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Birthday Gifts for Mom

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Birthday Gifts for Mom

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“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.“ -Abraham Lincoln

So your mom’s birthday is coming up shortly and you still can’t decide on what to give her? Or did you not think of anything at all? If your answer is no to both the questions, you are in a bit of a pickle but thankfully, we are to help you sort it out. Now, it goes beyond saying, that our moms are probably the most important person in our lives. Where would we be without her constant nagging, caring and love for us? A mom gives it her all taking care of her child each day every day without any expectations of anything in return. She is the guiding force in our lives as we learn to fly while growing wings along the way. She has held our hands through the toughest of times, stood by us when everyone else deemed it unnecessary or against their self-interests. And when we have succeeded in our endeavours, she has always been the first one to pat us on our backs and take a back seat as the world stood up in applause, her smile only giving away the pride she’s beaming with. She has always kept our best interests in her mind and it’s only natural that when it’s her birthday we’re talking about, the onus must be on us to make it a memorable one.

We are talking about a special birthday gift for moms. It is really a token of appreciation for all those sleepless nights staying up by our bed when we were down and sick, for all that she has done.However meagre it might seem on the larger scale of things, it is a way to tell her how much she is loved by her child and what she means to them. Now words won’t exactly do justice nor be able to convey your feelings in its entirety.And as such, we resort to gifts. Now be it your own mom or mom-in-law or even your boyfriend’s mom, it should be the best birthday gift for the best mom. And we’re sure you feel that way too and that is exactly why you are here. Now let us guide you through the options.

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“The 12-step chocolate program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!”
Terry Moore

And we at Chococraft couldn’t agree more.We believe that chocolate is the quintessential best birthday gift for moms.Wait this is for your boyfriend’s mom whom you are trying to impress? Better still.Chocolates are the best idea for a birthday gift for boyfriend's mom.Scientifically speaking, Chocolate

triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, which make us feel good. And while no empirical proof exists that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it does contain the chemical phenylethylamine, a mild mood elevator that our brain produces when we feel happy or in love.Chocolate contains stimulants as well, including small amounts of caffeine and theobromine, that make us feel alert and contented. Loosely translating all that jargon, you just have the best friend in chocolates when it comes to winning over your boyfriend's mom. So it is natural that chocolates should be a quintessential birthday gift for your mom, who has always had a bit of a sweet tooth.We, at Chococraft, however, have something else in store for you.Sure, a regular slice of chocolate will cheer her up.But how about we spice this up a bit? What if you could gift your mom chocolates with her favourite film star’s photo imprinted on them? Our well thought out, expertly curated catalogue boasts of products ranging from pocket -friendly, affordable to premium, top of the line. We understand what your mom wants and we want nothing more than to help you out in choosing and designing the best possible gift for him. gifts.The main aim is to bring that exquisite chocolate to your liking in beautiful packages that will surely catch your mom’s eyes.

Special Birthday Gifts for Mom

Our special offering is chocolates with prints on them. We make chocolates with designs, logos or messages printed on them. These are elegantly packed in boxes which are also customized according to you.We make sure that you as a customer have exclusive control over what you are trying to make.You be the visionary, we are the tool!We are trying here to make sure that your mom gets the most unique birthday gift that she deserves. Be it a family photo of you or a photo of her favourite singer, just upload it and leave the rest to us.What’s more, you can even customise the box to your liking. And all these to be done, conveniently in the quiet comfort of you home-online. We can proudly say we provide the best birthday gift online and the best birthday gifts in India. And don’t worry about the delivery-we offer free deliveries across India.We have you covered on all fronts. Be it Hyderabad or Chennai or Bangalore, we make sure that your gifts, exclusively designed by you, reach you in express time so that you have ample time to take care of the rest. Let us take care of the gift and you sit back and watch in delight as gleams in joy when she unboxes the gifts right after the whole family gathers around to wish her in unison. Already imagining that in you head,aren’t you? It is going to be a special gift for a special person.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Now of course there’s the slight possibility that your mom or mom-in-law might not be that much of a chocolate aficionado.But we won’t let that get you off on the wrong foot.As much as we love chocolates and think it would be the best birthday gift for moms online in India,we acknowledge that your mom might be different and we are to help you through some other options you might think of considering.So the first one on the list has to be nice little family dinner together at her favourite restaurant.Her whole life has been about her family and it is only befitting that the whole family is there with her the whole day.The next one would be going to a movie together.We get to see films all the time with our friends and in all this,often a times we forget about the lady at home.It would be a welcome change for her daily chores.She loves tea? You could gift her a beautiful porcelain tea-set.It’s the little things that matter.If she loves going on travelling,take a trip together with the family.Then of course there’s jwellery.What we are trying to say is that the psooibilities are many and it all really boils down to what she loves and that you know more than anyone else as should be the case.However,if you indeed decide to go with chocolate,you know where to come looking.

Birthday Gifts for Mom India

If your mom’s birthday is coming up, you must be spending a significant amount of time wondering what gift to get her. While there are several conventional options to choose from, you might want to get her something special and unique. In that case, there is no better gift than personalized presents. The gift must be something that is not only beautiful to look at but also something that your mom will love. If you are looking for a gift idea that has no way of failing, choose personalized chocolate gift boxes.

Tips to Choose a Personalized Chocolate Box

  • The first thing that you must keep in mind is that the message should be clear. It must not be congested so that it is unreadable. Whether it is a happy birthday greeting or a special message, it must be written clearly and make the box look beautiful.
  • The size is another thing that you will have to choose. Generally, a medium sized chocolates online box is fine. However, if you mom is not allowed to have too much sweet or is very conscious about her diet, you can choose a smaller box.
  • The personalization on the box must be according to your mom’s taste. Find out about the things that she likes and use images and text in reference to them. This will make your personalized gift even more special to her.

Chocolates are sweet little gifts which are perfect for everyone. These are simple and tasty treats that will make any occasion better and more memorable. More so, when these chocolate gift boxes are given as gifts to loved ones!

Here’s Why Chocolates Make the Perfect Gift

  • They are Indulgent: There is something about chocolates that gives them an indulgent quality. When you gift chocolates to someone, it makes the receiver feel pampered and taken care of. Hence, these are a great option to send to your mom on her birthday. This will make her feel special and reside in her memory as a memorable a Birthday gift!
  • Chocolates are Luxurious: If you mom loves all things sophisticated, there is no way a neatly packed box of chocolates will not impress her. You can also choose the box to be customized and bear a special message for her or choose a simple design. The presentation of these chocolates is luxurious, making them one of the best birthday gifts for mom.
  • Chocolate says Love: Traditionally, chocolates are given to people to whom you want to express your love. This is why it will make a great birthday gift for the womenin your life, like girlfriend or wife, daughter, sister and mom.

Therefore, when it comes to best birthday gift ideas for mom, there is nothing better than a box of chocolates. Since times immemorial, chocolates have been a popular choice of gift for people of all ages. Everyone loves chocolates and your mom is sure to be pleasantly surprised if you greet her on her birthday with a box of personalized chocolates!