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Birthday gifts for him


Stuck with the regular gift ideas for him? Break the mould with us and gift him something truly unique that he'll cherish. We are talking about our delicious chocolate gifts. We at Chococraft believe in bringing aesthetics to gifts and hence our range of customization options. Order online and get it delivered in all major cities in India.


Birthday Gifts for Him

Customized Birthday Gifts for Him

“Gifts have never held much significance in a guy's life. It is just the girls who go gaga over gifts.” Or so we have heard over these years. But hey!!! Who does not like gifts??? Everybody expects a gift on their birthdays at least. And so do men. Gifts are special for guys when it has been given to them by a special someone. Birthday gifts for men does make them as happy when it is something meaningful. A gift, that acts as a reminder of a lovely happenstance or a beautiful memory from the past. Guys look all rough and tough from the outside, but inside that shell, they are like a 5 years old toddler who wants to be pampered. They constantly crave for your care and attention from time to time but they never project it on the outside. And what better way to show them that you care than a sweet and meaningful birthday gift for him?

The gifts that they receive from their sister, daughter, special friend, girlfriend or their significant other does put an enormous and long lasting smile on their faces. Because it is not about the gift. It's about the memories that are associated with it. That's what makes up for a special birthday gift for guys. No matter whether near or far, surprise him by sending a creative birthday gift for him such as or a card that deeply expresses those little sublime feelings you never said. Guys have always preferred handmade personalized birthday gifts than the ones that are available in every other shop. Because guys appreciate the thoughts and the efforts that you put into selecting or making a birthday gift for them. They will treasure and cherish such gifts for years to come.

Birthday Gifts for Him from ChocoCraft

Gift Category Gift Types Why Us
Happy Birthday Gift for Him 6 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Unique Gifts for Him 9 Chocolate Box Beautiful Designs
Special Gifts for Him 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Customised Birthday Gifts for Him 18 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Gifts for Him Gift with Photo Unique Gifts
Gift Ideas for Him Personalised Gift Photo Chocolates

Best Birthday Gifts for Him in India

Still wondering about what to gift him on his birthday? Allow us to make things simpler for you. What is that one thing that is like by men women and children of all age groups alike? What is that one thing that brings a smile on the saddest of faces?? Yes you guessed it right. Its CHOCOLATES!!! And we here at Chococraft have the perfect birthday gifts for your husbands, boyfriends, guy friends and fathers. We understand how special these occasions in your life must be for you. So we bring to you these personalized gifts for every occasion. In order to make it a bit more special, you can add a greeting card or a secret message with these chocolates. You can even get secret messages or perhaps, a secret proposal engraved on the top of these chocolate cubes that is going to take them by surprise. You can even write different cute messages on the inside of the wrapper of every chocolate, so that every time your beloved unwraps one, he receives more than just a chocolate. He receives love. Because, who does not like thoughtful little birthday gifts?? These customized chocolates made especially for them is going to be treasured by them for years. These chocolates will tell a story of their own every time they unwrap one. So if you are confused about the choice of birthday gift for a guy you like then allow these chocolates to write your fairytale.

These chocolates from Chococraft come in unique designs, shapes and sizes. You choose it, we make it for you. If you do not want the pieces of chocolates in a box, then you can also order a personalized bar of chocolates. The bar can have a unique message or a romantic one liner engraved on them. These bars can be wrapped in unique and personalized gift wrappers that is sure to turn out as the best birthday surprise for your boyfriend or husband. And the surprise does not just end here. You can also get him a personalized box. The boxes can be designed the way you want them to be and can come in all shapes and sizes. A box with a sweet birthday message or a romantic message written on top of it that is sure to make him fall for you even more. So why delay?? Hurry up and get these birthday gifts for your boyfriend online. And if you are in two different cities, then you can get the birthday gift delivered to him anywhere in India. If you want to send a token of love for your father on his birthday but you are in a different city then you can pre-order these boxes of chocolates and get the birthday gift delivered to your father online.

Special Birthday Gifts for Him

You can order these sweet little boxes of love online by visiting our website These little tokens of love come in affordable prices and you are sure to get a good value for your money. There are no delivery charges and these birthday gifts for your boyfriend or husband can be ordered online and delivered to all the major cities in India. For more queries you can visit our site and check out these little drops of love for yourself.

In addition to our specially customised chocolates, there are a numerous things that can turn out to be a great birthday gift for guys. If you are still in a fix on what to gift him and what not to then rest assured, for we have some great birthday gift ideas for men with a dash of our customized chocolate boxes. You can get him a really classy wrist watch he has been meaning to buy or a pair of sport shoes that he had laid his eyes on or a full length shirt or t-shirt of his favourite brand or a stylish wallet that could make a statement with his style or a play station that is going to drive him nuts or a simple elegant handmade card. Because, the best of the feelings lie in the simplest of things. Something that is simple yet extraordinarily beautiful. A gift that is going to remind them of you for years to come. Birthdays are meant to be special. And all we wish for is to be a part of your special occasions and add an extra bit of happiness to your special day.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

If you look at the gifting industry, you will find that a significant percentage of gift ideas are customized and made especially for women. This makes it hard to find the perfect gift for men. It is also a common misconception that men don’t like receiving gifts as much as women do. However, the truth is that birthday gifts are everyone’s favorite and even men are excited to see what presents their near and dear ones are going to get them. If you are browsing your options for birthday gift ideas for him, you have come to the right place.

Stop for a minute and think of something that is easy to order and get delivered and will be liked by the receiver no matter what his likes and dislikes are. If you haven’t gotten the answer yet, its chocolates! There is nothing better than a box of chocolates delivered to the person’s doorstep on their birthday to show them that you care for them and want to wish them a great birthday.

Why Do Personalized Chocolates Make Great Gifts?

  • They will be remembered: An important thing about gifts is that you would want them to have some recall value and be remembered by the receiver. With a personalized chocolate box filled with delicious treats, you can make sure that the receiver will not forget it in a hurry. Conventional birthday gifts such as candles, picture frames etc. will easily slip out of their minds but personalized chocolates will be remembered.
  • They are appropriate for all ages: No matter how old the person is, there is no one w0ho dislikes chocolates. Hence, chocolate birthday gifts for him are the best choice. You will not be burdened by choosing something age appropriate or making endless trips to the shopping mall trying to come up with the perfect gift. Personalized gifts can be made perfect for anyone!
  • They are thoughtful: The best gifts are those that show some thought. Anyone is capable of picking out an expensive gift for you from a gift shop but it takes someone who truly cares about you to put some thought into it. Personalizing some simple chocolates gives an impression of thoughtfulness. They show that you are presenting the best chocolate gift with heartfelt sincerity.

Creative Ways to Personalize Chocolates

There are many creative tips and ideas you can use here. There are many versatile options that you can choose from. For example, the name of the person, a birthday greeting, or just a sweet comment can be printed on the chocolates. For instance, “Happy 40th!” a simple “Happy Birthday”, or “I love you”.

These chocolates can be ordered in personalized boxes or wrappers that can be saved after the chocolates are gone. These make amazing and unique birthday gifts for him. Even if you are in a different city, you can send personalized chocolates to anyone, in any part of the world to make their day extra special. These are an excellent birthday ideas for him.