provides its services delivered at your doorstep. You can order Bridal shower invitations online from our website and browse through our wide collections of customized chocolates and invitations and prepare for yourself the perfect Wedding shower invitations online.

Do’s and Don’ts for wedding shower invitations

When anything is associated with something as important as the wedding, everything needs to be just perfect. The guests get the first glimpse of the event via the invites they receive, and in order to send a good message, there are a few things that shall be kept in mind while preparing them.


  • The Wedding shower invitation designs need to be kept subtle and formal. Even though this event a bit casual when compared to the other events, it is still a very important ritual and very well associated with the main wedding.
  • The wording in Wedding shower invitations is very crisp and to the point. They don’t contain beautiful messages or paragraphs, just the basic details of the event like date, time and venue.
  • Invites must be sent along with the wedding invitations. Maybe a little later but not before. It would be weird to be invited to a bridal shower without knowing your presence is required at the wedding at all or not.


  • Don’t invite anyone who is not invited to the actual wedding date. This would just be awkward. Don’t ask the bride-to-be for the guest list, but prepare a list with her sisters and mothers as to which aunt to invite or whom to not.
  • Definitely, skip those women who are invited to the wedding but only for formal purposes. Invite only those with whom the bride-to-be shares a semi-formal relationship and with whom she can have a gala time dancing and singing.

Wedding Shower Invitation Ideas

To make the invitations stand you, we need to bring some creative Wedding shower invitations ideas and try those elements which will help them make a statement, not just literally. You may prepare a special logo or symbol for the bridal shower and print them on the invites. It could include the henna tattoos which shall be made the symbols or badges for all the participants at the event. Each lady who attends the party would have it made on the skin. You can decide on a dress code or theme for the party and incorporate its elements in the invites too. Say, it’s a very light-hearted karaoke party, you can include the list of songs the intended guests can choose from and sing at the shower.