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100th Birthday Return Gifts


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100th Birthday Party Return Gifts

Living for a century is a milestone that not many people reach and it should be honored and cherished. It is pretty impressive to see a loved one live to see his or her 100th birthday.

The special occasion of a 100th birthday is an important milestone that warrants a celebration.

Your centenarian has already surpassed and celebrated major milestones, including 80th and 90th birthday.

The celebration or party that is thrown in honor of the birthday individual and is preceded by an invitation which sets the tone for the celebration.

Here are some ideas you can implement to celebrate this wonderful and milestone occasion:

• Music

Play music or songs from the guest of honor's favorite decade or genre of music. Locate and play any recordings of the guest of honor, singing or playing any instrument. Also record the birthday individual singing at the party, as this can become a treasured memory for the family.

• Photo Displays

Display photos of the guest of honor, from youngest days up until today. A slideshow of the photos can be displayed throughout the party.

Assemble poster of photos from each decade of the person's life and put them around the room. Create a handout for all the guests that lists all important events, milestones and accomplishments of the person's life.

• Decorations

Plan to decorate the residence or venue with 100th birthday party decorations. Include signs that say Happy 100th Birthday.

• Cake

You can purchase a cake from your favorite bakery or bake one at home yourself. Choose a design, that represents a hobby of the birthday girl or guy, to decorate the cake. Or you can simply decorate the cake with a simple design and Happy 100th birthday, message on it.

• Entertainment

Plan the entertainment and activities , but make sure they are appropriate for a 100th birthday party. Ask family and friends to prepare a short speech about the guest of honor. Ask each speaker to come up with a funny anecdote or touching memory, and have them speak intermittently throughout the party.

• Return Gifts

Return gifts can be great idea to leave happy memories of the birthday party. You can choose to give from customized birthday return gifts, which will be a great way to end the lovely day.

We at Chococraft , have a lot of 100th birthday themed return gifts options. Today creating customized birthday return gifts has become the norm and are quite easy to procure. 100th birthday theme return gifts are quite popular and create a lasting impression on the minds of the guests who receive it.

Looking for some great chocolate 100th birthday themed return gifts from us?? We at Chococraft , incorporate your theme perfectly, by allowing you to customize your box of chocolates.

Our special boxes contain decadent chocolates, along with the wording of your choice, printed on card or on butter paper inside. The Chocolates themselves are printed and you can choose from a wide variety of designs for them.

The design on the box as well as the card inside can be customized by you. You can also choose the number of chocolates in a box to suit your budget.

It's really very simple, first select design for your box, then choose the design for the printed chocolates, and finally the design for the card itself. All this at the comfort of your home, online.

We deliver to all major cities in India. Be it Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad, our gift boxes will reach you in a week's time. Finding it hard to get customized return gifts for the 100th birthday theme birthday party in Bangalore? No problem. Just head over to Chococraft and order away. All our products are vegan and of course, they taste heavenly. All will remember and appreciate these wonderful return gifts.

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