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Bachelorette Party Invitation

Get your bachelorette party plans off to a great start with us,Choose from our bachelorette party invitations range with themes like Indian Pink,Bling Border,Fling before the ring,Foliage Bachelorette party,Night out bachelorette party,Colourful bachelorette party,Girl talk,Cocktail party,Blooming bachelorette and Floral bachelorette.Choose the one that suits you the best and we will take care of the rest.Order online.

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Bachelorette parties the latest trend at Indian Weddings

The wedding season showering its spells on the country and the big fat Indian family getting all out and out loud. Relatable? From meeting relatives who are so stunned to see you all ‘grown up so fast’ to the days spent in buying jewelry, the bride-to-be is sure to have an amazing line of events being prepared for her. But amidst this, she too needs a little lone-time with her besties and very modestly take a break.

Such parties could be simple gossip sessions in pajamas, all-girls road trips and holidays or even raunchy strip club parties with all boozing and cocky celebrations.

Weddings can be extremely hectic for the bride-to-be and it is on the bridesmaids to distress her and arrange for her some time-out.

Bachelorette or Hen parties are a very western concept where the bridesmaids engage the bride-to-be in an extravagant gala, celebrating along with her the final days of her spinsterhood. Not very surprisingly, this tradition has gained many ritualistic followers in our country as well. India is the land of cultures and customs. All-out weddings here last long with weeks of rituals and multiple events.

From engaging in small talks with hundreds of never-seen-before guests and daily sessions of deciding jewelry and outfits, the bride-to-be is obliged to participate in all social gatherings, maintaining her cool. But all these seem to somewhere overlook what really would celebrate the bride-to-be and her wishes. Henceforth bachelorette parties offer the perfect getaway where the bride-to-be can spend some time with the ones whose presence would actually matter to her.

Bachelorette Party Invitations by ChocoCraft

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Cool Bachelorette Party Invitations Ideas

Every party needs an invitation to be sent out. And if it is a Hen party, we ought to go full out with everything associated with it, even invitations. After all, if you are raising a toast to your girlfriend’s single life for the last time, you have to make it sassy, girl! Bachelorette parties are all about making your friend feel like a queen.

When the bride-to-be looks back to her gang in time, she needs to remember how extravagant her special day was made by them. Invite people to accompany her and celebrate along with a lot of class. And to achieve this, sending customized bridal shower and bachelorette party invitations to the squad is a must.

Now you must be wondering that is a lot of work? Well, yes. But who said you have to take all the pressure. ChocoCraft is present at your service, miss.

We at ChocoCraft have got just the thing you are in need of. We offer a wide range of customizable Bachelorette Party Invitations to choose from. Each invite comes with beautiful personal messages and customizable designs. Along with it, we offer a box of delicious chocolates, which you can customize with images and bachelorette party invitation message printed on them.

All this is beautifully packaged in well-decorated boxes as per the occasion. You can choose your designs from a wide range of selections.

Each box shall make unique bachelorette party invitations when you an invite each individual guestwith their names printed on the chocolates along with personal messages. And if you are trying to get you’re A-game on, print pictures of your girl gang on the chocolates and set your girlfriend-goals!

Hurry now and make the bride-to-be’s last toast to single life the way it should be done. And it doesn’t matter where ever you which to send your invites. ChocoCraft delivers to every major city in India absolutely free of cost. Just Order Bachelorette Party Invitations Online and sit back, let ChocoCraft do the work for you.

Dos and Don’ts for Bachelorette Party Invitations

The key to having a good party organized lies in the perfect invite being sent out. It prompts the receiver about the grandeur of the celebration and tempts them to join the fete. Invites showcase the essence of the party and provide a glimpse of what the sender has in store for you. Therefore one needs to hit the mark with the invites no matter what. Here is a list of things you must keep in mind while preparing the invitations.


  • In theBachelorette party invitation details of the celebration need to be very well mentioned. They are the key elements which drive the guests to attend the extravaganza.
  • The Bachelorette party invitations wording needs to be kept crisp and semi-formal. It can’t be too formal for a party among close friends, nor too casual for just any other slumber party.
  • When the guests receive the invites, there must be enough time for them to plan the day or adjust it to their daily schedules. Say you are sending out bachelorette party getaway invitations, the invites must reach your intended guests at least a week prior to the trip.


  • Don’t get too cocky with the designs on the invites. They should be subtle and sober.Too many loud props and symbols can be in bad taste. Minimalistic formats do wonders too. Make sure you are not too involved with the layout of the invite. Attention is more required elsewhere.
  • The bride-to-be wishes to spend this day with her close intimate friends. Don’t invite people who maintain a formal relationship with her. It’s a day when it’s all about going out and getting loose, and we don’t want to restrict ourselves in front of formal guests.

Creative Ideas for Bachelorette Party Invitation

To create the perfect invite, you need some creative bachelorette party invitations ideas. Well, there are many things you can incorporate to make it stand out.

If the party is of a particular theme or at a particular place, say the sea shore, also in the bachelorette party invitations beach theme needs to be prominent. Add symbols, designs, and even descriptions of the party games to be played related to the theme in the invitations. If you’re looking for a desi celebration theme like one over bonfire and folk music, for the bachelorette party invitations Indian elements are a must too.

More so, they add a very hippie and rustic look to it. Weekend getaway bachelorette party invitations can be made with the lists of destinations, stops, sights which can be seen and must-have delicacies at the locations. You may even include a list of local bars on a check list which you’ll intend to mark out along the trip.