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Birthday Gifts for Men

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Birthday Gifts for Men

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His birthday around the corner and you still haven't figured out what to give him yet? Yes, we are talking about that special man in your life.He may be your best friend from college or a colleague at workplace who has been your lifeline through tough times or maybe just the manager whom you're trying to impress to secure a quick promotion maybe? A birthday is always a special occasion, a way to show someone that he is loved and cared for. Now, a purist might counter that there are 365 days to do that but let’s face it, there is nothing more exciting than one’s birthday. And one of the main reasons behind that euphoria is the prospect of getting gifts and being wished by friends and family. How many times do we check our facebook notifications on our birthday to check the number of wishes we’ve gotten? And that sheepish grin of content when the number exceeds our expectations. Giving away gifts in itself can be very uplifting, it is after all the act of sharing the happiness with the person you care for and adore. So it’s a no-brainer that the gift really should speak volumes for the amount of thought you’ve put behind it to come up with something that would definitely make the person elated. More thoughtful the gift, more the proximity to you and your loved one. Gifts aren’t mere replacements for what words fail to schlepp. No they are much more than that. It stands for the bond you two share, all the unspoken words of gratitude enamoured in its ribbons waiting to be unfolded by the person. Gift something that’ll bring back the memories you two once might have shared even if you aren’t there with him in person. Now,don’t let all these bog you down. We have just the right birthday gift for men that you might be looking for.

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Chocolates as Birthday Gifts

“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.”- Ursula Kohaupt

Never has there been any truer words said than these Chocolates. There’s no going wrong with this. Now let’s bust a myth right here, right now. Men love chocolates almost as much as women if maybe not more. A legion will come to our defence when we say this, chocolate is really the best birthday gift for men. And that is applicable irrespective of age and social status. It can be said with absolute certainty that this indeed is the best birthday gift for 50th birthday men as well as the best birthday gift for 40th birthday men. So is the case for your boss as well as the work colleague who is kind of cute and you've been trying to impress him for a while now. Now, it is our staunch belief that a gift should be something that has the ability to speak to the recipient at your behest when you aren’t there. And that is exactly why chocolate is the best birthday gift for your male boss. Each bite will remind him of you. Scientifically speaking, Chocolate triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, which make us feel good.Essentially, it's your unofficial aphrodisiac. Still, anyone can do that, where's the fun in that? Well, this is where we come in the picture. We don’t just make chocolates. We personalize them, for you, our customer. Our well thought out, expertly curated catalogue boasts of products ranging from pocket-friendly to a more expensive, premium gifts.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar for Men

We make chocolates with designs, logos and messages imprinted on them. So, it could as well be the logo of your man’s favourite football club on his chocolate, or probably the jersey number of his favourite footballer or even the quote of his much-adored pop artist.Imagine his delight when he gets to eat it with the face of the rock star he’s worshipped from childhood to adulthood. It doesn't need telling that his joy will know no bounds if the packaging is also as attractive as the chocolate inside. And that is precisely what we’ve done. Getting bored of the same old run of the mill packaging? Well, we've put our own spin on it. The boxes are also customizable to your liking.The idea here is to give you complete control over each minute aspects of the gift so that you’ve got every bit down as you imagined it in your head. It really is going to be the best birthday gift for the guy you like and who knows maybe his heart will melt too like the chocolate melting in his mouth. And the fun bit? It can all be done online. And we offer free delivery to all major cities across the nation in express time. So be it Hyderabad or Bangalore, we can safely claim that we make the best birthday gift in India as well as the best birthday gift online.

Unique Ideas for Birthday Gift

But what if you feel that maybe, just maybe, chocolate won’t exactly be the best birthday gift for your man? Well, that's certainly a possibility an since we are your very personal gift guides, we'd like to take this opportunity to offer you with a few more options to entertain before you can come up with the best birthday gift for your boss. Men since time immemorial always had had a weakness for suits. You could gift him a sleek black suit that goes with his personality and one that he’d look dapper in. So your friend has a fascination with headphones and his present one is almost torn.

Be thoughtful will you, gift him a pair of headphones that’ll keep him grooving all day long.Then, of course, there is the classic gold standard for birthday gifts for men Watches. Yes, gift him one of these that he’s been adding and removing to and from his cart and watch him(pun intended) flaunt it to all his friends. And if he’s a bit of an alcohol connoisseur, he'll surely appreciate the personalized beer and whiskey glasses you gift him. Next up for your kind perusal would be sports merchandise. Men religiously worship their favourite sports team ad athletes and nothing would cheer them up more than a jersey, they're sure to don whenever they get the chance. Ask any man, he'd say it’s comparable to a badge of honour.

If you’re looking to splurge a bit here, a nice smartphone might be the way to go with your gadget freak friend. And if he’s driven by wanderlust, monogrammed travel gear should be the way to go.Then there’s the more usual approach of personal grooming/care items, wallets, ties, etc.You can't go wrong with those. The idea is to gift him something unique that’ll set your gift apart from the rest.The options are limited only by your imagination.Go for creative, unique gifts and should you choose us, we say,”Chocolates will guide you home”.

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Men

It is a common misconception that men don’t like gifts as much as girls or women. This is why you will find that while there are hundreds of gift ideas for females, perfect gifts for men are hardly ever discussed. This might make it hard for you to come up with great birthday gift ideas for men. Whether it is your father, brother, partner or any man who has an important part in your life, you would want to make sure that your birthday gift for them is something that they will love and remember.

While choosing the perfect birthday gifts for men, there are some things that you have to keep in mind. For instance, it should be something that interest them and something that can be used by them. Now, you will find several items of luxury and utility which can be given as gifts but there is one gift that nothing can beat: chocolates! Men, woman or child, chocolates are loved by everyone are they are the ideal men’s birthday gifts. Here are some things that you should know about gifting chocolates.

Benefits of Gifting Chocolates

  • Everyone Loves Them: One of the main reasons why chocolates are given as gifts all over the world is that they are loved by everyone. With other gifts that might turn out to be unnecessary or just plain clutter, chocolates are enjoyed by everyone and there is no one who wouldn’t rejoice on receiving a box of delicious personalized chocolates.
  • There is No Alternative: There are hundreds of gift ideas that you can come up with but every one of them has an alternative. In other words, they are not unique and can be easily replaced. However, with chocolates, this is not the case. There is nothing that can replace the indulgence and luxury of chocolates.
  • They are good for Health: One reason why you will love giving chocolates as gifts is that is that they are good for health. For years, chocolates have been consumed as mood lifters and also keep the heart healthy. Therefore, chocolates are one of the best birthday gifts for men which will not only satiate their taste buds but also make them healthier.

Why Choose Personalized Chocolates?

With the emergence of digital printing techniques, it is now possible to get anything printed. Because of this, personalized gifts have become very popular. In fact, generic gifts without a personal touch are no longer ideal and can be easily forgotten. If you want to make a simple and sweet gesture to someone on their birthday, personalized chocolates are one of the best unique gifts for men.

Nowadays, several services have come up on the internet which allows you to choose customization options according to your will. You can get anything printed on the chocolates. This can be a birthday greeting, a special message or just the name of the receiver. The box in which the chocolates will be delivered can also be customized. Buy chocolates online and get them delivered to anyone!