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Birthday Gifts for Boys

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Birthday Gifts for Boys

Do we expect a birthday boy soon? Brighten up his smile with a gift on his special day!

“For the will and not the gift makes the giver. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Birthday Gifts for Boys

It is time for his special day, the day he was born and filled the lives of all those he touched with an immense amount of happiness and joy. He is not just turning a year older, he is completing another year filled with his mischief, passions, and excitement. Any man on his birthday, young or mature, becomes that same old little boy who is getting pumped up to have a piece of that cake. Birthdays are important and not just for the celebrant. The admirers of the birthday boy celebrate this occasion along with him, on account of him successfully completing another year of his life learning, sharing and growing. They put forth their best compliments and wishes for his new year he steps into now.

It is important to give him some extra attention on this day and make his special day truly special for him. Traditionally this has always been done with cheerful celebrations which follow with the celebrant receiving thoughtful gifts, such as items that hold some significant aesthetic or emotional value, or something which can help him lead a better life.

Birthdays have always been associated with gifts, even if not on other occasions. Presentations can be given on other occasions in the form of money or other obligations, but a gift in kind reflect a lot more personal thought associated with it. There is a reason gifts have been used to bridge gaps between personal and formal relationships. And birthdays being a celebration so intimate in nature, a gift given on a birthday means much more than a material token of appreciation.

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Chocolatey Birthday Gifts

Now, it is okay to assume that one might be facing a lot of hassle in selecting appropriate birthday gifts for boys. Men are known to be picky with their purchases and this puts the one wishing to buy something for them extremely cautious. It is a popular belief that men are hard to gift, and one might have all the reasons to believe that. Say, you are an elder sister and looking for a birthday gift for brother, but you just can’t figure out what shall be the most useful and appropriate gift, keeping in mind his growing age and continuously changing habits and interests. One of the main reasons why shopping for men is one difficult feat to achieve is, and the one who truly understands this will not deny it, that you can’t assume their age by their date of birth. It is true! A little primary school kid might rather play with his dad’s toolkit, while his old man sits comfortably on the barker lounger with his comic books and action figures.

So if you’re trying to play it safe, you might just hit the nail with a box of chocolates. Be it a birthday gift for dad or a birthday gift for best friend, boys of all ages and sizes equally love to indulge in one delicious treat, guilt-free! Or assuming you are be searching for an ideal birthday gift for male colleague, you’ll face problems with respect to the formal decorum your gift should maintain. Chocolates are popular with corporate gifting since they are simplistic in nature and maintain the formality of the relationship between the colleagues.

But chocolates being so favorable, consequently, they are also the most common gifts. So if you are looking for something special to offer, you are in luck! We at ChocoCraft have got just the perfect gift for you. More than the sweetness in our chocolates, we tend to put the ‘special’ in the special gift. We believe a gift must be as unique as the receiver so that it can remind him of the thought and effort put behind it. And to make this happen, we offer customized chocolates with images and texts printed on them. You can gift the dear boy with a box of chocolates with each of them printed with his name or even personal birthday wishes and inspirational thoughts. Or you may even enjoy our special offering and get the celebrant’s images printed on them, making a little collage of memories using chocolates. All this comes in our customized boxes with beautiful packing as per the occasion.

Making this the perfect gift with uniqueness, thoughtfulness, love and the ever-favorite-treat, nothing would guarantee a wider smile on the boy’s face. Love the idea? Then no need to look further. ChocoCraft has everything sorted for you. You can simply sit at home and order Birthday Gift for Boys Online from any major city in India and we will deliver it to your doorstep!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Wernher von Braun once stated, “For my confirmation, I didn't get a watch and my first pair of long pants, like most Lutheran boys. I got a telescope. My mother thought it would make the best gift.” The thought his mother put behind his gift is exactly what an ideal gift should be ― useful, beautiful and helpful. It should be what interests the receiver and should be according to his choice. Gifts for living well are ideal items to show your sincerity, as well as good intentions to a person.

Here are some Birthday Gift Ideas you can choose from;

  • One thing you should always remember, as long as there are a prize and a hunt required to reach it, boys of all age would just grab the opportunity and kick in their Indiana-Jones-inside. You may plan a treasure hunt with clues prompting places of significance. The numbered clues may even contain memories of significant events of each year in the boy’s life journey corresponding to the particular numbered clue.
  • For the ones who are more on the self-grooming side, a well-customized kit with shaving blades and cream and assorted after lotions shall be just perfect. Or say if your son is very much close to his end teenage years and all set to become a man, remind him of his growing stature and being with a grooming kit.
  • If you are trying to brainstorm birthday gifts for boy best friend, then gift between you two bros must be very intimate and personal. We can’t recommend something in your context, but we can give you a hint; “The excellence of a gift lies in its inappropriateness than its value” ―Charles Dudley Warner.
  • Birthday gifts for brother from sister may include sports jersey or new PS controller.
  • If you are looking for a birthday gift for boy crush, go for minimalistic options like keychains, flowers, confectioneries and assorted scents.

Birthday Gifts for Boys Online

Finding out the ideal birthday gift for someone can be quite tricky. Whenever, you are in doubt, gift chocolates. Old or young, everybody loves having chocolate. Chocolate is a great gift for every occasion. You can never go wrong with chocolates. So whether you are looking for a birthday gift for your boyfriend, your brother or any other guy who is special to you one of the best things that you can gift on his birthday is personalized chocolates. This will not only be unique but will also help in bringing a smile on their face.

We have the best birthday gift for boys in the form of beautiful and delicious chocolates. Chocolates are loved by all but our chocolates are unique. We specialize in printed chocolates that are appealing to look at and the same time delicious to the last bite.You can select from a range of options to print like a photo of you both, a specific landmark that is close to your heart or even his birth date that is special to both of you. All the prints are done in edible ink so that you can savour the mouth-watering chocolates. You can be creative and make the gift quirky and funny or romantic.

All our chocolates are custom made as per your exact requirements, which mean that you can yourself create the most personalized gift for your loved one. Select from a range of flavours and fillings upload your message and we would do the rest. Send us the photo you want printed on the chocolates and we will print the exact same thing, that too in edible ink.

The chocolates are arranged beautifully in custom made wooden boxes that have designs and messages printed on them. We have a collection of birthday chocolate boxes for you to choose from. Even if you are away from that special someone we can help celebrate his birthday by sending the best chocolates. All you have to do is simply get onto our website and place your order.

ChocoCraft is the pioneer in chocolate printing in India. All the prints done on chocolate are in edible ink with the best and freshest ingredients handpicked by our experts. Choose from a range of flavors like Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolates and so on. You can get the chocolates delivered to you or you can simply send chocolates online to be delivered to any address in India.

It’s his birthday and it’s time to celebrate with unique expressions of love from ChocoCraft.

“Gifts of the heart can't be claimed by anyone except the giver.”

Nicholas Sparks, the Wedding